22 септември, 2008

Multidimensional News* SEPTEMBER 21, 2008 CALL TO THE ARCTURIANS

SEPTEMBER 21, 2008



Dear Arcturians,

I have been inside your Corridor for several weeks now watching the extreme polarities of world events. Indeed, polarities are most evident just before a paradigm shift, which we are now experiencing. I have been striving to stay above fear and live in love and compassion. It has been difficult. I can feel the fear of the collective consciousness, but I know that I want to contribute only love and compassion.

Since being in your Corridor, I have been releasing the fear and darkness of my many lifetimes in order to move beyond all polarities. I have also been detaching from the judgments and illusions of the physical world. This task has not been simple either. I thank you, however, for being my anchor in the sky to which I have tenaciously held. I ask you now for words of wisdom, perhaps ones that I could share with the many other frightened citizens of Earth.

Dearest Ones,

We have felt your energy and embraced your efforts and contributions. These are difficult times for all the grounded ones. Therefore, we wish to say to everyone who is currently embodied that you have volunteered to be alive at this time, and we greatly commend you for this. You have all had notification of these times, yet knowing a challenge does not always make it easier.

We, however, can assist you, and are doing so, to remember that NONE of this is real!! You are now experiencing the final drama of the battle between light and dark, love and fear, so that you can forevermore choose peace and knowing. We have deep empathy for all grounded ones, and we respect your courage for volunteering to be present for this monumental moment of transformation into the truest expression of SELF.

Detachment from third dimensional dramas, while still holding compassion and unconditional love for everyone and everything, is an initiation of the highest caliber. We commend all of you who are endeavoring to accept this challenge for you are truly the Scouts through the wilderness of fear and confusion.

We wish to personally say to each of you, we, the Arcturians, are within you now and forever more. We send you the highest frequency of love and compassion, so that you may ground it in your consciousness, your body and your daily life. We wish you to accept this giftn not because you are afraid but because you deserve it. YOU deserve happiness, love, beauty and the limitless adventure of New Earth.

Take a moment now, dear ones, to remember other times in your life, as well as other lifetimes in which you successfully faced the great fear that enshrouds your country, and indeed, much of Gaia’s planet. Do you now feel how the many animals of Gaia have felt as they watched their reality be destroyed by the selfishness of humanity? Do you now feel how the many magnificent forests and sweeping valleys have felt as they were turned into harsh, naked lands? Do you now feel the many creatures of the ocean that are on the verge of extinction?

Yes, our beloveds, you do feel the planetary consciousness because your empathy has so expanded that it is not limited to humanity. Hence, your emotional bodies are overwhelmed by the messages, not only from humans but also, from the very life force of Gaia who shares this moment of initiation with you. Perhaps, if you can realize the magnitude of this time of awakening, you can put your emotions into perspective. By this statement we mean the planetary perspective.

Feel yourselves now as ALL of your reality.
Feel all that you have ever loved and ever wished to experience.

See the future that you are creating with your great love and compassion and know that the old must die so that the new can be reborn. The inner workings of the many old mechanisms that were based on greed and hunger for power over others are being displayed for all to see. In this manner, a new reality based on love, peace, caring and unity can emerge. In your hearts and minds you are hearing the flap of the Phoenix Bird’s wings, which makes you fear that all must be destroyed before it can be reborn.

We say to you now, dear grounded ones, death before birth is the old paradigm! Within the new paradigm, there is NO death. There is only transmutation. You, and your entire reality, are transmuting into your higher dimensional counterpart. What is willingly released does not need to die. Your wiliness to let go of that which frightens you, and your dedication to connect only to that which fills you with the glory and spirit of unconditional love and infinite gratitude, will pull you through the narrows of the immense changes of personal and planetary transmutation!

We hold you constantly in our consciousness and invite you to continuously hold us in yours. Focus on hope, love and the wonder of a new life. See implanted in your third eye, like the wallpaper on your computer, the reality that you desire to create forever. This vision will set your intention to focus on that which you love and allow you to release anything less. The reality you choose to perceive is the reality you choose live!

Look not to the many problems, except to give assistance in any manner that you feel called upon to contribute. As you assist others in crisis, whether they are human, animal, plant or mineral, do so with the deep love and compassion that we see in your hearts.

You are the creators of a new world. You have incarnated on Gaia time after time to rehearse this contribution. NOW is the moment for which you have been preparing. We are here now to tell you that

We are infinitely with you and wish to leave you with a unified Mantra:

I AM the creator of compassion and unconditional love
in every moment of my life.

Please call upon us,
The Arcturians





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