17 септември, 2008

Masters' Message - Massive Changes Coming Up!

Message from the Masters:

Messages from the Masters
September 15, 2008

Anshallah! Ensi Atui Entenehdrah!

Greetings during this time of shifting!

It is that you are currently experiencing the effects of an escalating shift on both dimensional levels and to your very particulates. It is that your particulates are being rearranged in such a way that you are becoming Galactic beings. Returning to that which you have been and that which you are in truth. As human beings, you have found yourselves limited in scope. With the current changes that are in occurrence, your abilities are coming forefront and the possibilities of what you can experience become endless. Do not let your human fears or your need to understand diminish the opportunities that are yours in this and coming nows.

It is that on September 9th in your week past, another trinity alignment has occurred. This most powerful event so far in the series as it is number three in the series of nine events. Each event is compounded with the last and the last in such a way that its effects are more profound in your experiences and your world. These alignments are literally across dimensional boundaries, across the boundaries of the unseen and into the infinite. With these triangulations, are aspects of further triangulations. Just as you have infinite aspects of self, so do the trinity alignments. If you were to look into the unseen, what you would witness would be infinite arcing of trinity alignments that cross all manner of creation. Because of this, ancient worm holes are reopening.

Some of these wormholes were utilized for interplanetary travel by those who came to your planet in the before times. Those who created such civilizations as Lemuria and Atlantis and then carried knowledge and technologies into ancient Egypt. It was there that the work holes culminated in the embalming rooms, deep underground and why the ancient pharaohs built opulent tombs in the anticipation of reawakening in the afterlife. It was there in those rooms that entry and exit to the other worlds was made. The last appearance of these interdimensional passageways was in 15,000 B.C. when contrary to popular belief, that which is known as the Sphinx was built on dessert sands. With that entity was created certain passageways underground to a complex that is yet undiscovered in current times. There, in a room lined with golden walls and blue dyes will be found certain records of civilizations past that even the library at Alexandria did not contain, although many believe that it did.

Contained in these records will be complete mapping of both the star gate systems and worm hole passageways all in relation to star constellations.

The star system Mir, which is located in a parallel reality to yours will be prominently mentioned as an origination place of those who came before you and left before you as well. The formulas for transmutation will also be found there as well as alchemic procedures and forms of currency conduction and usage of crystalline energies. Some of these records will be in the forms of ancient artifacts that upon a glance will seem innocuous, but they are not. Further will be found samples of ancient seeds for plants long ago extinct and records of ocean currents and travel passages upon the seas that were utilized by the Atlanteans in their networks of travel and trade to outposts and main settlements. The Atlantean civilization contrary to popular belief was a global system of inhabitation and civilization.

In such a way, dolphins were used as communicators between these settlements. To this now, these creatures continue to speak to humans in the ancient harmonic language. To translate the tones of the dolphins is to live the language of the Atlantean times. It is absolutely possible once the need for mere defined words is alleviates and openness to the possibilities of conceptual languaging is recognized.

It was the misalignment of the triangulations in the before times which was causal to the demise of certain civilizations and severe earth changes which changed the face of the lands and seas. Now the alignments are in occurrence again and with them come, as we have preciously states, a vacuum effect that is literally rearranging the mathematic relations to the alignments of your particulates.

As these new organizations of reality occur, what will become is change first of all within each of you. Some of you will respond dramatically with major life changes that will completely alter the relationships in your lives and your life experiences. Many of you will be pulled or expelled to new geographic locations. Some of you will experience loss of loved ones as each of you go on your divine paths. Do not fall for the drama that may accompany many of these changes. Rather, handle them with ease and grace, honor and unconditionality.

Within your bodies you may feel certain physical anxiety. This is your body rewiring itself in such a way as to attune to the new vibrations and universal rhythms that occur. You will feel periods of fatigue and or exhilaration. You will feel younger than your years or as old as the god to whom you pray. You will feel a plethora of feelings, all in opposition to each other. This occurs due to the harmonic relationships that are changing within you. You are experiencing the dichotomy of being from the perspectives of opposites. This gives you a fullness of experience in such a way that you can, if you choose, alleviate your fears of what might be or what was. Now is all that you have, ever.

The next trinity alignments will occur on November 19th, 2008, January 11th, 2009, February 15th the next. March 17th, April 4th and June 11th, all, of course in your year 2009. As you approach your Galactic center, more and more interdimensional events will take their courses in such a way as to balance and in some cases recreate reality to remain in tune with the changes of the coming times.

What we would say to you is to remain in truth, that which is the truth of your heart of hearts, do not deny yourselves that which is in exchange for that which you imagine. If you do, you will quickly lose touch and become if denial of that which is.

Further, as the trinity alignments occur, you will see and or experience intimate response patterns in your planet, its weather and seismic activities which include volcanic eruptions. There will be a strong quake in the area of Asia, in this now, appearing to be in the area of Osaki, Japan with a related, smaller activity in Indonesia which will mostly affect the most outward islands. As it is given in this now, the timing of these will be within the next ten days.

What we say to each of you and to you as a collective since that is what you truly are, be of grace and ease within your beings. Be that which you intend with great integrity amongst all of your coming changes. Do not fear that which is unknown or that which appears to be insurmountable. Instead, celebrate your beingness and attain balance amongst all that presents to you.

That shift which you have intended and known within every particle of your beings is upon you. Which way the shift falls is entirely dependent upon the level of consciousness and the intent of that consciousness that each of you contributes to the entirety. The results of what is in occurrence can be much like the day after an intense storm, clean and fresh, calm and perfect, or it can be any number of alternate ways. You are the deciding factor. Always.

Ansi enti nahallah endentre insinah allente nadah nahedre, asi asi asi

And so as it has always been thus it shall be. Of the Light, With the Light and Within the Light. And so in this now our transmission is complete.






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