22 юни, 2008

Master Kuthumi: A New Leader

A New Leader

I greet you once more in Light, in great Oneness and eternal love.

What I come to speak to you of today is of great importance to you. What I have to say is a cornerstone to your way forward in your current incarnation, and a cornerstone for the New Age you are entering.
I have spoken to you of the changes you are beginning to experience out side of you, and the transformation of your inner - your mind set, your intent, your Sacred Heart, letting go of old negative events and emotions.


I have led you step by step up an ascending staircase. Each step contained the possibility of taking you a step closer to home - the home of your Soul. If you have been listening clearly, each step has enabled you to connect more closely to your inner being, your Soul, to your own Divinity, to feeling the dizzy energies of God. I say dizzy energies because for many of you, on your first gentle 'connection' of God energy, you do feel dizzy, and emotional. Often tears of joy flow. For those of you who have experienced this, you will understand.
The experience is so profound you do not - cannot - forget. As a small child hungers for food, you hunger for more - more of this great energy, more of this great feeling of joy, more love of a magnitude you had only imagined or read of.
Some of you know of these feelings. You know now, at these times on Earth, what I speak of is truth. It is real, and my friends it is available to each one of you. Yes, each one! I have given you the steps, in my teachings, and through my words. A staircase to God, to His essence.


Yes my friend. The light from the lantern has always shone brightly to guide you, to pick you up when you fell, to lift you in hope when you crumbled in despair, to shower you with love when you felt alone. Now I give you a new leader - to assist you through these turbulent times.

I have spoken also of these great times of transformation you are experiencing. And yet, through the darkness, you feel the light of the lantern has dimmed for you.
Listen closely my friend. I give you another 'tool' to help you. A tool for you to use always. The tool I speak of is not new - no, I have spoken of this many times also. But, it is the greatest, and most powerful tool of all - your Higher Self. Yes, that spark of Light contained in your Sacred Heart, linked to your Soul which contains all the wisdom, experience and love that you need now to carry you forward. This is your new leader. It is not outside of you - no - it is within.
Many times you have been told " All you need is contained within you." Perhaps you didn't fully understand this. Now you do. So now you can begin going within, going into a higher energy of stillness, and listening. Practice just being. In stillness, no thoughts, no anxiety, no wishing for this or that, just being in stillness, experiencing the Oneness.


Being in the energy, feeling your flesh tingle, the headiness, the new body heat you feel, the knowing, this is your first experience to the new energies which you call the Golden Age. We call it awareness.

The energy is now magnified and in your atmosphere. All you need is within you to connect to the new energy, to feel it. This is your new leader. Not someone outside of you - no - within. It is time to listen to what your higher self is trying to tell you. It is time now to pay attention.

Those in your outer world may try to keep control through the financial level. I have spoken of this at the beginning of this year. I told you of the break down of current currencies, and of a new currency emerging. This was to prepare you for what you are now experiencing on the outer. What is the outer? It is what you endure and experience through the actions of others. It is outside of you, created by others.


So you see now why I asked you to listen to my words. Your new leader is within you! It is your higher self. Listen to the stillness within. Listen to how you feel about situations, words, actions, listen with your heart, your higher self. Ask yourself - "Does this feel right?" Your higher self will guide you. It will not mislead you as your ego self through your conscious mind often does. It is time to go within, to truly listen to your own leader - a leader created in Light. In this way, you will be prepared for the Golden Age and all it's peace and glory. You will be able to integrate more of the new energies which will become stronger. You will be ready.

Peace to you

Master Kuthumi


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