17 август, 2008

Master Kuthumi* Great Beings

Great Beings

Blessings of Light and love to each of you as I enter your energy fields once more. You are great beings, great souls of unconditional love and courage.

"Why?" you may ask. Allow me to explain to you as we see it here.

The Earth, and mankind is in the midst of a great energetic shift. Because of the greatness of the shift, the great transformations required in many areas of the planet and indeed your own transformation of recognition, my teachings and those of many other Light beings have focused on the shift since your 1960's. This is when we began in ernest you might say. When you as humans began to experience the first of the energy shifts.

Of course the Galactic Council and the Brotherhood, the spiritual hierarchy knew what was to come and so began to prepare much earlier - the 1930's in fact. Visions and plans were focused upon on this side.The 'veil' was quite evident at that time between our worlds. We knew of course, but to put it into your understanding, we had to work with your time, and linear thinking, and great souls who were prepared to open the Light door to spirit and Light learning. These souls included Doris Stokes, Edgar Cayce and others.

They were in great service during their incarnations as they were often shunned by family and society. Yet still their great faith and courage contained them, with much encouragement from their guides on this side of the veil.

And so it is that your times have moved on. Many more great beings have incarnated with a soul purpose of carrying on the great spiritual work of leading mankind to enlightenment and his destiny. It has not always been an easy path. Some have fallen, particularly in your recent years, due to great diversity and often emotional strain. We welcomed these beautiful souls home with such love, and much celebration. For they had tried and their intent was true.

Now there are many million souls of Light on Earth. Souls who carry such magnificent Light to share and to assist others to raise their heads, to see, to listen, to feel. To listen and feel with their heart - not the mind. To feel inner stillness. And in the stillness to see new visions, new dimensions, to feel their guides in spirit, their presence. This they cannot deny. For to deny would be an untruth.

Great new works now abound. New works with new technology. Through this one I see short 'movies' on her computer, with wonderful music, words and images. To those of you who have such gifts of creativity I say thank you. We say thank you. God says thank you. Thank you for the beauty of your creations, made with love and the Light of your soul. Further, I want to say to you, do you realize this very 'movie' may be all you came to complete. That in your creations you complete your soul contract.

You see many of you think that a soul contract involves a great act. No, my friend, no. Soul contracts are as diverse as all the many creatures which inhabit Earth. Sometimes a small act produces such great things, though not always straight away. And yet without that first small act, nothing would be achieved.

Know that each of you, yes even those you consider to be the lowest, each of you are great beings. This is how we see you. There are many old souls incarnated on Earth now, and many not so young. There are the starseeds who link to planets beyond and within your universe. And there are the brave new souls now on Earth - first of a new race of Light-humans.

Eventually all will be beings of Light. Radiating so much Light they will simply glow. What many of you gave called a "Halo!"

Indeed the halo you have seen is a being of Light, and the Light eminating from them, you have called a halo. Soon all will have a halo.

Yet before this can become your reality the final transformation of man and Earth must be completed." What can I do?" you ask. I say to you - remember and recognize. Remember your own soul, your Divinity, the wisdom you hold within your Sacred Heart and Soul. Recognize this knowledge of your soul, recognize it is within you. Recognize you hold the keys of Heaven. Yes you. I tell you truth my friends. Remember, recognize.

For when you remember, the Divine spark contained in your Sacred Heart beings to glow, brighter and brighter, until it contains all of you and fills you with an inner peace and a glow. It is the glow of Light I spoke of. The first taste of Heaven my friend. Yes indeed, this is truth. And in that glow there is only love, unconditional love. Not a demanding love, no. And peace, oh such peace.

So you see this is your future. Not in your monetary system, big houses and cars, hours of work which you choose to do. We liken it to slavery.

Yet you choose this entire system. You choose how you live on Earth.

We see so many exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. Yet you choose this existence to feed your material world. Only when faced with great loss of life, and disasters on the Earth do you see how pointless it all is. Yet we have observed, a short time after many disasters man had endured, he again chooses his previous treadmill of existence.

There are only a few who strongly seek change in their lives. Only a few who say "No. I have had enough." In spite of this you are all great beings. For the few of you who change become an example for others and help others see a different way of being and of living. Those who choose to remain in their current life style of exhaustion and busyness, do so with the knowing there is more, much more. For a crack has appeared, letting in Light and compassion for their fellow man. Yes, there is the duality. These ones show duality also. All can now see a choice. A choice of existence, a choice for your future. A choice of how you wish to live, what you choose to fill your days with. A choice.

I say to you all. Remember, recognize what is in your Soul. Remember why you came at this time in mans history of evolution. Recognize the Light, the energy. Connect. Where do you connect? within of course. Connect to your heart. Great beings Remember. I implore you, remember

Master Kuthumi.





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