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AUGUST 28, 2008


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Get ready! October will bring in a full manifestation of our new roles, our new purposes, and a whole new set of “responsibilities” to our beautiful planet earth. Our “careers” will blast off, as we will then be poised and ready to offer the services of our heart’s desires to those in need of them. Not only will our new store-fronts or portals for receiving money be activated and greatly utilized, but many miracles, higher connections to others, new arrivals of hopes and dreams, and much of everything else will fall in our laps as well. There will be so much going on for us in October, that we will barely be able to keep up!

During this lull of the past several weeks and even for awhile longer, we are undergoing a process of preparation for our new roles. We are opening more, and readying in many ways to be carrying new responsibilities. We will be holding much more light, and thus, carrying much more responsibility for the awakening and evolution of the planet. Our very new “assignments” are being placed within us most assuredly now.

Within this lull or eye of the storm, it can seem very quiet. We may think that our jobs are drying up, that our source of income is waning and perhaps over forever, or even that we are sitting here twiddling our thumbs with nothing much occurring anywhere for us. We needed a rest and we needed to rejuvenate from the gut wrenching energies of July and the latter part of June. After this restful period and still within the lull, we then began the “re-wiring” or rather preparation period for our service to humanity…our service to those on differing rungs of the evolutionary ladder. And we will indeed be needed.

The full solar eclipse of August 1st opened the door for these new arrivals. It was the start of a very new beginning….at last. Most recently, it was time to really let go of much. It was time to cleanse and clear out anything in our lives which no longer fit us, which dragged us down, and which placed us in a less desirable space that what we would have preferred. The interactions and manifestations of the past year and a half that were not as pleasant as we would have hoped, were now very over. The time for doing what we really did not want to do is now very over. Experiencing any unpleasantness is now very over. Any sacrifices on our parts are now very over. (Apologies here….I have been writing on my book so much of late that I’m having a hard time putting a sentence together!)

We have literally left one world behind and are now fully enmeshed in another reality. This new reality is so very light, so very quick to manifest our every thought, so very loving, so very there, so very free, so very complete, and so very magical indeed. Currently, these energies are surrounding us but in a much more quiet and peaceful way. Come October, they will be much more forceful, moving, and will manifest so much for us that we may become overloaded with too much of a good thing.

If you are currently not experiencing any of the above, I would suggest to you that you have not yet let go entirely of the old world or the old reality. All you need do is to close the door. Close the door and open another one. Tap into something different from what is falling. Tap into something different from the old outside manifestations. Remove yourself from the old, literally or not. Take time for yourself. If you are still in a job, when you arrive home, turn off the phone, the internet, the television, and take a wonderful walk, read a pleasure book, bake or cook, do something creative, take a hot bath, and simply be in another space altogether.

Remove yourself from the old.

Refuse to be a part of it. Refuse to participate in the dramas of others. Look ahead. See a new horizon. Know that it is indeed there, just waiting for you. Decide what it is that you really want to do now. Know that there will be a place for it. Remember what it is that you wish to offer the world. And know that this gift of service has been within you always…you need not learn anything new. And know as well that a gift of service can be a work of art, a piece of music, or anything that serves to connect others to a higher light.

In order that things become stabilized during this massive transition from the old world to the new reality, a few things have been set into place to hold the energies firm during the fall. Firstly, the new babies are arriving. These new little ones are coming in rapid numbers, in twos and threes, and arriving as quickly as they possibly can. Because there are so many of them, and because they carry such a high vibration, they are thus laying a very solid grid for the creation of the new. Another stabilizing force is Barack Obama. He will be poised and positioned perfectly to bring the entire planet together, there-by creating yet another grid of unity that will serve to stabilize things as much as possible during the fall. We will connect and support each other through his divine and highly evolved leadership. All, as always, is in divine and perfect order. Things are being put into place very perfectly indeed, including us! We will be an additional piece which will hold things together during the fall, as we assist those in transition.

So now is the time to examine what it is that you really and truly want to offer to the world. I can assure you, when you connect to your soul’s plan, you will be miraculously poised to offer it to the world. You need not know how, you need not plan in great detail, you only need connect to your heart’s desire, begin it, and the rest will fall into place all on its own.

Let go of the old. Leave your old responsibilities behind if you are comfortable doing that. Know that the struggle is over. Know that you need no longer hold anyone or anything up ever again. Know that unpleasant energies cannot be where you are…if they do show up, ignore them, as they only want your energy and your light…you have better things to do. Dis-connect from the old reality and trust that when you do, you will find yourself at the gates of Heaven.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

Karen Evolution glyph swirl


For your reading pleasure from The Ascension Companion:

"Letting Go

LETTING GO, OR "UN-DOING" is probably the most
substantial and prevalent theme of the ascension process. As we
are literally dying while still in a 3D body, just like the 3D death
process, we can't take anything with us. But instead of the
instantaneous and massive release in one big "whoosh!" that the
3D death process creates, the ascension process creates a much
more gradual releasing and letting go experience. We are most
assuredly going to the higher realms, but in a gradual way and
while still inhabiting our human form.

In order to arrive in a higher dimension, we have to drop some of
our load. We have to lose much of our density. A blob of dense
matter cannot be thrust through the fine screen of the doorway
to the higher realms. Losing density, or lower vibrating energy,
can occur in many ways (as many of the pages of this book will
attest), but letting go voluntarily can greatly ease the process.
If you have experienced much loss of late, you are very likely in
the throes of the process. When we begin to vibrate higher,
anything that does not match our current vibration will leave our
lives. Energy navigates in a very organized and structured
manner. Like energy always attaches to and attracts other like
energy. This is a simple law of the Universe. In this way, the
ascension process creates losses of jobs, friends, animal
companions, homes, personal belongings, and very rapidly, that
unsettling loss of identity. And there are times, as well, when we
have just finished creating something New and we have to let go
of it! It no longer matches our New and higher vibration and

Letting go is similar to surrendering. The more we let go of, in
regard to our internal as well as our external realities and old
ways of being and living, the easier and quicker we will arrive in
the higher realms. When we continue to hold on to the lower and
denser energies, we only create more discomfort for ourselves.
By letting go, we then allow the New to arrive. Letting go
releases us from the Old World and the Old Us. It frees us up to
then experience something different that we could not have
connected to while we were attached to something else. Letting
go of a lot, all at the same time, can create a sling shot affect and
literally place us in a very New reality that we could not have
arrived in before.

By experiencing discomfort created by lower vibrating energies,
we are then motivated to let them go. Again, the longer we
continue to hold on, then, the more discomfort we will feel until
we finally surrender and realize that it is time to move on.
Letting go also involves an "un-doing" process. While residing
in a 3D reality, we developed many defense mechanisms in order
to survive in this strange and at times challenging world. As we
begin to evolve and vibrate higher, enabling us to embody much
more of Source energy, we find that we can no longer come from
our human ego minds. We must, therefore, let go of all the
illusions and mistaken perceptions that we had been navigating
from. When we begin to get more and more "connected," we are
then able to see what everything is really about. This is why,
many times, I feel that the New Age community has the most to
let go of or to "undo." They seem to embody the most in the way
of misperceptions than the mainstream community does. There
are many manufactured New Age beliefs that do not fit in with
the higher realms.

We are also letting go of all the places where we infused our
energy, or incarnated, since the beginning of our original
creation. This can manifest as having wild and vivid dreams at
night that do not make much sense. And for some, letting go of
all these past incarnations can even occur in a waking state.
Letting go, or surrendering, can create the most peaceful states
that exist. Getting our mental, rational, and ego minds out of the
way always enables us to connect to Source very quickly. And
Source usually has bigger and better ideas for us than we do
anyway! In the higher realms we live in the moment. We know
that everything that exists, exists now. Higher realms living,
again, involves knowing that we always have everything that we
need. We will come to know that if we let go of something, we
can easily and quickly create something very New at any given

Holding on creates attachments. The ascension process is
designed to support us in letting go of all attachments. When
we are sometimes forced to let go, we are then really
experiencing what it is like to be seemingly hanging out there
with no support or security. In time, through the ascension
process, you will come to know that Source is all there is.
Anything else can be let go of with ease, as creating the New in
any given moment becomes a New way of being. Tapping into a
different pocket of energy...one that is vibrating much
higher...will give you a place to anchor into for awhile.

For example, sustainable living is becoming very popular of late.
This is because enough of us are at this level of vibration which
involves connecting completely with the earth and living in
harmony with her. To live in this way, one would let go of
electricity, artificial heat sources, city water and trash, and much
else. And having one's own organic garden would enable one to
let go of going to the store, for instance. So then, if someone was
forced to suddenly let go of what they interpreted as their means
of security and survival, they might becoming a little unhinged.
But by connecting to a higher way of living and being, they could
tap into a New and different reality and be just fine...actually,
they would be much better!

Letting go involves stair stepping into New and higher ways,
until eventually we have let go of nearly everything except
Source itself. This is the gradual process of ascension. No one big
"whoosh!" Otherwise, we would be dead!

If you have chosen this page, you are being guided and supported
in letting go of what is no longer serving you. You are being
asked to trust that something New and better is on its way for
you. Something that fits you much better and will be so much
more in alignment with who you are now, is surely on its way.
Higher and lower energies cannot exist in the same space. Get
ready for something New and better!"



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