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SEPTEMBER 4 , 2008


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The tide is out. The energies are still. There is nothing. Very little if any movement, stillness, emptiness, perhaps sadness, dead batteries, feeling drained, depleted, wanting to cry, perhaps hopelessness, and maybe wondering where in the world we are now.

For those who are highly sensitive or tapped in more than most, the above scenario might be applicable. For others, you may notice that things seem to be drying up, bottoming out, ending, and with seemingly no future connection in sight. I ran out of hummingbird food the other day, and with the nearest store an hour away and nothing to make my own in my cupboards, I am wondering if they are feeling the same. Looking at the feeders hanging there quite empty, with no hummingbirds now around, seemed a similar situation to the energies of late.

If you are one who is already out of the mainstream to a fair degree, you may be feeling these energies simply by walking and breathing throughout the day. If you are more in the mainstream, you may be experiencing a substantial drop in your business, you may be using your last dollar, or you may feel alone, disconnected, and almost invisible. The energies may seem dead, flat, and nearly non-existent. You may try to be your very up and happy self, but may end up falling flat as a pancake.

Well, guess what? All, as always, is in divine and perfect order. Very commonly, we have this feeling and experience right before an energy surge. The longer the energies are out, the more powerful and substantial the energy surge will be that follows. We need to rest up and re-align before the next big whirlwind of energy arrives.

And during this big lull, we are still being prepared. We are connecting now to more deep and powerful energies so that we will be ready and primed to serve the planet when the energies of rapid manifestation return. This preparation and new connection can vary with each and every individual. For me, I experienced a feeling like I had been knocked out of my groove, then acute nausea, then spinning, vertigo and more acute nausea (the spinning Merkabah connecting me to my light body or a higher dimension), and then needing to eat every hour with a ravenous appetite. When we are re-structuring within we need a lot of fuel! This only lasted for a few days, thank goodness, as I was so very tired of eating!

For others, connecting at a higher and deeper level can involve seeing lights, opening to a higher energy, seeing repeating numbers, feeling dizzy, woozy, and weak, or simply wanting to cry a river for no apparent reason. We may even think that we are depressed. If we try and jump back into our old grooves or into the swing of things again, our higher selves and bodies will say, “No. Not yet. You are not ready quite yet. Just wait a little longer.”

So then, this time of quiet is a very good time to prepare. It is a good time to organize. It is a good time to get things in order…because when the energies return in October, you will not have time to do much of anything except to hold onto your hat!

The fall equinox in September will jump start and bring in these new energies of October. So until then (and there is always a window of energy surrounding this date), we can feel assured by knowing that we are right where we need to be for now. We are always being lovingly and divinely watched over. We are always right on track even when we may believe we are not, or that something is amiss.

During this bottoming out period, we may feel like we have lost who we are. We may feel like we have lost our power or may not know who we are now supposed to be. Whenever we are being re-aligned or re-connected in a higher way, we need all of our reserves to complete this process. This is why I got so hungry, and this is why we may feel drained and lifeless. When I crushed my leg many years ago, I lost all my psychic ability. I had been very tuned in to another dimension my entire life, and thus felt like someone had cut off my right arm. I suddenly felt one-dimensional. But I was undergoing an enormous process of re-structuring and my energy needed to be present for this alone. This is what is occurring now, so we know then, that it will pass. And when we are complete with it, we will be much more connected to our God selves, our true authentic selves, and certainly to Source. We will then embody much more of the energy of love, and we will be vibrating much higher indeed.

When we are in this weakened state, we are now more vulnerable than ever before. In addition, the higher we vibrate as a planet, the less density there is, so boundaries naturally become much thinner. It is during these times that we seem to have boundary issues, or rather experience energies entering our spaces that we would rather not have around. But once we complete this process, we will be much stronger and be more adept at handling the on-going boundary situations that the ascension process creates.

So while we are in this state of flux or of seeming weakness while we are re-aligning, we can easily be taken advantage of….but this is only temporary. The ascension process knows what it is doing. We were not meant to suffer needlessly or to become flattened in a permanent way.

This time will pass, and when it does, we will feel incredibly awesome indeed…..

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,

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For your reading pleasure from The Ascension Companion:


"TRUST, TRUST, AND trust some more." This could easily be
one of the most pivotal mantras of the ascension process. Going
through this many times confusing process can create feelings of
bewilderment and perhaps leave one wondering if everything
and anything is in divine right order at all.

As the ascension process slowly but surely creates a higher level
and higher vibrating human, when we reach these New and
higher ways of being, they are not always how we expected them
to be. And with so much leaving our lives along with so much
change occurring, we may wonder what in the world is going on.
Even though we may not consciously know at the time why and
what our lives are evolving into, simply trusting in the process
can bring us great comfort and relief. At lower levels things may
not make sense. But at the higher dimensional levels they always
make perfect sense. Although the phrase "All is always in divine
right order," may at times sound trite and repetitive, and get old
as well, when we are able to see through personal experience that
this process is in total perfection, that old, trite phrase begins to
make some sense.

Over and over again, as I have viewed things from a higher
dimensional level, the perfection is always evident. Things are
always working like a perfectly oiled machine. And even though
it may appear otherwise, these strange and confusing
experiences are here to support us in every way.

For instance, one typical higher level scenario involves the
separation of partners. So many times I have seen individuals go
through what they interpret as an "error" or a painful experience
of being left behind or "dumped" by their romantic partner. This
painful experience usually places them in the victim posture.
What is almost always occurring is an immense expression of
love at higher soul levels. One partner knows that the other is
ready to experience more of their higher purpose, or ready to
expand and grow, and hence, will then leave the other in order to
give him/her this very important opportunity.

In this same arena, another scenario can also express itself.
Partners separate because the vibration of the planet has reached
a certain level. Before we were born, we agreed to fulfill certain
roles and purposes. Each of us has several soul partners and
there are many in our soul groups. We came to serve as
companions and supporters for each other...not necessarily as
romantic partners. When the planet reaches certain frequencies,
we are then activated according to our pre-birth plans. In this
regard, we separate from those we have been with during certain
phases of the ascension process. We need to now fulfill New and
different roles, and therefore, need to go in different directions.
At lower levels this may manifest as a sudden "not able to get
along" experience and reality. But the truth of the matter is that
at the higher levels, we need to separate and will then create an
impetus at lower levels. If we are not fully conscious at higher
soul levels, scenarios will then occur that inevitably get us where
we need and have chosen to be.

There is always great and expansive love at higher soul levels.
This is also very evident in regard to the love shown us by our
non-physical "guides" or those non-physical beings that have
chosen to watch over us during this process. We are never
abandoned here. We are only left alone so that we can grow and
expand through experience. Losing jobs, loved ones, money, or
our health are all part of the process designed to get us where we
need to be. Things are always being navigated at higher
dimensional levels.

If you have chosen this page, you are being reminded that all is in
divine and perfect order. You are being asked to trust, even
though you may not be consciously aware of the reasons for your
current experience. As you evolve through the ascension process,
and rise to higher levels enabling you to "see" beyond the veil,
you will in time come to know and understand what this
experience was all about."
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