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The Ascending Cosmic Pulse*~~ 8-8-8 Our Harmonic Gateway ~~

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

By Shala Mata

August 2008

~~ 8-8-8 Our Harmonic Gateway ~~

I’m writing this article on August 7th, one day before the harmonic gateway of the 8-8-8. Many of you have emailed, wondering about me and my August article, it is later than usual. I so deeply appreciate your concern and more importantly your support for my work. This month’s article wanted to be written today as we begin to weave the golden threads of light as our foundation.

August 2008 is one of the most anticipated months of this year, and for very good reason. There is so much happening that it is hard to know where to begin. The celestial line up is like a fireworks display with Solar and Lunar eclipses, potent moons, and the Galactic alignment of the Central Sun.

July brought many opportunities to experience our “Joy Factor” along with many opportunities to examine where or why we aren’t feeling “Joy”. We were living in “examination mode” and at the same time making dramatic changes in many areas of our lives.

It has been almost 10 years that I have been writing this monthly article, and as I look back, we have had many alignments, portals and gateways that have been instrumental in our personal and planetary evolution. Several months ago, the house I have been renting was put up for sale. Change was in the air and I knew that moving to a bigger brighter space was what I truly needed. I began to think about what I wanted in a space, and thought that moving this fall would be best, given my hectic work schedule and lecture commitments.

The gateway of change for me came at the end of June, when the perfect new space presented itself. It meant moving at the end of July and juggling my schedule to make it work. It became apparent that August would find me in a new energy and a new living space. I realized that I would have to cancel my trip to Mt Shasta and just let things flow.

During the month of July, I sat down several times write my August Cosmic Pulse, knowing that the beginning of August would be crazy with the move, and more importantly understanding the significance of the 8-8-8. Every time I tried to write, I would be interrupted. It seemed that no matter how much I wanted to slot this into a specific timing, it wasn’t going to cooperate. I was challenged with not meeting my commitments and had too of let go and keep it easy – something that I’m learning full on at the moment !!

For several months, we have been preparing and receiving higher frequencies upon our beloved Mother Earth. These frequencies have tweaked our very core issues, and old stuff has been percolating to the surface for examination and recalibration. A common saying lately has been “people’s stuff is up.” While packing up my house, I was able let go or purge old clothes, belongings, and energy that wasn’t going to be a match the energy of my “new” space.

The energy of the “new” is a cornerstone of the 8-8-8 frequencies that will be flowing as waves upon our planet for the next several months. These Galactic events or gateway’s are never just one day events, even though we give specific dates for our linear time understanding. August has several celestial events that will help to facilitate and set the stage for the endings, completions, and new beginnings seeded in this potent month.

August 1st opened with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are always significant and this one - a week before the 8-8-8 represented a lift off into the “new.” Have you noticed lately how many of your friends or colleagues are going to through big life changes? Jobs, homes, relationships, health – things that can’t be swept under the carpet and cause one to “stand with intention” . This new moon energy gives a week of “transition” energy and an expansion of conscious vibration energy.

August 8th aligns our beloved Mother Earth with the golden harmonic rays of the Central Sun. The Central Sun plays a pivotal role in our Ascension preparation and process. Our hearts are harmonically “tuned” to the signature of the Central Sun. Each of us has a unique harmonic signature, which allows us to engage and surf many different frequencies within this 3rd Dimension and beyond. The meaning of “harmonic” is harmony, where a vibrating frequency touches other frequencies, allowing the vibration to expand and giving opportunity to connect with many different levels of the original harmonic frequency.

Our beloved Mother Earth and in fact each of us upon her are “living” receivers or broadcasters of frequency and vibration. During the heightened period of the 8-8-8 and over the next several months, our harmonic receptivity will be amplified. Our spiritual awareness and ability to connect more deeply with our Heart will be a main attribute of this transmission.

Codes for our Ascension process are continually being received along these galactic waves. The activation of the 8-8-8 and several other important dates over the coming month’s will gives us the “spiritual software” to decipher the codes and “harmonize” according to our own Cosmic Blueprint.

Harmonization of the Central Sun frequency opens our Heart, which is the true Gateway for our continued evolutionary process. Being in our heart means many things to different people. It is obviously about unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and every other living thing upon our planet. It also means broadcasting a frequency that can also harmonize situations when given with purity and intention.

We are still living within the energy of polarization, no news there. The energies of August will harmonize and recalibrate the existing frequency currently upon our planet and more importantly with our own physical vehicles – this will feel INTENSE. The more resistance to the flow or frequency of this energy the more intense the physical symptoms.

While working with clients and in my own life, I have witnessed several levels of physical shifts and symptoms. Anxiety, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, overwhelming want to play when the clock says its time to “work.” Neck and shoulder stiffness, earaches, leg pain, cramps. Our emotional body is riding these waves on a deeper level that even our physical body.

Feeling alone, disconnected, scattered, listening but not hearing, unworthy, feeling unable to cope, anxiety without a specific cause. Mentally unable to remember simple everyday things, brain fog, feeling like you are on autopilot.

Personally, I prefer to not focus on these symptoms, but all of us will experience some of these, or we will be around others that are. I understand just knowing these types of things are occurring can be a comfort...

These symptoms are a perfect example of our Light Body recalibrating to the higher “new” energies that are now available. Within our cells and our lower chakra’s can be dense energies filled with old beliefs, memories, stories, fears etc. Our electrical wiring can become short-circuited, keeping a closed feedback loop continually running. The Central Sun threads of light allow for a release of resistance or anxiety. During the past, couple of weeks, there times where I felt intense anxiety, trying to keep everything together and feeling overwhelmed, particularly at bedtime!

I had to just relax, let go, look at what I was resisting, and just allow the energy to flow through my entire body and cosmic egg. In this quiet state, I could look at what was causing resistance and often that observation was enough to shift it entirely. Physically I found that running the energy in an “8,” starting at my left foot, crossing over the belly, around the head and ending with the right foot, with the intention of connecting to the 8-8-8 frequencies would give tremendous relief from muscle pain etc.

The Harmonic Gateway is offering abundance in every known arena to flow with ease. It is a grand opportunity to release the “old” on every level and embrace the golden light of the Central Sun – where our old “stuff” can melt away in the brilliant light of the sun.

Image by Jean Luc-Bozzoli http://www.eyewithin.com
There are many teachers, channels, and authors writing about the 8-8-8 activation and energy. Discernment is always a key in understanding ourselves and what is in alignment. During the past couple of weeks, I have been seeing many articles come through my email from well-known and respected lightworkers or starseeds. Each article held a similar thread of truth running through them with its own unique flavor as well. This speaks volumes on the importance and significance of this event and the energies that will continue to flood our planet over the coming months.

Here are several links to wonderful supportive information for August 2008. Steve Rother http://www.lightworker.com/ Ronna Herman http://www.ronnastar.com/latest.html Celia Fenn http://starchildglobal.com/ Gillian MacBeth-Louthan http://www.thequantumawakening.com/index.html

Each with their own flavor threading the truth of this timing.

There is NO one way to harmonize our process with 2012. There is NO one group that is receiving or transmitting this energy more than another. There is NO one channel that is 100% pure. We are moving into harmony, balance, and unity. We are moving into the dynamic truth of our “heart” where all is understood and revealed.

August 16th is the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. The beauty of this full moon further illuminates the energy transmission of the 8-8-8 and amplifies its effect. 21 years ago in August 1987 there was another grand galactic alignment called the Harmonic Convergence – a blending or coming together of energy and people in support of our planetary ascension. That Harmonic Convergence is married to this 8-8-8 for further evolutionary leaps.

Light contains Sound and Sound contains Light. Harmonic light weaves together the frequencies of light and sound in such a way that it triggers a deep cellular knowing or awakening. Our DNA begins to talk more coherently; we start to just “know” what is right and needed for our body. The release of old stuff can be daunting, all of us have been preparing and experiences the challenges of this for years.

We are now at an unprecedented time where we can honour who we truly are, feel the JOY of our heart, our true self, and then express or broadcast that frequency of JOY through the threads of golden harmonic light of the Central Sun.

The dolphins, whales and the entire animal kingdom are also aware of this light and energy, and they too require support to re-calibrate. Many groups will be coming together to honour the 8-8-8 over the coming weeks. If you feel inclined please, invite the animals to your circle, unite through the heart, and allow the harmonic codes to further lift and celebrate all life.

I will be holding ceremony here in Victoria at my home with several close friends. For those that wish to tune in – please do so – we are all connected. Breathe into your heart and see the golden infinity symbol harmonizing the galactic light of the Central Sun with your wholeness and that of our beloved Mother Earth.

Enjoy all that the next few weeks will offer – the challenges and the great expansion of light.

Love and Many Blessings






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