20 септември, 2008

The Council of Light* The Balanced Peace of Equinox

The Balanced Peace of Equinox

September 18, 2008

A Message from The Council of Light through Rebecca Couch

Greetings Beloved Ones,

It is always a pleasure to be with you. And by BEING with you we mean just that, as there is no separation from All That Is, unless, of course, you make it so by your ignorance of it – by not acknowledging that you are indeed a part of the Great Sea of Life. This never stops. And for this integrated understanding, you must deliberately, through will and discipline, focus on this with conscious intent in all that you do. Wake and go within. Prepare for the day by being within. Every thought, word, action and deed of the day is sourced from within. The challenges and the irritations and the frustrations and the angst are all calmed by the internal perspective that was anchored earlier in the day. Do not let them build upon each other by not neutralizing them with the Greater Perspective. This is your charge now, no one else can do it for you and, in fact, it is a matter of great urgency, for the brewing of chaos in your outer world is an important part of the world’s transformation at this time…and has been referred to as the “separation of the wheat from the chaff”…so be sure that you are on the side of your choice!

There is much in the airwaves at this transformational time, there is much advice and wisdom and everyone is talking about the chaos...do all that you can do to be out of your mind and in your heart….stay always with your heart, for it is closest to Source and it will never lead you astray. The heart is your answer to any question. There is a beautiful quote, “Love is the answer…now what was the question?”...so as you are bombarded by the musings of the outer world and of the panic and concern and sense of immediate life and death urgency of decisions….breathe. Be still, and know that you are God! Pay more attention to the solid, strong, clear, loving glow of light in your heart centre and this is what will keep growing and growing. Remember, you are turning yourself inside out! This is the same metaphor of the rose of Mary and the lotus blossom of Quan Yin, that in the process of loving awakening, the petals perpetually opening to your centre. The centre of God.

The way of the Awakened One is to remain heart-centered no matter what is taking place. This is your quest. Take everything that concerns you into your heart for your own truth. Whether it is about finances, relationships, your home, your work, your daily pursuits, your health – all of it – is to be taken to heart for clarity and resolution. There is no greater crystal ball, no greater advisor, no greater counselor, no greater wisdom – there is truth in the saying that your best interests are at heart!

The time of the equinox is another great equalizer…you need only intend balance in all aspects of your life. By choosing balance, that is what you will be. Balance is important because, from there, you have the greatest view to the infinite horizon, for tipping one way or the other extreme prevents the expanded view! As you are remembering the infinite, true expression of All that You Are, all of the old outmoded paradigms must dissolve into the light of all that is possible. Do this from the Buddha’s Middle Path. From the centre point, duality dissolves. Be the fulcrum around which all movement occurs and then you get to experience everything! And from this great smorgasbord, everything JUST IS and from the point of neutrality, judgement dissolves and Love can just wash over it all. In all of your life experiences, you have been it all. You have seen it all. You have experienced it all. So from this unified perspective, you can Love it all and have compassion for it all and help it all come into the balanced centre. From this place, you will create anew. From this place you will join in the highest consciousness to prepare the New Earth in all its perfection. This is the same as the black hole, the no-thing-ness in the universe out of which all derives! In the beginning was the word, the word of God, and it is you!

The equinox the September 22, 2008 is a mastery day of light and balance. Choose to BE this. Choose to be the walking master that is centred and balanced, no matter what is flying around you. Dispel fear with Love. Live by the peace and wisdom of your heart. Bring light to the world in all that you do, think, speak, emanate. Make a difference everyday by your presence. Be the balanced peace of the world that it forms the perfect white canvas for new creation. And await magic unlike anything you have ever imagined before, for it is coming…from the centre of your peaceful, balanced heart.

In Love we conclude our message today, and in Love we meet you everyday.

The Council of Light that is Within





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