11 октомври, 2008

AA Michael* Creating the Golden Consciousness of Abundance

Creating the Golden Consciousness of Abundance

Archangel Michael

Transmitted Through Elanthra

9 October.2008 – 7:00 a.m. E.S.T.

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Greetings Beloveds. It is I, Archangel Michael, and first and foremost I come to you today to bid you Peace – Peace and Calm. And we are aware that things are being shaken up on a global basis right now. In your economy a New Challenge Has Presented Itself – a challenge whereby it will give all an opportunity for lesson – an opportunity for Juggling and Refurnishing and Refurbishing the manner in which you conduct your lives.

We urge you today that All is Well and All Is In Divine Order, as always. You are heralding in the New Earth and the New Earth has begun, and sometimes when one builds, manifests or creates something new, the old rears it’s head – the old ways – ways that haven’t worked for centuries will try to hold on for dear life. Sometimes the third dimensional thinking and workings will try to maintain their stance. But we re-mind you today that Life is Cyclical, and that everything manifests in circles, and that This Too Shall Pass. We ask that you Take The ‘High Mind’ and Hold The Golden Vision For Abundance. Trust In The Lord That I AM With All Your Heart, and Lean Not Unto Your Own Understanding.

Perhaps it’s time for you to juggle now and downsize, and change your priorities. We ask, as always, that you Maintain The Balance of Body, Mind and Soul – that is important first and foremost.

We would like to also re-mind you that Money Is Energy – An Electromagnetic Wave – An Electromagnetic Flowing Consciousness, and consciousness sometimes changes the level at which it vibrates. So the Energy of Money has literally taken a dip in preparation for the RE-NEW-AL, and this is where you will come in. Do not succumb to the consciousness of fear. The Old Paradigms Are Tearing Down To Pave The Way For The New, and we ask that everyone join in the vision of creating ‘The Golden Consciousness of Abundance’ for your Earth and for your World.

The time for RE-NEW-ALL is now – Re-new-al Of Your Minds, Re-new-al Of The Unity Consciousness – and Re-new-al And Creation Of Your New Earth. The Phoenix Shall Rise From The Ashes, and in unison with the Golden Falcon, shall soar in the skies.

Know that we are forever with you, and we love you unconditionally and dearly. Hold to your Courage – Hold to Your Light – Hold to Your Faith – Hold to Your Truth. Manifest It. All is Well.

Blessings, forever in golden abundance and joy,

I AM, Archangel Michael.

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