23 септември, 2008

Master Djwhal Khul Message

I am Master Djwhal Khul, I am a Master of Mastery and I step forward as a spiritual teacher and mentor to assist all students on the Earth who now wish to gain assistance with the process of mastering the mind. It is important to remember that many spiritual practices take patience and time to achieve; one must wait for energies to integrate before they can truly experience the influence of their efforts. Mastering the mind is an important part of being on the Earth and a challenging spiritual lesson, but I must say that it is one that can be accomplished with ease, if you believe this. Mastering the mind concerns changing your belief system, first you must analyse your belief system and the focus of your thoughts to become aware of any negative thought forms. Positive thoughts about yourself and life are good as these energise your being and lovingly influence your emotions, thus raising your energy vibration. Negative beliefs or thought forms have the opposite affect and can cause blockages in the energy bodies which filter into the body as illness, pain or disease. When you become aware of the focus of your thoughts then you are able to alter them so that every simple thought you create is achieving a positive vibration and reality in your life.

I am currently holding lectures on this subject for souls who wish to visit me in my ashram on the inner planes. My lectures are to assist everyone who visits in truly understanding why mastery is needed and how it can be gained. I invite you to visit me and to attend my lectures on the inner planes; my ashram is now an extension of the world Teacher’s Master Sananda’s Ashram as I am currently working as an Extension World Teacher. Simply ask before you fall asleep at night to be taken to Master Djwhal Khul’s ashram within the World Teacher’s Ashram on the inner planes to attend Master Djwhal Khul’s Mastery Lectures. An aspect of your soul will be transported to my ashram, gathering all the important and energy needed, filtering it into your physical body on the Earth. When you wake in the morning you may or may not remember your journey but the wisdom you have gained will remain with you enabling you to master your mind with greater ease.
Now is the time to focus on mastering your mind, I cannot stress this more. Place all your efforts into creating positive and loving thoughts about yourself, your reality and invoking the abundant energy of the Ascended Masters to flow into your third eye chakra. This will create a cleansing process within your mind and also amplify your positive thought forms. Constantly call the energy of abundance from the Ascended Masters into your being, let it pour into your third eye chakra and flow throughout your body, see the energy melting into your aura, surroundings and reality on the Earth. Especially ask the energy of abundance to flow into your mental body which is an energy body within your aura. Ask that the abundant energy flow into your mental body, dissolving all negative thought forms and beliefs while energising all positive throughout forms that have been created by your mind and stored within your mental energy body, as all thoughts are. It is especially important to ask for the flow of the Ascended Master’s abundant energy to channel into your third eye chakra while you are repeating affirmations. It is important as a soul on a spiritual quest to observe all thoughts making a conscious effort to work with your thoughts throughout the day to restore a loving harmonious balance within your thoughts so that all radiate love. It is also vital to take a few minutes each day to anchor the abundant energy and to focus solely on a few chosen affirmations that mean something to you. You will then be able to watch as your powers increase and your thoughts become your reality on the Earth. If everyone was to create a loving reality then the energy vibration of the Earth would accelerate allowing a new consciousness to be grasped by many on the Earth. This is the aim of the Ascended Masters and the purpose of anchoring the Ascended Master’s energy of abundance into the Earth. If the energy vibration of Earth only raises a small fraction, it will be enough to assist many in becoming aware of a greater amount of the Creator’s truths, sharing them with others to illuminate all.
The purpose of bringing a new found discipline to the mind is to ensure that when one raises their energy vibration they are able to accept, comprehend and use the new wisdom that flows into the mind. A new found stillness and a connection with the divine within is also a result of mastering the mind. As an Ascended Master I know that as you rise in vibration you must become more disciplined in the thoughts that you create, as you become more powerful as you grow and so any thought you create could have an immediate influence on your life. It is therefore important to learn to master the mind now when thoughts take a longer period of time to manifest into your life, giving you the opportunity to cancel any negative thoughts created before they impact your life on the Earth. The current stage that we are at on the Earth is like a learning ground where mastery can be practiced and results can be gained in a safe environment, supported by the abundant energy of the Ascended Masters.
I, Master Djwhal Khul am here to offer my services, you may call on me during meditation or when you are affirming positive statements. I will energise, inspire and bestow wisdom into your mind. You may ask me to assist you throughout your day in becoming aware of your mind, removing all negative thought forms and replacing them with positive thought forms. I am here for you all and wish to act as a spiritual mentor, please feel free to call on my energy and I shall come to your assistance. I hold a great deal of wisdom in my soul and have taught many students and souls to master their minds. Allow me to assist you in achieving your goals.
I now wish to offer some general affirmations which I believe are essential in this current period of time.
‘I am love. I am an expression and a manifestation of the Christ Consciousness the Earth.
‘The abundant energy of the Ascended Masters constantly flows through my being, anchoring the highest vibration of love and positive abundant energy into my soul, body aura, surroundings and reality on the Earth.
‘I have now mastered my mind, my mind is disciplined and focused only creating positive loving thoughts that enhance my spiritual growth process and allow me to achieve my goals within my reality.
‘I am my soul, an Ascended Master and the Creator in manifestation the Earth.
‘I am accelerating forwards on my spiritual growth process. With the support of the Ascended Masters and my spirit guides I am now achieving the goals created by my soul to assist me in gaining enlightenment and illumination.
I hope that you will use these in your spiritual practices; you can also uses then as examples allowing you to create your own affirmations and positive statements. Remember that this is a perfect opportunity to master a greater aspect of your mind as you have the support of the Ascended Masters during this period of transformation and the anchoring of love and abundance. It is also important to note that your focus is to gain a new level of mastery and not to achieve complete mastery at these earlier stages, it is important to take one step at a time as this will allow you to gain the most out of your experiences on the Earth.
I am Master Djwhal Khul, assisting you in understanding the jewel and magnificent tool that is your mind.
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