11 август, 2008

Master Kuthumi*“Trusting in Miracles and the Magic thereof”

Transcript 19 July 2008 – Durban South Africa .

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

“Trusting in Miracles and the Magic thereof”

Recalibration of our personal Abundance Lattice with Lord Merlin and Saint Germain.

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Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of S pirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee a blessing of divine enlightenment.

Greetings Beloved Ones

Greetings Lord Kuthumi

It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly within the Heart of Christ and securely upon the Hands of God.

Beloved ones, just like the planet earth is facing amazing changes at present each of you are experiencing deep changes within yourself. At present much is taking place to rewire her as well as your own personal energy fields for as previously explained with your bodies changing from carbon into a more refined silica crystalline vibration you will take on the vibrations of the planet as planetary representatives of the earth as you have extended part of yourself throughout many lifetimes to carry the consciousness of Gaia. During this current lifetime you have opted to again come forward in support of the consciousness shifts whilst playing out games of duality. Each of you here and many millions of your light families has all come to see this planet ascend into her majestic consciousness.

Beloved ones, for this very reason although much work has already been done and well underway, much more needs to be done. You have great changes taking place within and upon this and every other planet within this and other solar systems. This effect is ever continuous as change multiply from itself transcending existing energy into a whole new vibration altogether.

Time will speed up yet again as the speed of evolution is ever increasing thus buckle yourself and be ready for the increase of your own personal vibrations for your current 3D vibrations will increase to enable your transcendence from a lower 3D to a multi-sensory magnificent 5D being for the 5th dimensional energy is that of instant creation which is your destined frequency in time to come.

The 5th dimension is a place and space contained within human and planetary consciousness where everything exists at any and all times on the same level therefore you will no longer be able to separate your thought processes from another. Beloved ones the urgency here is that it is time for you to truly connect yourself on a deeper level to that which resonates within your heart. We have shared all and in great detail but know that even though you are still with one foot in a linear 3D and the other within 5D awareness, even though you still live within the ‘normal’ vibrations of living, working, playing etc your energy field have already started integrating a whole new vibration that will enable you in time to come to tap into that which is not of your immediate origins.

This energy of instant creation is an energy beloved ones that shall demand of you every single minute fraction of passion and compassion contained within your being and because of this intensity, you will easily be able to tap into other fields of energy that shares the same value. You will be able to transcend your lower thought consciousness into something that is rather different and magnificent. The very energy of these consciousness lattices that you will communicate through is what will facilitate for you the ability and possibility to be able to tap into this energy as a conduit driving yourself through the forces of 3D embracing the flow of 5D. You have 5 official senses which are transferred into your human beingness via the 5 pointed star grid which facilitates your transcendence from spirit to matter. In time you shall live within refined consciousness being very aware of your extensive bodies and once your advance light field is fully anchored within the new energy you shall have no less than 12 senses oppose to the linear 5.

Please do not let yourself be drawn into any situation beloved ones where you actually pay more attention to that which is negative or non supportive. It is very simple to create a personal grid which actually demarcate oneself oppose to connecting to the unity force fields. You are often exposed at a subconscious level to this negative constant especially within your professional lives, at work, especially where the negativity is being reinforced at regular or daily intervals whereby this destructive energy charges the morphogenetic field with its repeated intrusive actions and because of its power you may find it extremely unpleasant to be positive within this space or area for it actually taps into the unconscious matrix with far and fear reaching effects. The reason why we are sharing this with you is to bring to your awareness the subconscious and subliminal powers of this energy which stirs a lowering of your personal portals which in the end unwinds your energy oppose to complimenting it and thus within the negative or polar opposite of the rewire process it effects you adversely. The power behind this negativity is quite startling; it is similar to falling asleep in front of your television sets whilst watching movies of negative action, high drama and murder. Movies where the entertainment of it is about taking the life of another, shouting, and destruction etc for all of this sub and unconsciously anchors itself within your thought structure. Beloved ones we prefer for you not entertaining yourself with such negativity, call us prudish if you like for this may be entertaining to you to begin with, sure like you say the special effects of the science behind the scenes are quite astounding, but in reality it serves no purpose to be entertained by that which one seeks to avoid, and know this is not shared in judgment so if you wish to continue being entertained by great horror and all that makes non-sense by all means it is your choice of free will but make sure to never, ever fall asleep during these programs for the vibrations emitted from your televisions screens are destructive enough let alone the un/sub conscious recording of all that you experience during the sleep state for you truly are unable to decipher between that which you wish to hang on to and that which you wish to let go of as the brain simply records all its been exposed to. This greatly adds to the unraveling of your energy field.

Beloved ones, many of you are currently facing tremendous hardships on many levels and much of this is due to a clearing or filtering process underway which will support you to fully embrace the 6D Fluid Love consciousness. Thus for you to be a fully awakened 5D being in further service to the ascension program acting as catalysts creating situations within your own as well as another’s lives which in the long term supports the ascension of the earth, you have to clear out the old thus what ever keeps repeating itself within your reality needs to be addressed. What ever keeps repeating itself within your mind REALLY needs to be addressed for as we have explained physical addictions are one thing but mental addictions are even more destructive for the simple reason that 99% of humanity are in complete denial about this. Mental addictions are very real and often attach to your way of thinking by means of corruptive morphogenetic or constant-negative energy fields. S o having said this, make sure that the spaces within your homes and offices are clear. In actual fact beloved ones it wouldn’t hurt for each and every one of you to do a thorough cleanse in all of your areas. Humanity needs to get exited about this. It really wouldn’t hurt to connect with your higher self which is what the premeditation was about before we started this afternoon’s transmission, who ever the guide was that came to stand behind you is the way your lower consciousness currently relates to your higher self. Did you get this?

A: Yes

Mk: Very good then.

Beloved ones to have balanced energy within your home and work is extremely important. Now on clearing let us be clear about something: What is the golden rule to do with anything on planet earth?

A: Heart work

Mk: Intent, for by using intent you can redirect and direct energy into any manner that you choose. All of the laws that allows to give and take for example the laws of cause and effect and intent all folds under the umbrella of the law of attraction from whence it fragments into greater detail according to your beliefs, what you give out, intent etc are you with me?

A: Yes

MK: so intent beloved ones if you like can change things without drama, even though we know you are very dramatic as humans, you love drama don’t you? (laughter) you need’nt be shy about it for your intent should be to be yourself which is called being authentic. Take you drama and have some fun by all means, run through your homes with burning bushes (laughter) throw crystals in the air, pour salt all over the place it matters not (laughter) but know that one pure thought of intent can clear your space although this may prove to be far too boring for your dramas (screeches of laughter), for you love the drama, the salts the incense the burning bushes, you want to smoke your place out to inform your neighbors 20km away of your indifference to confirm that you have lost the plot (shreds of laughter). Beloved ones, the intent behind your tools are what create the energy for change at an etheric level for the law of intent allows you to connect that which you intend to the law of attraction. Intention is everything therefore should you prefer not to run through your offices with burning bushes, bells, chimes, drums and feathers all you need do is simply the next time before you enter your office space thus before you open your office door and please do this before anyone else is present within the space, even if it means having to get out of bed a little earlier for once, and sure you can always go back to bed (laughter), take your intent, come to stand in front of your office door, visualize your office as a pool of water, are you with me?

A: Yes

MK: Visualize yourself as a very powerful huge strong being, and then in your minds eye do the following: Take your pointing finger and your thumb, why the pointing finger? Because you love pointing to others don’t you (laughter), take your point of intent together with the grounding of your thumb which means ‘thumbs up’ therefore it has your approval with intent thus you take which is OK for you and which is not OK for another and meld these two energies as you turn your hand upside down (showing) and then drop an imaginary crystalline droplet or bubble into the office pool (visualizing the office as a pond) like this (showing) and as this droplet drops into the bigger pool see it create a ripple effect from the inside out and watch the energy clear itself with your pure intent as the ripples that carries the pure intent simply cast out all negativity from the inside out disappearing into the ethers of time contained within the cosmic seas. Whilst doing this affirm to yourself ‘I am an amazing magnificent being with en-lightened consciousness and through the powers of my intent I give the thumbs up for this area to be perfectly clear from all negativity rending it fully cleansed and sealed from all outer forces’ - for within the mind it actually doesn’t matter whether you physically observed a situation or imagined it. Humans are extremely good at this lower emotional observation especially when you ‘thought’ your partner observed another not so (laughter), so the mind can and will play games with you so why not take your intent together with your will and with love create a ripple effect everywhere you go. S o you may say ‘Lord Kuthumi there are so many people in my office I cant get up at 4am to do this clearing’ and I shall say to you don’t panic for humanity always has a backup plan not so, yet with spirit we have a library of backup plans (laughter) thus without even getting out of your lovely warm bed you can do this from a distance very much on the same principle that you do distant healing. Take your mind, place your mind into a deep meditative state then do this whole exercise within your mind as you would with the healing. Please know there is no restriction to the space that you can clear with your thoughts, yes if you are able to use the physical tools it does assist with the energies for what actually happens within this space: Negativity is stale energy that becomes so stagnant that eventually because of its density is able to influence and effect matter in the same way as positive energy which becomes lighter thus enlightens. Negativity as with positivity is an energy and as with all energy it cannot be destroyed but merely redistributed thus it needs to be transformed through the laws of transmutation. Like magic the good and bad or black and white purely depends on your intent yet the principle behind this is much the same. Thus work consciously within the Light and it will take care of all that is parallel and unparallel.

Take care and see more into your regular spaces than just a home or work space for it continuously feeds or drains your energy depending on what you have programmed it with, and as always if things don’t change take a much deeper look at that which you ‘overlook’ or refuse to see for that which you resist shall persist and by saying this come to terms with that which needs your attention and make peace with it. You cannot give anger to a situation and expect peace in return, and the only way to accomplish complete healing is to love the situation. Healing occurs when you can give the love within your heart to that which makes you unwell. Healing occurs when the love within the heart of the person being healed melds with the love within the heart of the healer, once these two energies combine they join with all the other energies in the room as one, which carries the weight of the faith of those involved. Faith allows you to be healed. Another issue that comes into play here is the life lesson of the person being treated as well as the interference of their higher self (if that is allowed) according to the Will of the Creator. Faith is what allows rapid manifestation of healing power. According to your belief it is done unto you. As expressed all avenues that facilitate healing combines according to your point of direction (your vision) and that which you use to give it power (your belief). Do you follow this?

A: Yes

Beloved ones, use the ideas given to you, drop your imaginary crystalline bubble of clearing and protection into your ponds of ponder and consciously begin to shift your perceptions. When you are bored as you often express (laughter) why not use your energy of boredom and by doing this exercise extend the healing and clearing to larger areas, enclose cities with this energy, create a huge grid and place it over your beloved city Durban or any for that mater, why not place this energy over every city upon the globe, what have you to loose against everything to gain, stop and give thanks for all that you have and am, for an attitude of gratitude will always take you to the best altitude.

- Recorder accidentally dropped off the table – (I straightened my legs) lost some of the transmission.

Why don’t you rather use the passion and compassion within your hearts and with that create an energy simply though the conscious or direct focus of your intent and allow that which you give power to, to etherically transform all other discordant energies.

Beloved ones your beloved Gaia as shared is facing massive changes and shifts which is the reason why ever so often we shall share with you information as and when it is needed, naturally at levels you are able to integrate, for it is no good trying to explain something to you in S panish if you can even understand it in English (laughter) so understand that we share with you what you need to expand your living consciousness in such a way that it will enable you to inturn share it with others on levels they are able to understand. As with this simple exercise understand there is no need for complication. If you are unable to integrate something then as you say ‘take it with a pinch of salt’ thus not too seriously, do you understand this?

A: Yes

Taking it with a pinch of salt means it depends on you as to how much energy you shall give another thus you take of them as much as you allow them to give to you thus you take them with a pinch of salt. But even better live and let live, practice love with that allow love to transform your lives, live in such a way that no matter what you do, where, when or with whom that you consciously or unconsciously emanate a frequency of light which will allow others to see the light within you for that is what attracts people to you. More so often than not many of you will even comment how others seem to ‘stare’ at you not so? You even ask your partner ‘do I look strange?’ No, they are looking at your light! They are looking at the light within your eyes and the love within your heart but being human you take most things personal don’t you? (laughter) and there is no intended reason but their acknowledgement of your light, your beauty, your evident compassion, your indifference of being authentic, for that you are.

The new planet earth is of such a high vibrational frequency that you will not be able to survive within your current consciousness. This is not new to you, but know that all the information shared with you is done to gift unto you ways and means of creating new vibrational frequencies which will allow you to comfortably function within the new energies, we shall continue to expose to you new doorways of transformation in time to come, all in support of you being made anew. Therefore with this newness and exciting feelings you need to be absolutely ready for it. You need to tap into balancing energy AND matter unlike ever before. As a 5th dimensional being of enlightened consciousness beside the fact that you will never be able to tell another lie not even a small white one (screeches of laughter) you will come to live in the purity of your authenticness. This is where one of the greatest barriers that prevent shifting of consciousness will be put to bed and that is the inability to practice forgiveness.

Your world, even though to us comparatively small, is a very big place, to you certainly. It is a massive blue-green planet, a space of light and love, transformation and one of the most important experimental stations within this part of the galaxy. Being human this time around you have taken on a different reality, one which helps you change and shift your conscious reality, which is one of the reasons why you are here sitting this day, reading these words, walking amongst us. This is one of the reasons why we of the Ascended Realms and other Beings are walking amongst you, to help you ground this (new) reality. S ome of us are able to take on physical vehicles for a set period, some for a much longer period of time, some of us come to visit you, we stand watching you at your traffic lights, you bump into us yet you believe us not be here. We are here holding your hand at any and all opportunities, thus we shall be there at your transcendence from a lower thought form into a much more refined state of being. By saying this know it is very important for you to take note of that which surrounds you hence the message about being sure about your energy fields within your regular spaces and having the tools to be able to transform energy. If all else fails and you are unable to remember any of this, use the love in your heart, along with the intent within your minds, a personal gift given to all, and call upon the laws of transformation to help you create a positive environment. Negativity beloved ones is an empty energy of great density and of no use hence no need for you to surround yourself with this energy. There is only one law that can change anything and that is the law of love, for love is the only energy with unparalleled power. Love is the only energy that can match and better any other for there is no greater weaponry than love, no greater power and passion than the understanding thereof therefore if you cannot give a loving thought to another learn to bite your lip and find something to compliment them by, but the trick is to mean it (laughter). All this will change for when you enter the new frequency of fluid love within the 5th dimension you will feel nothing but love.

Your heart, minds and physical being will be bound together by the fluidness of love, for love has the power to overcome all, infiltrate all, conquer all, thus it flows through anything creating anything. On an energy level love has exquisite viscosity that flows or propels from itself as it multiplies into an unending outcome. Love is an energy as you know that has no opposites and thus will become the focal energy that you will utilize within your 5th dimensional body of light.

This body is an energy matrix that is currently being activated which will envelop all your other bodies within its cocoon of divineness which in fact has already been in action for a number of years. This body of Light vibrates thus oscillates at increased frequency and in so doing naturally assist in raising your lower vibrations which will enable you to become conscious about your light body and other bodies thus being able to consciously work with your light bodies which will enable you to tap fully into your 5th dimensional reality, communicating on this level with all that shares this reality on, in and off this earth plane. Through all of this the presence of love is what shall guide, thus in time to come you wouldn’t have to entertain ideas of having to convince another of your compliments for all of the energies will be supported through the heart energy and having said this beloved ones, do you not think that it is perhaps time for you to adopt this principle of living through the heart, trusting the heart. Do you not think it is high time you find something to compliment another with no matter how they have upset you, let you down, make you sad or angry it matters not, what does matter is your shifting consciousness which is supported through an increased energy flow within your bodies which automatically supports the grounding or forming or awakening of your light body. The difference is in time to come there shall be no need for deliberate compliments as everyone will be able to ‘read’ everyone else’s energy field thus will automatically receive your good wishes as all will be shared within light frequencies. Refined telepathy will form the basis for long distance conversations, no matter on what level thus the only ulterior attachment to thought will be a natural wonderment of love. Your Lightbody currently in activation will allow you to fully tap into new levels of ascended consciousness which is an energy you shall all share as one which will be facilitated via the various grids and naturally your own personal lattice of light encodings which shall eventually form part of your cosmic bodies.

Your physical and mental bodies as you are aware are going through immense changes or rewire. Is anyone struggling with their memory of late?

A: Yes

MK: S hall we paint the roof green? (Laughter – local hospital for the mentally unstable). That’s where you hide the ‘unconscious’ don’t you, institutions with green roofs (laughter) well there’s enough of you already present under this room to start a new hospital of sorts (laughter).

The memory sticks of humanity is playing up and the only reason why, is because a whole new level of mental rewiring is underway whereby you are asked to pay attention to the changing of the filing systems within your mind. Now this system is an automatic system, a very advance system created by the Creator Principle and this structure or organ that you call a brain is what keeps taps on various experiences. Memory is what also prevents many from moving forward. Many times the very memory of someone is enough to prevent you from giving another a chance at your hand or better still heart, for this is when you suffer from comparison phobia. Other times it prevents you from going ahead for the memory of your past won’t allow you to create a present thus future history. All this is what is currently and will in time to come face new wiring in other words the process of erasing and recording. If there is no need to hang unto a memory what use is it then? Thus by letting go of the old paradigm thoughts you commit in creating new and very different outcomes based on your experiences. There is of course the times when good memories serves you well and that shall remain, it is the useless memory that torments you that needs shifting. Your science is aware of your very extensive DNA programming which reveals that every level of your DNA has an individual representation within the etheric realms just as your scientists have discovered that some humans no longer carries a double-helix but rather a triple helix DNA formation, and fact is that they are surfacing more and more. Thus they have also discovered how miraculously certain brain cells within the memory stick of the brain are no longer active in the way it was before thus being rewired as it changes your perception from that which you feel entrapped by to that which you actually can expand through. Another way of saying this is: The “awakening” DNA (which they refer to as junk) serves as boosters which supports the changing of your bodies from carbon into silica which is crystalline consciousness and for this very reason you will find that humanity will begin more and more to open up towards the power held within the crystal energy. They will come to terms with their ridiculous fears of crystals for goodness sake how can you be fearful of anything that was or is created by the One that created you. They need to get with the program (laughter). Yes they will come to understand the full power behind this energy and you will begin to relate to yourself as having crystalline consciousness for your energetic vibration shall change in frequency thus the oscillations between your highs and lows will even out to enable you to function within powerful light bodies. This is a natural unfolding process as part of your awakening which the brain is transmitting to each and every cell within your body. This is a natural flow of change which you are now feeling within your biology especially the huge changes currently talking place within your Pineal and Thymus glands for both these are known as the biological glands that supports transformation. The Thymus is the gland that oversees the heart energy and the Pineal oversees the Crown energy and both these are currently undergoing huge biological transformations and shifts to accommodate a whole new way of consciousness. You have to transcend your heart, and with that your knowing. You have to give your heart your power and will, which will allow you to live in a higher state of being. You have to let go of the lower heart thought forms which keeps your consciousness entrapped which is…?

A: Doubt, Fear, vindictiveness

MK: S ure brother all of these although fear which is rooted within the base is active within every centre, the answer is the inability to forgive the self and others.

When moving forward into a new way of being on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and I can hear your thoughts ‘financially’ (laughter) a whole new system of Light begins to activate a whole new pathway for you to script your own grail and the only way this can be done is to help you to let go of the stuff you no longer need. Remember sure the good, let go of the non worthy also for this very reason it is imperative that you begin practicing being in full consciousness within every breathing living moment. If not the possibility exists that if being caught off guard you might spin yourself off the planet (laughter) and right now I can read many of your minds saying ‘that’s not a bad prospect (screeches of laughter) but that is not where you are to be, you are here for the earth experience thus the human evolvement, the good the bad and the ugly as you say (laughter).

Beloved ones in time to come when you are fully within the new energy and you awaken to your new DNA S tructure, even the triple helix which is very much a possibility for anyone although extremely complex in formation yet the result quite simple, when able to communicate using advance levels of transcendent consciousness or telepathy as you refer to it, you will be asked share every day filled with compassion and passion and the only way to do this is for you to be in service and wouldn’t you think if everyone within this current living consciousness and that which is to come is in service to another it would be just amazing? Yes for this is what the future holds.

There will be a release from the Biosphere and personal cells: A utopia with euphoric results which will keep you in the fluidity of service. This firstly will require of you to be in service to the self, now the question is how many of you consciously are?

In service to the self and being conscious about it is what shifts perception for you keep stepping on your own toes and then turn around and ask but how bumped me? S ure we are guilty of this at times for that is when we guide you in taking a fresh look at where you are going (laughter). You are already in service for if you weren’t you wouldn’t have raised your hand on the other side of the veil saying send me, for only through the service to the self can you realize how magnificent it is to be in-service to others. In times to come you will digest the true meaning of what it is like to be in service to the self and all others all of the time. This is where you are heading towards. This beautiful Gaia is such an amazing being that is alive with life, a being that you partly give life to as you give of yourself to her in service between incarnations making the essence of Gaia a reality. Many see this as a resting period, a time out to be part of a mass body that carries unified consciousness. Therefore you know what she feels, you feel her tears, you know who she is, you know what hurts and upset her for you were once her tears. By bringing this evolved level of awareness into your consciousness know that the time is here to claim your multi-dimensionality. You are indeed.

Beloved ones, throughout the globe there are many, many beings communicating with each other at any given time. There are messages going back and forth, up and down between receivers and transmitters much like your 3D communicating systems upon the planet yet not remotely comparative. Over many years we from the realms of enlightenment be that the angelic, energetic, star or any other light system have come to support you bringing messages in support of your growth. We extend from ourselves a divine ray which allows energy to connect to each of you in person through the conduit of your higher self as this channel connects through her higher self connecting with my energy as Kuthumi, very much in the same way do you have the same connection to her, to me, to anyone or anything anywhere at any time you choose. You have the ability to do this, and no-one is excluded thus no knowledge that should reach your ears or mind will skip you by. S o where you are at, is where you need to be therefore understand that there are no mistakes, that is why information is released unto the planet via various cosmic transmitters, or energies which inturn taps into the transmitters that receives information and ethereal wisdom from the cosmic universal libraries. This information is being gradually infiltrated into your systems of thought thus your current levels of understanding one level at a time according to your levels of conscious perception.

Therefore know that what you need to know is what is being made known to you be that collectively or individually. Many of you think at times you should be here when you are there and visa versa so please put your minds at ease with the knowing that nothing will pass you by if not meant to be. Yes be aware of the environments that some of you expose yourself to but know that all of life unfolds according to God’s Perfect Timing thus if you are

unable to swallow what you are fed, take that which resonates with you and let the rest go for there are many segments of information that you are unable to grasp and another might.

The scales of worthiness are prominently staring every being upon this planet in the face for as you know every belief system is being challenged for you to claim your grounding. Your faith is being challenged to reveal the core of your belief. Your systems of energy are being challenged through rewire which will support a much faster shift of reality for you. All of this is due to the rapid increased oscillation of your frequencies therefore as time speeds up more know you will be given the tools on how to cope with it. Use all of the gifts given to you, work with it, put your hearts in it, rest your minds in this new energy and apply it, and when you fail, let it go and try again. Do not give up, simply keep your focus by extending your goals 30 minutes each time, each day. Again be aware of the negative comments that are formed and entertained within your minds, thus let the old thought processes go and one of the best ways to do this is to alter your history, thus your memory. The changing memory sticks are part of the process in assisting you to move on.

It is extremely important for you to begin implementing new habits within your lives. The only way you can change that which no longer works for you is to let it go, the only way it is going to go away is to love it, the only way you can love it is when you do not entertain anymore conflict towards it, therefore embrace that which upsets you to such an extend that it actually loves you back and in so doing you will come to terms with the fact that your love-relationship with that which once entertained you and even controlled you is over. Like a love-affair that comes to an end just so can a love affair between matter and spirit survive change. As you know energy cannot be destroyed but merely redistributed thus take the energy thus the habit which you want to let go of and do something new with it thus you are loving the situation through change.

All of what’s being shared with you, the changes you are facing, the shifts within the poverty/abundance challenge are being shared with you for very specific reasons to make you understand in full awareness what your purpose is, the plans you made before coming here and what the drive behind you was to make this a most different incarnation. You are beings of Light that came to be the way-showers of the new consciousness, you came to ground portal energies, you are vortices of change, catalysts for a new culture and keepers of Grids. Now more so than ever many of you will automatically feel a much deeper level of compassion towards certain projects as you become more refined in you focus. S ome of you may feel that you are attracted to projects that you have little understanding of and the reason for this is because you serve on these levels within the unconscious planes.

Thus with a new found awareness of cosmic intelligence communicating on cosmic levels embrace your divinity, embrace all that is being shared with you as an amazing being in full purpose, as they say you do not always have to travel to the most far off destinations to experience the most exotic, thus also understand that as a polar opposite of this you are given the chance to clear Karmic debt unlike ever before. Thus for many of you know that this lifetime is very much a culmination of everything you weren’t able to ‘pull off’ before thus everything that you weren’t able to ‘put to bed’ within understandable consciousness previously, this time around is with you, as you have come to clear that which have kept you back over lifetimes. You have come to clear the disasters that have faced you through many timelines and lifetimes, BUT this time around unlike before you are BLE S S ED with the KNOWING of this, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and cosmically.

Abundance beloved ones is an energy that can be found anywhere, in your gardens you meet abundant butterflies, and you can have an abundance of flowers, an abundant field of insects, and an abundance of sounds as you listen to nature communicating its elements. Abundance is found on and within every level of being. Prosperity is what delivers to you the gift of having a prosperous time, thus prosperity is the gift of abundance in action which gifts to you a whole new experience of receiving. Abundance is also the gift of being prosperous but it doesn’t necessarily mean of monetary or financial gain. Abundance can be anything as you could be abundantly blessed with plenty to eat, or a whole new way of being. The current shifts that are taking place are working with the abundance grids specifically to rewire and shatter the old grids of lust which includes greed, victim, conditional love and poverty consciousness for these four areas is what limits your growth potential the most.

Beloved ones, when asking ‘what is a sin’ as you term it in scriptural form, the ‘forgive me Father for I have sinned’ – a sin as an aspect of the self that you are using to influence another or the self without awareness. This is when you get stuck in the ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ consciousness in other words you get stuck in conditions. When you are stuck in conditional love consciousness is when you create your ‘sins’. Poverty consciousness is when you are unable to claim any value to yourself whatsoever, full stop. Do not think poverty consciousness means being poor for it is not, poverty consciousness sets in when the person have lost every bit of respect for the self and all else. You can be poor without living in poverty. This is when you are unable to tap into your ability to prosper. Poverty is when you are unable to see how abundantly blessed you are, for all you are able to see is that which you term ‘nothing’ staring you in the face and then there is the greed or lust consciousness which falls under the same laws.

Greed and lust is the part of the self that is in constant denial of any satisfaction, for it makes you crave like an addiction, a very severe addiction that has you by the edge of your seat and will not let you go for the simple reason that you are never able to value the self therefore will never have enough because of your fear of losing, for it says ‘if I am not greedy enough, or lustful enough, I will end up with nothing anyway”. Poverty sets in when dignity walks out of the back door and denial comes to face you head on. To crown it all there is the ‘I’ consciousness the victim consciousness, the selfish selfless hard-done-by part that never feels they are given a ‘fair deal’. This is a fast downhill slide that forces you to loose faith in your right as a wonderful deserving being. These things are sinful approaches to life for none of these levels of consciousness can support you in any way in recognizing the full power behind your co-creative ability.

You are a creator being, you are a co-creator, you can not do it by yourself even though you think you can at times, especially when you tap into the lower laws, know it is short lived. Understand that the only way for you to get on with your lives is to embrace all that was mentioned in the opposite, to claim for yourself a new platform of divinity, to honestly and truthfully open your eyes, look in your metaphoric mirrors, open your hearts beloved masters and claim the divinity for that you truly are. S tand firm and grounded upon the planet for if your foundations are not sturdy the rest won’t stand the test of time, not a chance. Thus take the knowledge that is revealed to you and share it with others so that you can undo the conditioning of your lives walking forward into an uncomplicated situation where you are not bound by the laws of expectancy.

By beginning to understand all bit by bit, by allowing all the wisdom to reach you via waves of consciousness, you will be transformed and will transcend from the confined consciousness within the worlds of carbon and matter into infinite consciousness within the worlds of crystalline silica and spirit. S o be it.

By no means, form or way are we suggesting that challenges will be a thing of the past, we are not saying it will be plain sailing at all, but what we are saying is there will always be enough wind to carry you from one plane to another. The winds of change will bring you peace as you befriend your rosebushes loving its thorns, instead of injuring the self because of your limited thinking and overly greed to pick the flowers.

There is another energy that needs mentioning at this time, your sexuality. The current sexual energy upon this planet is a new energy. In the past sexuality was very much on par with a barter system where you often used your sexuality as an exchange weapon of sorts and we are not speaking of those who preferred this energy as a career choice. We are not speaking of those who prefer to be in service to the public using their sexuality; we are speaking of those who are using their sexuality as a power tool trading within the worlds of commerce. And so many fell in the same trap again recently with the greed of the new goddess energy, why, because many woman feel they need to be like men for them to feel equal. Woman in general had to take a back seat for so long with the male energy ruling and with that take up their power insensitively portraying a male energy. They fight back with fire oppose to allowing the heart energy to rule. The same as within your political situations especially here as that’s where it matters to you the most this country called Southern Africa where you have an amazing racial situation unfolding that is far too big for those in power to handle, they don’t actually know what to do with this situation called racial-lib as with woman’s-lib. First you had apartheid which was then supposedly reversed, no it was not! It was swallowed in the clutches of greed and blame as your governments took two wrongs trying to make it right for the exact experiences that your black races had to endure during apartheid others now have to endure. The exact same thing is still rife within the America ’s. Many woman have become quite masculine in their attitude and characteristics and I am not speaking of woman of the same sex preference I am speaking of heterosexual woman who are using the power within their anger to sow seeds of revenge. Here they use the poisons of their blame to get even, and getting even is not a way out, not racially, not sexually, not in anything.

If you live within a democracy beloved ones you have to live through the heart which spells out balance and for this very reason over the past few years, and in time to come we have and will give to you the tools that will enable you to live and be within the rays of love and wisdom. Love and Wisdom the two main energies that I Kuthumi currently represent on two different levels of reality, the blue as well as the Golden Rays, these are the energies that will allow you to awaken to the truth of your magical mystical self. These are the energies that will enable you to tap into the full activation of your Lightbody. It will reveal to you all you need know that will enable you to be congruent with your light vehicle in motion. It will allow you to tap into and utilize any situation that will bring out the best from within you. The only way this will be a possibility is when you wear your 5th dimensional wings and be proud of whom you are and in so doing is it matters not what you give unto another as long as it is congruent with evolution, with life, with a whole new way of being. What truly matter beloved ones is letting the memory of that which has made you unstable go, thus allowing the memory of that which no longer serves you dissipate. When it comes to what could be seen as an advance rewire which is very much what you and the likes of you are currently experiencing, know you have certainly given your permission for this to be so.

Understand with all of this as hard or challenging as it may seem at times within your own capacity to make a difference within the world of matter or money, we come forward in support to lend a hand of guidance at all times. Money is a mere form of exchange and be aware that if there is a longing for money it is not fueled by the flames of greed. Be aware that when there is a longing for money it is not supported by the thirst of lust. Understand that perhaps during this time you are not meant to roll in the dough of the pound seat for it is not meant as part of your experience but at the same time know there is no reason why you shouldn’t be abundantly blessed.

Beloved ones, the current unfolding energy is specifically set to bring changes within your perception and understanding when it comes to abundance. It is to rewire a new understanding within your mental bodies when it comes to being prosperous therefore you have to come to face the truth behind poverty consciousness which is as we have shared. As much as you may think I haven’t stopped in 1hr45 minutes that is as much as I say to you that every single word is shared to support your transition from lack to having it all. The current energy that’s about to unfold unto thus planet on a massive scale is about abundance. We have shared with you the laws which rules infinite possibility, therefore allow these tools to bring to you a new understanding of your possible reality and more importantly to bring to you a new found awareness about the absolute magic and miracles abound that surrounds you all of the time.

Miracles and magic is an energy of Creation hence one of my favorite expressions: What is a miracle…but magic without mysticism.

So you take the mysticism out of magic and you are left with a miracle for a miracle is an unexpected reward so why don’t you change the concept today of what you expect miracles to be and perhaps they will manifest easier. Instead of saying ‘God please give me a miracle’ stipulate the miracle! Miracles are abound within the Creator’s unending Energy thus in your mind every single day using the law of intent stipulate that which you desire and then give back unto the world that which you desire in service.

The most important thing for you is to change the perception behind miracles thus don’t perceive it to be a reward of that which you don’t expect, thus something out of reach as if an impossibility, why not see the magic behind its manifestation as a rightful blessing. It is the Magic of the Creator’s Essence that gives unto you according to your belief in other words your faith and on that level of understanding make a point when you awake to greet the day with love, joy, vigor, passion and compassion, sit up and say to the self ‘I commit to live this day to the fullest for I am still here, I am alive and breathing therefore God thank you for delivering to me my greatest miracle of being alive this day, so be it, Thank you!’ Please will you straighten your spines and get yourself ready for the energy activation. Be at ease and comfortable within the space of this room. Very long pause.

Beloved ones, allow your breath to become easy, calm, balanced. With every inbreath give thanks for all of that which you have been blessed with and with every outbreath give thanks for all of that which you can share with the world. Pause. With every inhalation fill your lungs with fresh oxygen and give thanks to this beautiful planet for hosting you yet again, for giving you the gift of oxygen that enables you to live, to be, to grow and with every exhalation give thanks to the fact that you can awaken to the reality of your awakening, being a new person, a lighter person, give thanks to all of that which you tend to overlook and at times take for granted. Pause. Do this a few times allowing your energy to relax. Very long pause.

Beloved ones, ahead of you in the far distance are massive golden gates, the gateway into S hamballah. Make your way and come to stand in front of these entry points to the abundance temples of S hamballah. Pause. Facing this magnificent entry point, become aware of the two golden dragons of Lady Quan Yin on either side guarding this entry point. Pause. Also become aware that there are two beings standing next to these dragons who you fondly know as Lord Merlin and S aint Germain. Pause. They personally together with the golden dragons oversee the entry into this particular temple of S hamballah . Now before entering this scared space I wish for you to connect from your mind and heart to the energy of these four beings and from your heart-felt space ask them to gift you with the blessing which will allow you entry into their worlds. Pause. Once done enter allowing the golden gates to close behind you and simply wait. Pause.

You are now in the courtyard of the Abundance Consciousness Temples. These temples are overseen by the Lords and Ladies of magic and manifestation delivering abundance. These two lords called Merlin and S aint Germain are authentic alchemists therefore their energy is permanently grounded within the etheric core of these temples. Pause.

Now it matters not which of the two temples directly in front of you, you enter into, for they are both overseen by these two beings and the Ladies and Lords of abundance, magic and manifestation. Pause.

In the quietness of your mind make your way to the entrance of your choice and on reaching the entrance come stand allowing your mind to capture all of that which surrounds you as you take note of the most exquisite gold-leaved walls and inner dome of the temple. Pause. Become aware of the most magnificent crystalline windows that glitters and sparkles in the bright sun reflecting the sun rays into the temple as it creates iridescent mother of pearls sparks of colour which carries the fluidness of giving and melds with the truth and power which is symbolic of the golden energy and together this energy gift to you a divine gift of abundance and prosperity. Pause. Now very gently make your way into the core centre of this temple. Long Pause.

Now become aware of four Masters of light whom are extending their energy fields embracing you with their divinity as they enter this core space and come to stand on the periphery of this area surrounding you with equilateral distance between them. Pause. Now connect with their energy fields becoming aware of their identity which will be different for everyone. Now become aware that another 4 Masters manifest between them keeping once again keeping equilateral distance so now you have 8 masters of Light surrounding you. Once again call upon their names and connect with their Energy fields. Pause. Beloved ones these Masters as well as all the other Lords and Ladies here present are here to support you transcending your consciousness from limited to abundant consciousness. Now forming another circle behind the immediate 8 Ascended Masters 16 more appeared, please connect with their energy fields as they welcome you in their Presence. Pause. Now another 32 beings appear forming a circle behind them. Pause. Again another 64 Beings appear forming a circle behind this outer circle. All of these amazing beings have come in support to help shift your consciousness from limit to limitless, from finite to infinite, thus with all this energy around you for a moment close your eyes and in your mind’s eye absorb all of the opulence and splendor that surrounds you. Pause. Now become aware that more and more beings joins this circle of Light filling up the spaces all around the outer beings, each time doubling in numbers, filling the periphery of this Temple to capacity, yet comfortable. Very long pause.

Now, two Beings manifest within the circle within your immediate energy field and come to stand directly ahead facing you. On your front right hand side you have Lord Merlin and on the left fontal Saint Germain. Very long Pause.

Saint Germain now indicates for you to step forward and come to stand quite close to him, facing him. Take a very good look at him, take note of his features, can you notice his complexion, what does his hair look like, his eyes, does he wear a hat? Paint in your mind’s eye a picture of Saint Germain that you can relate to and feel comfortable with. Pause. Now He indicates for you to kneel down. Pause. He now very gently places upon your head a moist incredible blessing in the form of his violet flame which he transforms into a magical sword pure violet in colour. Pause. He places the tip of this violet sword upon your crown and as he does so it ignites the energy within your crown chakra creating a double violet energy with bright violet sparks within your crown chakra which nights you as a carrier of the abundance consciousness templates. Very long pause. Beloved ones, with this action Saint Germain has fully knighted you with his violet-flame sword of deserve ability. Pause. Now within your minds repeat after me: I am a divine magical mystical being claiming this energy fully and completely. I claim my right to receive as I claim my right to give. As a divine magical mystical being I am blessed to humbly now and forever accept this gift, the knighting of my abundance consciousness, a gift from Saint Germain and I undertake to be awake within my consciousness and in so doing to share with everyone else that which I truly believe I deserve for this is the essence of my deserve-ability which allows me to bring an awareness to another of their magnificence. Long pause.

Beloved ones simple allow this energy to infiltrate every part of your being. Allow this knighting of your crow energy to deliver to you beloved ones every and any possibility and opportunity to create within your conscious reality changes that will accommodate you in shifting your perception when it comes to lack, deserve ability and manifesting your desires. Pause.

Saint Germain now indicates for you to rise up from your knees with the tip of his Violet Excalibur still resting upon your crown energy, Pause, the violet flame of the sword still blazing melding with the violet flame within the crown chakra. Pause. Now Saint Germain blesses you from his heart to yours with a most heartfelt blessing of abundance as he indicates for you that you need to understand that that which you still wish for or want to manifest within your lives as part of the energy that you exude thus therefore have clarity that that which you truly wish to have manifest is not intentionally to help you cope with your own inadequacies but rather to be used at the best of your ability bringing forth abundance and prosperity into the lives of others. Pause.

He now removes his violet flame sword from your crown, he drops his hands to rest at his sides and with that bring your attention to Lord Merlin standing on His left.

Create a vision of Lord Merlin that you can relate to. Pause. Take note of his dress, his eyes, and his features creating detail in any way you can imagine. Very long Pause.

Lord Merlin now indicates for you to step to the side and come to stand facing him. He hands to you a beautiful gift, a velvet pouch. Open it up, inside you will find the most magnificent clear quartz crystal. Pause. Now place the crystal on top of the velvet pouch with both hands holding the crystal and pouch. Lord Merlin now steps forward and places his hands over yours, his one hand above and the other below yours containing this exquisite crystal gem. Pause. Lord Merlin no closes his eyes and indicates for you to do the same and with the power of his mind he now transfers the following words of wisdom into your bodies, into every aspect of your being, you may repeat these softly after me or simply within your minds: I am a divine magical mystical being and I deserve all that I am. I have come to this plane to bring forth a way for me to create magic within every thought I entertain, within every thought I share out and in so doing am able to bless this entire world with magic miracles and the manifestation thereof. I believe that I have the ability within to utilize only the purest aspect of my heart essence in creating my dreams, desires and all that I wish for. I have absolutely no essence or form in any way which gives off any negativity of any form that prevents me or another from creating our day, creating all of that which I truly believe in and as I am standing here as a being of Light receiving this most beautiful sacred gift of being able to manifest, allowing miracles within my reality by being able to tap into my ability to do so, I declare that as a divine miracle of Light I extend this gift given to me to all others and so be it. Long pause.

Lord Merlin now indicates for you to open your eyes as he stares very deeply into your eyes. Pause. He releases your hands encapsulated in his as he indicates for you to open your hands exposing the beauty of the gift given to you. Pause. He now removes this crystal and places it etherically within the area of your crown centre. Pause. Now he suggests for you to once again place your hand in the same velvet pouch where you will discover manifest another crystal identical to the first, miraculously manifest in front of your very eyes knowing there was only one crystal to begin with. Pause. He now takes this crystal and places it in your base chakra. Pause. He now indicates for you to place the velvet pouch in your pocket with the divine knowing that the gifts of life come to you beloved ones supplied through an endless fountain of abundance and prosperity that is always available to you for there is more energy available to you than you can ever imagine. This is another gift that was gifted to your world some years ago – the understanding and acceptance of these very words.

Now Lord Merlin steps back and come to stand again next to Saint Germain. Pause. Now with your illuminated crown and base containing the magnificent quartz crystals, become aware how these two energies begins to connect to each other creating a geometric sheath to keep you in perfect balance. Pause. This energy reinforces the understanding that according to that which you believe in your crown it is delivered to you in the material world in which you exist within the base. Pause. According to that which you give off to another as part of your God-Consciousness, eventually returns as your reality. Long pause.

The clear quartz gifted within your crown and base is in support of a new understanding of magic and miracles for magic is an energy which happens through the laws of alchemy and miracles are also the manifestation thereof. Miracles are always delivered through the crown and magic is somehow always perceived through the base for in the base one of the biggest obstacles to overcome are the laws of superstition.

So with these two beings within your space, with your crown being knighted into prosperous abundant illuminated consciousness, and with the duplication of the flawless pure quartz crystal the most refined powerful receivers and transmitters of energy, and all being stirred within your consciousness, step forward as both Saint Germain and Lord Merlin also steps forward bring their hands together both giving thanks to you for allowing them within your space for they know you are a divine magical mystical being as they gladly give their energy in support of your awakening abundance and new-found reality. Pause. Now please do the same, as you bring your hands together in the Namaste` giving thanks to them for their efforts, blessings and guidance. Pause.

Saint Germain and Lord Merlin now make their way disappearing from the inner core of this temple. You now again become aware of the first immediate 4 Masters, then the next four, then the next 16 that formed a circle around them, then the 32 behind them ,then the 64 around them and so forth multiplying in numbers filling the entire space. Pause. For a moment connect with their energy, the literally thousands of beings whom are known as the Lords and Ladies of Abundance working with miracles magic and the manifestation thereof all beam towards you from their palm chakras a most powerful energy of pure gold. Pause. Now from your mind’s eye see how this energy being emanated from their palms create a new golden lattice around your energy field the moment their golden rays connect with your crown and base energy. Pause. This is your personal reinforced golden lattice of abundance consciousness which stretches from your crown energy into a half moon connecting to your base energy. Pause. Now become aware that your personal lattice begins to create a new-found grid that surrounds you, reactivating your deserve ability attracting to you all the love that is emanated from these beings. Pause. Become aware that this lattice is firmly anchored within the core of the crystals within your crown and base forming a pure golden geometric lattice grid that encapsulates all of your energies. Pause. Continue your visualizations until you are completely sealed within this energy. Long pause.

Now, with your lattice of worthiness firmly activated every one of these beings bring their hands together giving thanks to you for believing in them, as you do the same. They make their way disappearing from your energy field and in place of every one of them a mirror image appears. Thus all of a sudden you are faced with thousands of mirrors surrounding you, reflecting to you from every conceivable angle the golden lattice that surrounds you. Pause. Visualize yourself clearly within this golden Lattice with the sparkling gems on either side, top and bottom, anchoring your energy within your belief systems and delivering the manifestation thereof. Pause. Known that besides the fact that these energies hold your dreams firmly in place they anchor the possibility of every one of them becoming a reality. Pause. These also hold in place the true understanding of your own magnificence in spirit as in matter. Look at all the mirrors surrounding you and know that this is truth and as you make your way from the temple set the intent that every one of these mirrors create a mirror image from itself reflecting this energy out into the world so that as you go froth from here this day you bless every single man, woman and child, with every bit of abundance you have ever desired for yourself. Give unto others all that you desire. Long pause. Allow these divine mirrors to spark in another a new memory that shall bring to them new hope which shall deliver to them new understanding and with that the true real-i-sation of deserve-ability. Pause.

Now make your way from the temple, once again back in the courtyard with the sun bathing gently upon your skin, still fully aware of the golden lattice that surrounds you, still very aware of the tingling crystals keeping it all together turn around and give thanks to the temple for accommodating you this day. Pause. Make your way towards the golden gates giving thanks to Lady Quan Yin, give thanks to the energies of the Saint Germain and Lord Merlin whom oversees this Temple , walk out into the outer gardens, with the golden gates closing behind you turn around and give thanks to Shamballah for allowing you this consciousness rewire tapping into your abundance consciousness. Pause. Make your way through the gardens, and gently become aware of where you are presently at. Gently bring your consciousness back into the present time and space, back into this room, back into your body, stretch out your arms and legs, rotate your ankles, flex your wrists and ground yourself fully and properly back into the reality of Now Time. Please make sure you are fully grounded and comfortable and at ease. Very long pause.

Abundance and prosperity is a gift gifted to you as part of the life experience. Even when there is lack, scarcity, there need not be poverty for this is when you have lost the will of God. Poverty is when you can no longer find within you the God Connection. Poverty is when you have lost all hope within the self and naturally as you carry as part of Creation the God Essence within you, have lost hope in God. Do you understand? Yes. Therefore when you lost all hope beloved ones thus when you reach a stage of almost no point of return, one needs to bit by bit crawl back into divine protection, thus being able to claim back your own magnificence and although extremely difficult at this point, not impossible. All of the energies that are needed for you to create are part and parcel of your energy field; all that needs be done is for you to awaken to this. Also you need to be in the full understanding of where you are at, and where certain situations within your life are anchored and why. For this very reason when you see physical material wealth as an abundant blessing and you feel that you don’t have this within your life the victim within begins to cut your conscious cords of manifesting for the blame is easier on another for your lack, than a blessing for them to enjoy that which they have.

In that the truth and the realization exists that if you for any reason want to create anything specific within your lives, bless it unto another. As with letting go of that which has control over you using the energy of love, by loving it until it goes away, in the same way love that which you so desperately desire within your reality exactly where it is. In this way you bring it closer to your acceptance, allowing the self to awaken to the realization of a whole new holographic imprint which is how your create your reality. As you have been made aware of the reactivation or recalibration of your personal lattice this afternoon, understand beloved ones that in the same duplication you have the abundance grids which forms part of the planetary prosperity lattice surrounding the planet, so allow your belief and understanding to form your consciousness of deserve ability and in this way open up the portals of divine communication which will allow you to communicate via these grids your needs, desires, that which you truly want and using these very grids (the information that was shared with you previously) give unto others all that you so deeply desire for yourself. For in this way you will truly come to understand that we are in fact all as ONE.

Let light and love and Power guide your way, call upon the ladies and Lords of manifestation, call upon Saint Germain and Lord Merlin, call upon the Lords of Transformation and transmutation to transform your reality from simple understanding to pure alchemy - The Alchemy of Consciousness for that is where the answers lie, in your understanding that with every thought within your minds you are able to create all of that which you wish for and in so doing being able to share this with every man, woman and child.

I give to you an abundant blessing from me heart, as I give to you another golden nugget as a gift, etherically placed within your hearts beloved ones so that you shall never ever forget just how special you are, so that you shall never forget that you too have the magic within you to turn any base metal into gold. So keep your eyes, ears and more so your heart on the sensor of this golden nugget and know that we walk with you. We are here with you every step of the way, we are not leading you, you are not following us, but rather we walk side by side. May the blessings of the Christ Consciousness contained within the golden nugget be with you this day and always, and may all always be well within your world. I am Kuthumi I am the Lord and the Master of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love, Adonai.




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