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AUGUST 11, 2008


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With August being a month for much celestial activity, there will be a meteor shower on August 12th. With a bit of a window around its arrival, the evening of the 12th of August and the morning of the 13th of August will bring forth the maximum of the Perseid meteor shower. Up to 80 shooting stars may be visible each hour! And then on August 16th, we will experience a full moon lunar eclipse.

These celestial events will greatly support our arrival into the new and are bringing with them some awesome and very exciting energy. The total solar eclipse cleared the way for a brand new beginning. For several weeks before its arrival on August 1st, we were bottle-necked and sharing space with some very unpleasant energies indeed. The light of the new had not yet arrived, and much seemed to be going awry with seemingly out of control denser energies having their way.

The solar eclipse opened the way for a new beginning. It enabled things to begin a forward movement, for energies to begin connecting again or anew, and even perhaps enabling us to feel good once again. If we had the opportunity to stay in our sacred spaces, we could easily now find immense peace, deep sleep, a new protection from these mischievous energies, and even perhaps a sense that we had completed some challenging, stressful, and deeply troubling phase. A time for rejuvenation was much needed and thus, this opportunity was given, if only for a brief period of time before new manifestations began arriving, along with more energies delivering a very powerful punch, rocking us to the core, in the months to come.

We had decided at soul levels that we needed a jump start to really get things going. And thus, the energies of the June 21st solstice really shook things out of their grooves. Not enough souls were realizing what was truly important to them, not enough change was willingly being made, and thus, much suffering was incurred by many of our loved ones as they experienced great challenges. As these energies pushed and released much, panic, anxiety, and depression became near epidemic. Everything at times seemed haywire and out of control…even the darkness!

When darkness is usurped or pushed out of its groove, it can seem to be everywhere. Thus, at times it felt as though we were in a deep pit of deeply unpleasant energy with nowhere to go to bring even a modicum of relief.

But we were given the chance to begin anew, and to begin with much less of who we thought we were. Having no sense of control or of being in charge, most of July was comprised of an unknowingness about nearly everything in our lives. Where did we now belong? Where were we headed? What were we here to do? Who were we, anyway? And where in the heck will our security now come from? And why were we being beaten up so badly, nearly forced to stay home with barely a desire or an ability to even put a toe out there?

But now enter the energies of August. Although a rocky road remains behind us, there will be much more smooth sailing ahead for us, if only for awhile. And know as well that in the months to come there will be immense shake-ups, much turmoil, and great change. During this time and the times to come, know that the more we remain out of the mainstream, or stay clear of what is falling, the less affected we will be. The key is to stay in our sacred spaces and provide our services from there. I am writing day and night of late, finishing Stepping Into the New Reality, which explains and gives guidelines and supports for this process. I am hoping to have this program ready by September. There will also be many complimentary supports on the new web site when it is ready. The site is going slow, but some changes have already been implemented within the bones or skeletal system of the site, in order for as many as possible of you to view it effortlessly with no glitches or problems.

So then, the meteor shower is bringing in energies of fairy dust, like a sprinkling of light and beauty, magic and love, this cosmic event will only serve to make us feel good. Recharging our batteries and rejuvenating ourselves through these energies will be ever so possible. We will have the opportunity to laugh, feel a lightness and joy, to play with our brothers and sisters, to enjoy having many things fall into place effortlessly, and to feel good once again.

On August 16th, we will experience a lunar eclipse and full moon. During this time, we will have the opportunity to experience and examine our shadow selves, what is inside of us, what our fears are, and we may feel and emptiness and rather spooky energy. It may feel that the light is temporarily gone and that we are only connected to a strange and dark space. We may not want to be alone then, and thus crave the companionship and connections to others.

When we experience these opportunities to really see the aspects of ourselves that we would prefer to hide from others, we can feel vulnerable, inadequate, and almost powerless. But by embracing the energies that these cosmic events are here to support, love them and allow them to be utilized in their purest form, we can then let them go and move forward once again. It is then that we have even more gratitude for the love of another, or perhaps are then more able to see and have love for the seeming inadequacies of our brothers and sisters, as we know that we are not perfect either.

Yes, we are currently in the eye of the storm, being given a period of rest, beauty, introspection, and a preparation for what is to come. The energies of August and into September will allow us to prepare our foundations more securely, to connect more securely to our loved ones, to begin our new endeavors, and to bask in the beauty of much love and light.

By the time the next energy surge arrives in times to come, which will result in a much more intense and rapid manifestation of the fall, we will be ever so much more poised and ready in our brand new spaces. The energies of July were but a precursor for big events to arrive sometime before the end of the year, but we are being stabilized and anchored now so that this next wave will not affect us as it would if it arrived right now.

If we can take advantage of these newly arriving energies of late, feel their sweetness and beauty, allow them to direct us to where we need to be, and know that we are always divinely protected and watched over, we can then be in alignment with what is being offered to us now. Bouncing out of the mainstream, out of the spaces which we may have occupied in recent times, and knowing that we no longer need to suffer, carry the burdens for anyone or anything else, and simply allow ourselves to be free and clear, we can thus take the road and ride the wave of what the universe is now supporting us in doing and in being.

We no longer need to carry the planet or to carry anyone who resides upon her. We are free. We can now leave all of that role and reality behind. It is over. We need not suffer now. We need not feel or experience the pain of others who are in a very different space. We are free and clear, and we can go now…..go to our place in Heaven on Earth where we will hold the space for others to arrive when they are ready and willing to come where we are. And the energies of late and of the near future will support us in creating and arriving in our very new spaces.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

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For your reading pleasure from The Ascension Primer:

"The Ascension Symptoms

HAVE YOU EVER been in the middle of a compelling
conversation and suddenly you could not remember or access
the simplest of words or names? Do you find yourself eating
several times a day, as your blood sugar levels feel as though
they are plummeting? Have you had periods where you could
not sleep all night or maybe awakened regularly between 2 and
4 a.m...or also had periods where you slept like a log all night
and during the day could not keep your eyelids open?

Or perhaps you intermittently experience overwhelming
feelings of no sense of place. Ever looked in the mirror and
not know who in the world you are looking at? Have you had
periods of time where you have lost all your passion, felt
deflated and lethargic, could not muster up the energy to do a
thing, and simply did not care anymore?

If you have experienced any of these scenarios, you are most
certainly not alone. For most of us, the ascension symptoms
are perhaps the most universal, yet at the same time, the most
baffling and frightening as well. With no frame of reference for
what we are experiencing, we may even feel that we are
developing some kind of mental disorder, or really losing it. In
fact, this is basically true, as we are losing it! We are losing all
the denser and lower vibrating aspects of ourselves.

Many times going to a doctor can prove futile as the
mainstream medical community has not seen and has no
reference for most of these symptoms. The majority of the
time, the symptoms eventually go away on their own without
any kind of treatment. But there are also times when seeing a
doctor can be beneficial as well. And always remember, that
not all our strange and uncomfortable physical, mental, and
spiritual maladies can be attributed to ascension symptoms.
Sometimes a cigar is simply just a cigar.

Although the ascension symptoms vary from individual to
individual, many of them are fairly universal. If you are having
a strange symptom or experience that is not listed here, you
are not alone. Each of us is wired differently and will
experience this rapid and intense process according to who we
are, how we view things, what we believe, and how connected
and open we are to Source and the higher dimensions.

What we believe determines how we run our energy. The filter
that we run our energy through, or what we are about, will
greatly affect and determine our ascension process. One of
the greatest and easiest things we can do to promote a gentler
ascension process is to not take things personally. This
process cannot be avoided. We agreed to it because we knew
we could handle it, and we are all in this together. Nothing is
attacking you personally. You are not being abandoned,
stomped on, ignored, or punished. You have not done anything
wrong. You are not a bad person. On the contrary, you are
having this experience because of the grand and exquisite
person that you are! Your bravery, strength, and dedication
are very highly revered by every living thing in the universe.

This monumental experience of ascension is a unique,
powerful, and amazing experience that is paving the way for all
others to follow. By breaking the new ground, you are making
things much easier for all who come after you. Bless you...as
you are truly divine.

And know that as you progress through your ascension
process, your inner child and your ego begin to diminish. In
this way, the process becomes much, much easier as time goes
on. You will arrive at a place, if you haven't already, where
you will be able to simply observe what is going on within you
from the outside. "Oh, another symptom is here," you may
think or "here comes another energy surge!" As the ascension
process is so on-going, you will eventually become so familiar
with all its' aspects that it is really no big deal anymore. As
you hobble around half dead, you get used to it (smile)! And
you will come to learn that it will not kill you. You may be
dying while you are alive and may feel downright strange and
uncomfortable at times, but these feelings always pass. And
as we are so gradually moving into all the feel good energy
and feel good states of being, things get better and better. In
the beginning, our density and the density of the planet is
being broken up and moving out. Because it is up and around
us, this is all we see and experience for awhile. But it gets
better and better... and we have made so much progress
already! In the end you will find that it is all worth it.

Generally speaking, our bodies, minds, and spirits are going to
higher levels. They are losing their density. In order to "die"
or go to a higher dimension where the frequencies are much
higher, one has to "fit". You can't put a square peg into a
round hole. And you can't squeeze a dense blob of energy
through a delicate screen. While making this amazing
transition into the higher realms while in a physical body, much
is taking place as we are transmuting, so to speak. And as we
raise our frequencies higher and higher (lighter matter vibrates
at a higher rate), we are at times here in this old 3D reality and
at times in a higher dimension.

In the higher dimensions, things are very different. We aren't
used to being there while we are still inhabiting our old 3D
vehicle, with an old 3D mind and way of thinking. And the
physical level is always the last to be affected and to change
when any kind of change occurs. And much change is

So then, our bodies are transmuting and becoming lighter and
lighter and purer and purer. This can cause many various
physical aches and pains as anything vibrating lower (especially
old traumas and injuries or even unbalanced health situations)
feel it the most. When the higher energy moves in, and we are
receiving higher and higher energy every day, it affects
anything that is of a lower vibration. And the lower the
vibration, the more it is felt.

Our minds are beginning to see new realities and higher ways
of being and living through this process. As the layer of
density that has clouded our thinking becomes thinner and
thinner, it is as if we gain great clarity and insights and can
finally see what really is...and at times, we may not know
where we are! Through this process, our emotions are also
affected. When we suddenly begin to open, it can be quite
dramatic and quite unfamiliar to us. And our spirits are
becoming closer and closer to Source as we begin to remember
what it is all about. Heightened levels of love, compassion,
and gratitude are some of the aspects of the ascension process
that I enjoy the most.

Because we are returning to Source and the original purified
version of our souls, much is involved in the undoing process.
What an exciting adventure and wild ride it is!"

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