15 септември, 2008

EARTH LOG* September 15th : Living in a World of Energy and Vibration and Dealing with Turmoil and Chaos

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com

September 15th : Living in a World of Energy and Vibration and Dealing with Turmoil and Chaos : In the last week we have certainly seen a fair amount of chaos on the Planet, from Hurricane Ike hitting Houston to the financial collapses on Wall Street today. Looking at all this, it may seem pretty grim, until you remember that the Old Energy is on the way out and that in order to bring in a new way of life that is more focussed on Abundance and Peace, we need to be prepared to let go of the old and not to feel shaken and shattered when the old energy does fall apart in very obvious ways. It was interesting for me that when I was doing the work and research for the Great Lakes Water Ceremonies, I did read that the water from the Great Lakes does find its way into the Gulf of Mexico, and maybe working with the energy of the Lakes will help to bring peace to the Gulf area as well.

It is so important, at these times, to be able to hold onto the Inner Peace in your own center and to know that All is Well and that there is Divine Order within this apparent chaos. It is important to focus on Trust and to know that you will be safe. It is important to remember that we are now in the Fifth Dimension with a new way of Being and Perceiving. We are in a world of rapid Creation and Manifestation, a World of Energy and Vibration, where the quality of Consciousness determines what is created and what will manifest.

Aligning your Consciousness with Family of Light and with the flow of Sacred Light from Source is a wonderful way to hold to the peace that lives in your Heart and the center of your Being. Here is a beautiful image that was sent to me from my friend Paschalis in Greece. Paschalis is the organizer of the annual Spiritual Awakening Festival in Greece, and he sent me this image that was taken at one of the Ceremonies of Light in Sounio in Greece in August of 2008. I love the image, because the candles that are being held by the participants look as though they are Hearts of Light!


So, what are the coping skills for September? For, we are in a phase of adjusting to the "backwash" of the powerful energies that came in to the Planet in August. We crossed a threshold into a New Space, and the major skill for coping here is Choice. The New Earth is a Free Will zone, and you have absolute choice in your life, no matter how it may seem to you. In this New Earth of the Fifth Dimension, Energy vibrates at a very high level and that means that consciousness coalesces into manifestation and action extremely rapidly. What you hold in your consciousness is what you will manifest if it is in alignment with your I AM and Higher presence. If it is not, then you will probably feel stuck and feel as though you are not moving. Don't worry too much. Relax, take a deep breathe, and begin to explore what it is that your I AM wants you to experience and create. You can be quite sure that whatever your I Am wants for you, it will be a wonderful adventure filled with fun and joy, for that is why you are here on the Planet. Your I Am has no interest in creating dramas of illusion and pain, and is just not going to take you there. It will wait patiently until you decide to begin to live the life that you were meant to live.

And, so what is that? Well, Archangel Michael keeps telling us, and many other Spirit sources and channels. We were meant to live here in Peace and Abundance and to grow through expanding in Unconditional Love and Service to the Light.

So, how can we do that? Well, Archangel Michael advises us to look for old patterns and old addictions and habits, and to see where we keep trying to create lack and suffering and pain. Then, when we have identified these patterns, which may come from many past lifetimes, then we can choose another pattern of Being that is more aligned with our present mission of Joy and Peace and Abundance. For, every person on the planet right now has been charged with this mission, to carry the new energies of Peace and Love and Abundance, and we are all learning the best ways to get to this point. The first step is letting go of what is old and what no longer works, and the next step is creating a radiant new life of Joy that matches the higher frequencies of the New Earth.

So, dream of what you want and know it is possible. Know that you are loved and supported by the world of Spirit and that you will always have what you need. There is no lack and no shortage, there is enough for everyone. The illusion of lack and fear has been created to keep people trapped in a systen that limits and controls, and as you break free you will see how limitless is the love and grace of God in your lives at all times.

So, in this time of change and transition, be the Light and know that you as you hold the Light you are showing the way to a new reality.

Those of you who feel called to work with the water and to send Love and Gratitude into the waters to create the purity of the New Earth will love this image as much as I did. It comes from Patty in Indiana in the United States, and she says that this is a Beaver Dam that was built in the canal at back of her house. She is working with these creatures to return this water to its pristine state so that nature can thrive here. So, if anyone wants to send Love and Gratitude here, she would be most grateful for the assistance....and I am sure that the Beavers will be too!






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