21 септември, 2008

Celia Fenn's EARTH LOG* September 21st : The Equinox, World Peace Day.....and some Golden Festivity in Africa!

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com

September 21st : The Equinox, World Peace Day.....and some Golden Festivity in Africa! So, once again we have reached the Equinox, that time when the day and the night are perfectly equal and the seasons shift, from Winter to Summer here in the South, and from Summer to Winter up there in the North. This is an important time for the flow of energies on the Planet, as the shift of the seasons always brings in endings and beginnings, completions and startings....

Today I went for a long walk along a river near my home, and saw all the new green buds on the trees as new leaves unfurl for the Spring and new life announces itself. Of course, in the North the opposite is true, and the leaves on the trees are now turning to red and gold and beginning to fall. I will be in the North next week, and I am looking forward to being in the forests of the Languedoc this Fall. So, please remember to pay your respects to Nature at this important time of inner and outer balance for all of us.

It is also International Peace day, and a good time to connect with the message of Global Peace that we have been offering this year in our "Global Field of Peace" work, and in the anchoring of the New Earth archetypes for Peace and Abundance in various places on the Earth in 2008. I am looking forward to being in Berlin, Barcelona and Lisbon in October, and sharing with Lightworkers there in anchoring the New Earth archetypes for these cities.

I would also like to thank everyone who wrote about the Retreat in Montsegur. The response was about four times what we expected for "The Sacred Rose" part of the Global Field of Peace work, and so we had to send our organizing team back to Montsegur this week-end to look for more accomodation, bigger rooms for group work and lots of good organic food for everyone! So, we will be posting details about the Montsegur retreat in this week when we have a better idea of what we can offer those who wish to join us for this celebration of the Teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Feminine Christ energy.

And now, some Joy and Fun in Africa! This week-end was the 21st birthday party of Dominic, who is the son of our "Children of Africa Foundation" Project Manager, Wilma. And so, it was my privilege to be invited to join with this community in their celebration. I would like to say at the outset that this party was all privately funded and none of the money from the Foundation was used. In fact, what impressed me most was how it became a community affair. In this community where there is not a lot of money, social events are very important and are often very grand affairs in terms of people invited and the amount of ceremonial attention to detail. So, as Dominic approached this milestone, Wilma began saving a year ahead. I was surprised because in my community we generally don't make such a big deal about such things. Anyway, I saw how the whole community was "organized" to make this possible. Wilma is a qualified seamstress, and she made all the gold dresses and waistcoats for the events herself. She decorated the tables and she organized the cooking of the food for the Dinner. The Food was cooked by women in the community. I helped by collecting food and clothes and people, and was one of the official photographers for the evening. I also contributed from my personal finances to the celebration.

Wilma herself chose gold as the theme color for the evening, which consisted of entertainment, the birthday "ceremony" with a key, and a sit down meal for 150 people in the community hall. So, the entertainment was provided by 20 young people from the community, who danced with skill and provided a "guard of honor" for the birthday man, and then served as waitors for the dinner. They were busy! Here you can see these lovely young people as they open the evening:


Then the dancers form a Guard of Honor as the Birthday Man arrives with his younger brother:


I just loved the outfits! Dominic looked like a cross between the Wizard of Oz and Michael Jackson...and yes....the hire of the suit and all the rest that went with it was my birthday gift to him, except for the oh so cool shoes that were a gift from another person! Now, the little ones bring in the ceremonial "key" to indicate that Dominic is now old enough to have the "key to the door".


A man can never be too cool on his 21st Birthday!


And, in case you think this is all very frivolous, Dominic has his serious side as well. The Starchild Children's Foundation has paid for his last year at College, and next year he is going to be working for us part time while he trains as an HIV/Aids counsellor for the Community. We are negotiating the purchase of a small property with money donated for the purpose, and we will open a Starchild Foundation office in the Community to be the center for our work with the Children. So, thank you to all our donors and please share in this evening of Joy within the community and the people that you are supporting!

September 18th : Changing the Fundamentals...the Challenges facing the Earth right Now.... : There is no doubt that the energy on the planet has been chaotic and very challenging in the last few days. This is not unexpected, since we have been warned that the changes to the economic realities on the planet could be disruptive and difficult. In fact, as we move into this phase of physical restructuring of the way that we live, we are facing some very fundamental challenges to the way in which we think.

However, before we go into that side of things, it is important to remember that we have come this far with the changes and transitions on the Planet without any major disasters or catastrophes, and there is no reason to start now. We have been promised that the changes will be peaceful as far as possible, and we need to hold that intention. There is no need for suffering and hardship, there is enough for everyone. Instead of going into panic, we need to hold the intention and focus that there is enough for everyone and that all will be cared for.

The economic system on the planet is the most powerful determinant of how we live and the choices that we make, or the lack of choice that we sometimes feel and perceive. It is based ultimately on fear and illusion and greed. It was created on the basis of survival fear. At some point humans decided to cut themselves off from Divine Guidance and put their survival trust in money. And so they built huge financial institutions such as bank and insurance companies and health companies in the belief that these would protect them and ensure their survival. And of course, this is an illusion, for money is not what ensures survival and growth and happiness, it is just an illusion that we have created, and which we have come to believe in so firmly that when this illusion is challenged, then we go into survival panic.

The present financial melt-down is ocurring because people are becoming aware that the economic system has laregly failed them, and that it is in fact an illusion. That is not to say that we can do without it right now, as we have all been drawn into the way it works. But, we are withdrawing from the illusion that this is the only way it has to be and the only way we can survive. We have seen a few growing very rich, and the rest living in hardship and poverty. We know this is not what is intended for the planet. The original blueprint was formulated with everyone having enough and having the ability to manifest and create what they needed for themselves. It is the economic system that gets in the way of this process by limiting people to what can be supplied by the system that they have become a part of.

So, instead of seeing these events as precursors to another great depression and suffering and hardship, perhaps we can begin to see how we will start to restructure the way we live and the choices that we make. We will begin to once again trust in our Higher Self and our ability to manifest what we need and to be provided with what we need from day to day. I think that we will find that we will begin to see small miracles as we once again take back our Power and begin to see how we can empower ourselves and others to create what we want and need for ourselves in our lives. Yes, this may mean that we will have to rethink our sense of community and how we live together and how we help each other. It may mean that we will have to give up our faith in our bank account as a determinant of our well-being and security, although many of us have been doing that for a while now. But, we will find other ways of ensuring that we have what we need, for the Planet is abundant and has more than enough to support everyone, if we do not create and manufacture illusions of lack and scarcity.

It is indeed time to take back our Power to Create and Trust that all will be well.

We need to begin to focus our intention on what will come next, a system of sharing and support in which every person on the planet will have Abundance and Peace and will live in the only true reality, Love.

And, we can know that we will be challenged by the survival fear and the hysteria that will break out as the old system breaks down and the illusions at the core are revealed. And when we can truly see the illusions, and the fear, then we can walk away and begin to create something else, something more aligned with our right to be here and our right to be provided with everything that we need and desire.

This will be the new fundamental reality on which we will create the New Earth of Peace and Abundance for All.





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