10 август, 2008

August Message from Lady Nada: "This explains many things..."

August Message from Lady Nada: "This explains many things..."

August Message from Lady Nada
"Dear Ones, you are entering a time of ever-accelerating energies and frequencies as you all move closer to the 2012. Many of you feel as though you are being pushed and pulled by this force and that force, are worried about your government economies, and are concerned about your seemingly ever-decreasing abundance.
Please know that although everything seems as if it is in confusion, you are all completely on track and are experiencing this now time according to your individual contracts and life purposes. In order to bring forth the newer, higher vibrating frequencies of the New Earth, the older, lower-vibrating frequencies must first be broken down, released, and healed.
Many of you are finding yourselves having to look at, release, and heal issues, invalid beliefs, and emotional patterns that no longer serve you one more time. You have worked hard on clearing these issues over the years and have felt as though you healed that which needed healing, and yet, here it is once more in your face larger and more painful than ever before. Realize that the reason for this is that before incarnating in this lifetime, you agreed on a soul level to use your ever-increasing frequencies and gifts of consciousness to assist the planet and mass consciousness as a whole in releasing those negative emotional patterns, invalid belief systems, and ways of being in the world that do not serve the ever-increasing frequencies of the collective as a whole. The way that your higher aspects devised for you to accomplish this worthwhile assistance was by piggy backing the woundings of the mass consciousness onto your woundings, thus raising the intensity of your pain and emotions to such a point as to make it impossible for you to ignore that which needs to be released and healed. In other words, you agreed to have your discomfort be so great that you would have no choice but to seek help in once and for all healing that which has held you in lower vibrating frequencies.
Dear ones, know that though this is extremely painful for you, you have much assistance on both the physical and celestial planes in healing these issues once and for all. And in doing so, you fulfill your contracts with the planet and the mass consciousness and enable all to move forward on the path of ascension.
Remember to not beat yourselves up when you come face to face once again with these issues you feel you have worked on time and time again, and healed time and time again. Know that in this final healing/clearing, your assistance to the whole is beyond measure. Take comfort in the knowledge you are clearing for the highest good of all and know that you will be greatly rewarded for your endeavors.
On another note, the energies of this month of August will endeavor to push many of you to your limits. We implore you to not become caught up in your news reports concerning your economies, the oil crisis, and the housing and credit crises. It is appropriate for there to be a leveling and balancing of these energies at this time. That which has been built on illusion must be brought back into reality. That which has been for the highest good of the few, must be brought back into alignment with the highest good of the many.
If you spend your time and focus on your news broadcasts and printed news, you will find yourselves entering into more and more despair and fear as you believe you are watching your world collapse. You will fear for your very survival. We ask you to not go to this place, dear ones. Instead, keep your focus on that which gives you pleasure and joy. Keep your focus on your loved ones and your soul families. Make this a time of community, of coming together and focusing on your relationships with others. For the new earth, the new world you each seek entrance to is not about the individual, it is about the collective. The new energy is concerned with the vibration of the whole, the health and well-being of the whole. When you as individuals truly realize that there is no separation and begin to see no differences between you and your neighbors, you will be well on your way to living fully within the new earth energies.
Some of you may fear that this means a losing of one's self, losing one's sense of individuation. You have nothing to fear in this regard. Though it may be difficult for you to comprehend at this time, know that rather than losing your sense of self, you will actually gain your sense of self within All That Is. You will become more of who you truly are, not less.
Please remember that as you move through these seemingly chaotic times, it is of the utmost importance that you remember frequently throughout your day to return to your center, to your place of balance, to that place within you where you feel your joy. In so doing, you will be prepared for whatever awaits you in the breaking down of the local, government, and world realities which no longer serve the world's people or the planet herself. In keeping your balance and your focus on what is positive in your life, in your world, you will also hold that energy for the planet to see her way through the morass she currently finds herself in.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel you find yourselves in. Find that light within yourselves and then hold its energy for your neighbor so that they can then find it within themselves. Be the light of change you wish to see in your world. Hold the energy of the light for those who are in fear or who are not yet awake. In doing so, you each help to lead the world out of darkness and into Enlightenment.
Well done dear, precious beings of light. Do not falter now. Hold the light and know that change must and will occur. You are loved and supported beyond measure. Call on us in times of fear, in times of grief, in times of joy. We are always here for you.
And so it is." from Master Lady Nada




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