15 септември, 2008

Higher Light Transmissions * Ascension Love Letter

Ascension Love Letter

September 11, 2008

The essential ingredient to Ascension is Love. Love of yourself and love of others. Embracing Love is the major goal of the majority of people living on Earth today. The challenges we all have created are so vast and many seem so insurmountable that it begins to look impossible. Yet Love is the Key for ascending!

Loving Yourself

Sounds easy, and yet we know it is the most difficult of steps. For when you truly love yourself, loving all others comes natural. As long as there is any judgment of others, there is still judgment of self.

We form ideas from our upbringing, & our social grooming about how we are to perceive our self image. Some are also born in to very difficult situations which challenge us to the core. And there are so many themes in between. The goal for any situation is to experience what it feels like to not be fully Love.

Love is the essence and fabric of the universe. Some refer it to unconditional Love. Love is intertwined within all our atoms. It is what we are.

So we choose to learn something from being unloved, unloving, through experiences of less than who we really are. When we learn what we need, we work to reverse all our training of being unloving and unloved through many wonderful techniques. There are so many valuable resources that being us back to self love!

It takes honesty and strength to work your way out. Yet people do it everyday, from all kinds of simple to horrific situations. They realize that they are their answer to all their struggles and that they must love themselves, just as they are, in order to gain control over their lives. And this is natural and so true. It is a commitment.

An example could be learning to love parents that were so hard on you and gave you such impetus of being unlovable. Loving them is a grand show of master hood. Using your intellect to see from their point of view, their own struggles and beliefs, and then forming a compassionate viewpoint brings about the balance needed to fully let go of any judgment, animosity and sorrow from the experiences of growing up.

Loving Others

When we love ourselves, we have compassion for others, and this grows Love for all people. We begin to see with new eyes and let go of fear of the differences. We bloom in to loving others. We see that our enemies are just as sacred and frighten or mislead in ways we may not explain, yet by being compassionate we find we cannot judge them. We just embrace them with the understanding of compassion. Knowing that somewhere we do not know pieces of their lives in which they also struggle. We wish them well. We might even say a prayer for them.

Loving others means you just let them be, you help if you can and they need help, you observe but let go of judgment even if something arises within the mind. Loving others means you really DO love yourself! And in this wide world of diversity, it is a milestone!

Love is the Key to Ascension

No matter what path you take to Ascension, it must be paved with your love. You must love yourself fully in order to move up through your physical energy centers, and through the challenges that your Higher Self will set up for you just for you to see how much you do love yourself. For your Higher Self will test you. Maybe you had a friend and they deceived you, but you found compassion for them and let the situation go before reacting. Your Higher Self will test you at least three times to see if you have embraced self love enough. When you love yourself you find not need to defend yourself.

This is also true for loving others. You will be tested often to see if you have truly moved through the heart energy center and up to the ninth energy center of compassion, the place of Love and allowing. These two energy centers work in tandem to complete the chemicalization process and switch the DNA codes.

Loving Creator Source

Love for Creator Source is also key in Ascension. The desire to move more to our origins, our God, our Oneness that is so filled with Love. This Creator Source has so many names and yet we all long for that connection, for it is natural within us. We are always connected within.

This is where many will need to refine their beliefs and find their own truth, and reinforce their connection through love. The search has brought many people to so many conclusions, but who is to say which one is right? Everyone wants their answer to be right. This is always been a struggle on Earth, for so many dogmas have been introduced to try to explain the unexplainable.

It is more authentic if you feel it rather than think it. You can think that you wish to talk with the Creator, and then feel Love for this connection and truth, and you will find you are in direct communication. We cannot tell you how real, or if it is right, for to be the master you intend, you must make this choice and trust your awareness, knowingness and Higher Self guidance.

Unique paths

With so many paths to finding self love, love for others and love for the very center of creation, each path is unique. Part of loving others is enjoying the expressions of others paths.

Some people do not follow anyone’s ideas, read books or attend workshops, join ashrams or yoga studios, but they do follow their hearts. They instinctively and intuitively follow the advice of their Higher Self and we shall see these people completing Ascension. Look around you and see who in your neighborhood is so incredibly loving, and following their heart, and knows nothing of these ascension teachings, yet they love their understanding of God and desire to be with God, that they too will ascend. It is through their desire to be with God that pushes them over the last step!

Without Love

Ascension cannot be completed without Love as the main ingredient. Light is not enough. Light is neutral and can be used for anything in creation. Love is key. Without love, Ascension is impossible. We see so many workshops, lectures, books, and articles all reinforcing Light and raising frequencies, while Love seems to be left in the background. Perhaps because people think that everyone knows this.

We want to remind you how vital this piece is. You can have all the treatments, attunements, alignments, and special meditations and still not ascend if you left Love behind. Light is important, but never as important as Love. Without Love there is no Light. Without Light there is still Love.

Love is Key

We hope to have presented you with a push for your spiritual practices, a nudge, to make sure that everyone who has the desire to complete the ascension will do so! It is with great Love and compassion that we leave you with this note of Love. We infuse this message with the great Love Creator Source has for each and everyone one of you!

~ Carolyn Thompson & Higher Light Council

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