18 август, 2008

Celia Fenn's EARTLOG* 16th August : Heaven's Mirror....As Above, So Below...Bringing Heaven to Earth...

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com

16th August : Heaven's Mirror....As Above, So Below...Bringing Heaven to Earth... As promised, I will be sharing some of my experiences of Lake Louise in preparation for the World Congress on Illumination that commences today. I will probably be working very hard with the group in the next few days, as we anchor the Archetypes for the Peace and Abundance for the New Earth under the guidance of Patricia Cota-Robles here in Canada. For those of you who are going to be holding energy with us, here are some images of Lake Louise that I took on the 15th. They will help you to get the feel of this beautiful place that is the Etheric Temple of Archangel Michael here on Planet Earth. Archangel Michael will be presiding over the anchoring of these new energy codes and archetypes.

I do apologize if the pictures load slowly. I am using my laptop and I do not have the image compression program that I use when I am at home. Technology can be very complicated sometimes! So, here is the first image....taken from my bedroom window at about 7am. Sometimes my job is really tough!


The next image was taken in the early morning when I went for a walk around the Lake. Here you can clearly see "Heaven's Mirror" as the Mountain with its glacier covering is reflected in the waters of the Lake. This is truly a place where Heaven meets Earth, and where Heaven is reflected on Earth. Here, the energy of Paradise still lives in the Beauty and Balance of these ancient and lovely mountains and the Lake and the ecosystems that flourish here. It is in this place that we will work to create a new global grid for Peace and Harmony on Earth. We will anchor the Diamond Light in our Hearts and we will assist to anchor the Diamond Light at the center of the Earth, as Earth begins to fulfil her destiny as the Diamond Earth Star.


Here is an image I took that will show you the color of the Lake. It is a beautiful blue green color. It reminds me of an aqua aura crystal. The aqua aura is created by infusing a clear crystal with gold, creating the blue green. In this case, it is the Golden Light of the Golden Flame that interacts with the crystal clear water to create and Aqua Aura Lake...truly a Sacred Water energy blessed by Archangel Michael and holding the energy of the original Paradise design, and ready to receive the New Light Codes for the New Earth Star evolution from the Heart of Source.


And here are some of the creatures that shared the morning with me. Of course, this is Grizzly Bear country, but I wasn't in any hurry to encounter one of those! People here go hiking with bells, which are supposed to keep the bears away! Anyway, my first friend was a largish blue bird that was bathing in the lake and then sat in a tree to preen his feathers. I am not sure, but I am hoping that he was a Blue Jay:


This little guy is a squirrel...he was really friendly...


I am not sure what this one is. He was like a big fluffy hamster, and he had a plaintive cry like a bird. He was pretty shy, and only stayed a little while, vanishing into the rocks around the lake when other hikers appeared.


So, this is the perfect place to undertake the work of anchoring the new energies and archetypes that I have called the Paradise Codes. I hope that you will hold the energy with us from the 16 to the 21st of August. It is indeed a powerful time for the work of Conscious Co-Creation with Spirit.





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