25 август, 2008

The Council of 12* Preparing to Reside in Your New Home:September 2008

Messages from The Council of 12
Transmitted through Selacia -- September 2008
Imagine that the new paradigm Earth was a location you could move to, leaving your old life behind to start fresh. Consider what it would look like, how it would feel, who would be there, and how you would be living your life's purpose.
As you read this right now, check in with your heart and intuitively guided reason, inviting a response to the following questions about this imagined place. Set your intention as you do this that you will not censor your imagination or the visuals and feelings that come to you.
Give yourself permission to acknowledge anything you visualize that matches your current experience. Why? Because you may already be residing in the new energies at least some of the time right now!

Approach this with a sense of play and allow it to be fun!
You may want to write down what comes to you from your intuition as you imagine this new environment.
What it Looks Like
First consider the terrain and other outer world elements of this new paradigm "home."
How does this new place look different from the one you currently inhabit? When you imagine it, are you living in the same home, neighborhood, and general locale? What are the biggest changes you notice? What remains the same as you have now?
What kind of physical environment do you spend time in, and how does it look different from today's? What sort of colors or other decorations are beautifying the space? What do the colors and style say about you as a physical being living as soul? What are the main differences in your décor, furniture, type and amount of space, and things like the view and level of quietness?
How is the space configured to support your connections with spirit? How is the place arranged to help you connect with nature? Does the place have fewer things than your current one, allowing you to visually find objects quickly when needed?
Where is your home located in relation to where you do your work or service for others? If it is not in the same place, how do you travel from home to the other location, and what do you do to maintain a peaceful and joyful inner experience as you travel?
If you work or provide service from your residence, how do you balance your life and your life force? If you work outside the home, what does your work environment look like?
What it Feels Like
Now that you've considered what this new paradigm "home" looks like, shift your focus to feeling. How does it feel to you to be there?
When you imagine each element of your new location, notice any feelings of joy, delight, lightheartedness, contentment, balance, inner security, connectedness, spaciousness, friendliness, relaxation, inspiration, creativeness, productiveness, mental alertness, wellness, physical aliveness, passion, empowerment, bonding with spirit, and being at home in your own skin.
Who is There
Now that you've gotten in touch with some feelings of the new place, consider who is there with you. Do you see some familiar faces, and if so, who are they? Who are the new people and what makes them stand out as people you want around you? Get a sense of how you meet them, including any actions you take and the state of your inner life that magnetically draws the perfect people to you.
Who is missing from the picture? If you don't see them in your immediate vicinity, expand your view to discover whether they live nearby, perhaps no longer interacting with you in intimate ways.
Who seems gone from the picture altogether? When you tune in to their energy, does it seem as though they are now in spirit form? If they are still residing in the physical, consider that they may exist in another dimensional realm not directly a part of your reality.
As you visualize this place and who you are sharing life experiences with, allow a knowing to come to you about how you interact with key people. Who are your close friends and companions for life's journey? Do you have a life partner, and if so, what are they like? How does sharing your life with this person enhance your life experience and help you to accelerate your enlightenment?
What types of groups of people are you interacting with? A group of people can be small or large, from two friends who share a common interest to an international group of likeminded light workers. How have you developed your ability to connect with these people? What specifically has helped you to make the connections? What common bonds or interests do you share with these people?
Focus on your work environment in the new place and get in touch with who is there with you. Notice any familiar faces? In general, who are you working with or serving?
Pay attention to how many people you see in your work sphere. Perhaps the number is different than in your current life. Where do they live? Has your ability to touch others with your gifts expanded to other locations?
Imagining a map of the world, see where these people are. Also, notice what qualities these people have, and how these qualities are in harmony with you and your spiritual path. Imagine how your work interactions with an expanded and more enlightened set of people helps to feed you on a spiritual level.
Living Your Life's Purpose
As you visualize this new paradigm "home," allow your heart and intuitive right brain to connect you with specifics of how you express your purpose.
What is your approach to life that allows you to live fully and to express your gifts? See pictures within your mind, as though on a movie screen, indicating what it means to live life as fully as you were intended to do. No holding back. No waiting for approval. No seeking of an outside source to tell you everything is OK. No anger about the past. No worry about the future. Simply living, now, as soul.
As part of that, imagine some of the gifts you alone can express in the world. Open your awareness to the really big picture here. Big picture doesn't mean your ego is running the show with lofty ideas of who you are. It simply means stepping back enough to realize the jewels that reside within you.
These are the qualities and abilities that, when fully expressed in the world, are distinctive to you. Most of these are quite simple. Some may seem to be related to what other people also express or can do. However, know that your gifts cannot be expressed exactly the same way by anyone else.
Keep in mind, as you read the list, that your real gifts are more about "being" than "doing." If there is a "doing" element involved, what's important is "how" you do it.
A few examples you may relate to are included here.
Gift examples:
*Able to listen deeply with compassion and caring
*Capable of communicating clearly with the spoken or written word
*Skilled in expressing positive qualities (unconditional love, kindness, nonjudgment)
*Proficient in working with space (organizing it, clearing it, Feng Shui)
*Able to handle details and zero in on what's important
*Talented with numbers and the ordering of things
*Competent as a mother or other sort of caretaker
*Skilled in understanding and working with the natural world (animals, plants, crystals)
*Good with color and style, intuitively knowing which compliment each other
*Able to be resourceful, finding solutions and insights helpful to self or others
*Proficient in working with one's hands (crafts, building, sewing, massage, art)
*Capable of creating something brand new (music, words, art, dance, design)
*Able to create harmony, organization and a cooperative spirit
*Skilled in helping others with transformation (counselors, healers, intuitives)
*Capable of teaching others (teachers, spiritual leaders, writers)
*Able to help others in a unique way with a service or product
*Proficient in helping others to shift human dysfunctional patterns
*Talented in mass media expression that can help change the world (actors, writers)
*Able to lead others, generate cooperation and positive changes (politicians, executives)
*Capable of visionary approaches (inventors, entrepreneurs)
*Able to step back from challenges and see the big picture
*Skilled in whole-brain thinking and a spirit-directed approach that's heart centered
*Understanding of the keys to wellness, longevity, and a joyful life
*Able to be patient with others, self, and the world
*Skilled in bringing laughter and lightness of being into the lives of others
*Talented at accessing and utilizing intuitive abilities
Reflect for a few more moments on your gifts, this time inviting spirit to help you expand upon what you now understand.
Ask for guidance about how to more fully utilize the gifts you have. Ask for spirit's view of your gifts--what they are, which ones are most vital to your path of light, what you can do to further develop them, and how you can best give them in the world.
Your gifts are meant to be given. Only you can give them. Let go of comparing your gifts with those of others. Challenge your doubting mind when it tells you that you aren't gifted or aren't gifted enough. This is nonsense.
Set your intention to make full use of your gifts, not simply to help your own spiritual advancement but to help others. When you are giving your gifts without reservation, your soul can express more fully in the world. There is a genuine joy that comes from this.
This joy of living as soul--giving your gift, whatever it is--is the fuel that energizes you, sparking your passion and helping you to maintain a steadiness when life gets rocky.
A State of Consciousness
The new paradigm Earth you have just imagined is of course not an actual location. It's not a place you can pack your bags and move to, like you could move from London to Toronto. This place is a vibrational one, related to a state of elevated consciousness.
What you are contemplating here is a brand new reality within which the new more enlightened human will be born and peacefully coexist with other sentient beings. You and others like you on the path of awakening are creating this place right now!
At times, even without consciously knowing it, you are able to elevate yourself enough so that you have glimpses of this new paradigm energy. During your dream time, too, you have a taste of this, and your nonphysical guides teach you about it. Knowing this can be another incentive to work more with your own dreams and the richness they can provide you for personal transformation.
Most changes involved in creating the new Earth, in the truest sense, are within you. They occur as you open to more of who you really are, drop your past, let go of future fixations, and move into being really awake, present and alive in the body you inhabit.
As you are learning to do this-becoming conscious of your thoughts, words and actions-you get in touch with your real authentic power. You are remembering just how powerful you are, and taking back your power, a bit at a time.
You are learning to take responsibility for your creations. You are remembering more about who you really are, what really matters, and why you came to Earth this time.
The more that you focus on these higher purposes, instead of worrying or complaining about what's wrong, the more quickly you will advance.
As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.
Note from Selacia-"This latest message comes in response to inquiries from people from every corner of the world about how we can move more quickly into the new paradigm energies. People are wondering what they can do to facilitate the shifting, how the new Earth will look, and who will be with them when the changes happen. As The Council describes in this message, it's helpful to recognize what gifts we have and to begin more freely using them, without caring whether they are enough or as good as others have. The comparison and competition energies are definitely old paradigm. We've lived with them so long, and they are so much a part of the human mass consciousness, that they are difficult to shake. However, The Council assures us that we are in the process of doing just that during these times. We are rewriting the blueprint for what it means to be human on this planet. Isn't that exciting?!"
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