24 юни, 2008



Our spiritual evolutionary process is progressing ever forward with many varied and diverse manifestations….and still a wild ride at times!

Present, past and continuous themes of how the energies might possibly affect us are (depending on where you are on your own particular journey):

Feeling boxed in with nowhere to go; not wanting or able to connect to much of the old and outside world; much chaos, movement and many challenges for our loved ones; desires in ourselves or our loved ones to relocate to areas of more support; a letting go of supporting others or holding up the old energies; a readiness to now move forward and create some of the new; feeling tired with the need to sleep often and a need for rest; lower back pain; feelings of panic; feeling a strange shift forward into a desire for a new and prepared space for nesting; and perhaps just feeling a swirling around us of moving energy which is trying to find its new home, whether here on earth or in a lower vibrating reality.

The energies are escalating now and this is creating much movement in many areas. The solstice and full moon resulted in a new anchor arriving…and this new anchor of higher vibrating energy has to do with the earth herself. The ascension process is really about ascending through the earth…so then, we will want to hold onto the earth and her newly vibrating energies as much as possible if we want to ensure a more stable and aligned journey.

More details on the continuous themes presenting themselves now and for the past several weeks and months:

The old and lower vibrating energies are rapidly falling away. If we continue to be in their space, if only by our presence alone, then we will only serve to keep them afloat awhile longer. This will hinder the process and delay it as well as serve to make us very uncomfortable along with those we are trying to assist. Hitting rock bottom for many will be the only way up and out. This can be a very challenging situation for those bearing much light, as in the worlds where we originated, we only know ways of assistance, service, deep caring, support, and love for our brothers and sisters. Watching suffering can be a deep and uncomfortable challenge indeed, but it can also be about honoring and respecting the journey of another.

If we wait but a bit longer without going to the rescue of many, those suffering will find their own answers within, find their own connections to Source instead of to us, begin to make changes, ask for help, and begin to see that there is indeed another way. Those suffering need to come to a place where they are finally willing to let go. And when they let go, they will need to know that there is indeed a place for them to go to. And that place is where those bearing more light and those who have come far in their process are now residing.

As we evolve up the rungs of the evolutionary ladder of our spiritual expansion, it is vitally important to respect and listen to our elders, or those who have gone ahead. Arriving in a new space while embodying an arrogant posture of false knowingness without letting go of ego energy, will now only serve to support an arrival into a new space with a door securely shut.

The situation of spiritual and vibrational hierarchies can manifest as sudden feelings of not wanting to go anywhere outside of your immediate space (your soul is directing you to stay put, as your higher vibrating energy would lift up areas and individuals which need to fall or hit a rock bottom…even if you do absolutely nothing when you are visiting the old world…it is your higher vibrating presence alone). You may also find yourself being hindered from any attempts to move outside of your space. This also allows for others to step up to the plate, as you are no longer there or available. Roadblocks are being set into place to prohibit many of us from going back into the old dimensions. It is now time for us to focus on creating a new and higher vibrating space right where we are.

In times past, many bearing much light were encouraged to relocate or perhaps found themselves in new geographical areas or the like, in order to raise the vibration and open these areas to a higher way of being. Now it is just the opposite. We need to stay put so that the lower vibrating arenas are not sustained and held up.

Yes, we are now being encouraged to create our own sacred spaces and create our own small communities locally. Continuing to “go back” into the old will only serve to create failure for oneself, an inability to manifest, and a lot of roadblocks. We simply cannot go back now. And we must wait for others climbing up the ladder to ask for help, to be willing to accept a new and different way, and to be willing to be respectful of the new ways of being and living that will be available to them when they are indeed finally ready. They must ask first. They must be willing. We must now stay where we are until they knock on our doors.

Some physical manifestations of late:

Lower back pain. Lower back pain has manifested in many as a result from feeling little or no support while still residing in the old world of having to do it all yourself. Financial concerns and fears as the old is rapidly falling away, wondering how one will survive, and the like, can manifest in the area of our lower backs, and many times may even result in nerve pinching down a leg.

If we can let go and trust that we are no longer in it alone, that we are not responsible for so much ourselves, and that we are simply in the process of settling into a very new space with new ways of manifesting, things can ease up a bit. You can even tell yourself that you do not need this physical manifestation as you understand what is going on without it telling you!

Panic, anxiety, and fear. Much is leaving and the old ways and old structures are dissolving quickly. When we connect more and more to the higher realms, and can trust that we will be OK, we can ease this fear. What we will always have to hold onto is the pure gold nugget of our true and authentic selves (or our gifts and talents), and of course our connection to Source. These two things will be ever present throughout our ascension process. And this is why it is so vitally important to know who we are and what we are here to contribute to the whole.

If our outside reality is not yet ready to support our very new endeavors, we can always continue on by ourselves until we hear that knock on the door. We can move into a space that feels right for us. We can create a new way which did not exist in the old world. We can stay vigilant in what we know is of a higher order, and not participate in anything less. It is when we become involved in the old and what no longer suits us that we begin to feel stress, discord, anxiety, turmoil, depression, and futility, as we are no longer in alignment with the old.

Turning our backs on the old is the way to go now, and if we can allow ourselves to do this, we will feel a renewed power within ourselves and much more in alignment with a better space. We need to trust that we know more than the masses, that we know more than those still holding the power (although they are not), that we need not listen to the ideas and ways of others, and that we indeed know best. We need then to trust in ourselves.

Leaving the old behind can create just this space for us now. And when others are ready, they will join us indeed. They will listen and join us because they have nowhere else to go. So then, preparing our new spaces and readying our store-fronts is where many are being guided to be at this particular time.

These energies will continue to snowball as they build momentum. Connecting with our brothers and sisters, having face to face conversations in the physical, loving and respecting our neighbors as we are all part of a whole, and especially being aware of what is occurring around us will finally become the norm. The crashing world is only serving to support our next step up the evolutionary ladder and it is unfolding in a perfect and beautiful way indeed.


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,


For your reading pleasure from Staying In Alignment:


KNOWING WHO WE are and what we are here to contribute,
and supporting this in ourselves and others, will immediately
place us in alignment. This chapter could probably be summed
up in one sentence:

When we follow the path of what "feels good" to us, we
cannot go wrong.

And following what feels good to us is dictated by who we are. If
something feels good to us, it is usually best to go that route. In
this way, we are continually on a path of where we need to be.
We are in alignment, then, with ourselves. One sure fire way to
know who we are and what we are about, is to follow the path of
what feels good. When we feel a passion for something, it is
because we are remembering what it was that we came to do.
When we feel passion, it is because most everything about a
certain subject or path is fitting us and in alignment with us.
The more ducks there are in a row in regard to what fits us, the
more passion we feel. And the more passion we feel, the more
in alignment with Source we are, allowing this energy to pour
through us with no hesitation. This is the way it was meant to

At times we may not do what we love or what feels best because
it does not generate money, or we feel a responsibility to others,
or possibly we even put ourselves last. A lamp cannot generate
light if it is not filled with oil. The heart must first pump blood
to itself before it can take care of the rest of our body. And even
on an airline, we are advised in an emergency to place an
oxygen mask on ourselves before we place one on our children.

Taking the time to pursue a hobby, a creative outlet, or a
specific interest allows us to be much more of who we are. And
being as much of whom we are as we possibly can, greatly
places us in alignment with Source, as the part of us that is
truly Source, is the pure gold nugget of our gifts and talents.
Taking time for ourselves in this way also benefits others, as
our vibration is then higher.

Following our interests and spending as much time in
this arena as we can, places us in alignment with who
we are.

In more highly evolved societies in other worlds, the purpose
and contribution of each individual at their time of birth is
widely known by all. In this way, each and every person can
then be supported by the whole. Who they are is known and
seen, so an alignment to Source is then greatly supported.

The Story of Aspen
One day when I was living in Flagstaff, Arizona, I was phoned
by a friend who asked me if I would take care of a feral kitten
her partner had found alone on a lonely street in town. My
friend was a wonderful angel to the cat species, and frequently
fostered them. I immediately said yes, as she was feeding this
kitten from an eye-dropper every three hours and had been
called in for jury duty. This kitten had evidently been
temporarily estranged from its' mother and siblings.

Well, after one day, I was in love, and asked if I could keep this
beautiful little Siamese kitten that barely fit in the palm of my hand.
I named her Aspen, and as the days and months progressed,
she grew into a healthy, very lively, and curious young cat. She
wanted to be wherever I was, often sitting on the edge of the
bathtub while I soaked, climbing into drawers when I got
dressed, and going on every trip with me. I loved her company,
and when I had a project to do, I immediately included her in it,
as she loved to be involved in anything and everything that was
going on. At night she slept with me, cheek to cheek, her
purring becoming a soothing lullaby of comfort and joy. We
were truly the best of friends.

When she was about 4 months old, I moved to the White
Mountains, where she adjusted most beautifully and remained
an integral part of my small family of two cats and myself. One
night while I was writing on my laptop, I noticed her standing
at the sliding glass door, wanting to come in. When I opened
the door, she seemed to be behaving rather peculiarly, as she
walked inside. She then lay down on the floor and stayed there
frozen in fear and shock. I immediately knew that something
was dreadfully wrong. My lively and fun loving animal
companion was not herself at all. She could not move, and how
she dragged herself inside, was a miracle in itself.
She smelled of rubber, and I instinctively knew that she had
been hit by a car. In a panic, I called every vet in the
phonebook, and as I later came to know, there was no vet in my
town, and no after hours vet service anywhere in the area.
Eventually, after many, many, calls, I rousted a vet out of his
home, and he agreed to meet me at his office, an hour and a
half away.

It was determined that the tire of a vehicle had slammed down
upon her tail and pulled it violently from her body, breaking it
at the base and causing paralysis to her hind quarters. After
many vet visits and many medications, she recovered well
enough to walk and play, was no longer in pain, but could not
control her bowels or bladder. At one point when I had to
return her to the vet to stay for awhile, I began to cry during the
drive home. I knew she was suffering so. It was so difficult to
watch, and all I wanted was for her to be well again.

Seeing me in distress, her non-physical star family arrived in
the car with an important message for me. "You are taking on
Aspen's journey as your own," they said. "All is in perfect order,
as she is going through her initiation. She is here to be one with
nature and be at home in the nature kingdom. She was getting a
bit 'lazy,' forgetting why she was here, and not owning her true
power. She is needing to take some responsibility for herself."

Well, I had checked in on her soul purpose when she was very
young, and knew this was her role, but evidently, she was
slacking on the job! I had assumed that she would most likely
spend a lot of time outdoors, and had left it at that.
Eventually I brought her home, but she still had little control
over her bowels and bladder. After much research and many
consultations, her vet did not know for certain if she would
return to complete health, but we were both hopeful. Not
wanting her to be isolated and alone in her recovery, I laid
down big sheets of plastic on the living room floor and covered
the furniture to protect it from her "leaking." A week went by,
and still no change. The living conditions were getting a bit
stressful (as well as smelly with much washing to do!), so I then
sealed off the kitchen from the rest of the house and had her
stay there. I felt badly that she was alone, so I moved my big
chair in the kitchen so that I could write with her by my side.

Another week went by, and still no change.

At this point, my house had become chaotic and crazy, with me
sleeping on the floor at times, or trying to make any kind of
arrangements for Aspen's comfort. Whenever I read her energy,
I saw the same thing...she was taking absolutely no
responsibility energetically or at a soul level for herself. I was
doing it all, and at my own expense. She didn't seem to care
much, gladly accepted what I offered, and was not moving into
or owning her own power.

One morning I woke up and knew that something was
dreadfully "off." Something had to give. After spending some
time looking at her soul purpose and talking with her star
family, it was determined that she needed to be out in nature
where she had come to be in the first place. She reminded me of
Simba, in Disney's The Lion King...not wanting to take her
rightful power and move into her intended responsibility. By
over caring for her at my own expense, I had been enabling this
behavior. I had been robbing her of her place in nature. The
energy of every feral cat I have ever done a reading for looks the
same. They are here to be in the wild. Their purpose is either in
bringing in higher energy or in reporting back conditions of the
earth. They are never meant to be residing with humans. This
only serves to rob them of their purpose.

So with tears streaming down my face, I took her to a beautiful
place out near some near-by ranches and let her go. I knew she
was a great mouser and I knew there was water near-by. She
would then be "forced" to step up to the plate and own her true
power as one who commands and is fully in harmony with the
nature world. For many nights I could not sleep, but one night I
had a dream that her tail was again upright and she was
thriving in the wild. I still think of her often, and have to know
that she is where she was meant to be. And perhaps one day
when she is fully integrated in her soul purpose, she will again
be in my space in some capacity.

When we know the soul purpose of another, we are then able to
support it in all ways. Many times when we think we are
helping, we are actually hindering, as with good intentions in
mind, we really do not know that all is in order when we see
what appears to be suffering on the part of another. Supporting the
soul purpose of another places us in alignment with ourselves.

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