12 октомври, 2008

AA Raphael* Working With Your Higher Self And Guides

Author of Ascension: The Doorway Home, World Light Publishing

Anyone can learn to work with their higher self and guides. The easiest way to connect with them is by learning to work with their energy. It can be very easy to learn to become sensitive to and work with the energy, all it takes is practice and patience. If you devote a small amount of time to it each day you can be more consciously connected with your higher self and guides in a very short time. Everything is made of the energy of All That Is. All energy carries within it God Consciousness. That means that All That Is is aware of all aspects of Itself through the energy. When I speak of working with the energy of your higher self or a guide, the energy is God's energy as it is expressed through that being.

Energy can be felt in many different ways and it is very individual how you perceive it. It can be felt as a tingling sensation, or a warmth, or a current running through you, or all of these things together. Even if you cannot feel anything at first, your ability to feel and work with the energy consciously will grow as you become more comfortable and adept at working with it.

To start working with your higher self and guides, Sananda, an Archangel, or an Ascended Master, all you need to do is invite them in. You do not need to know how to formally meditate or channel to do this. Just relax in a sitting or laying position and state your intention to work with them.

As you become sensitive to your higher self's energy you can set up a communication system with them, regardless of whether you can communicate with them consciously or not. This system will also work well with your guides or a higher dimensional teacher also.

When you can feel their energy strongly you can ask questions of them and get responses through the energy. Designate a portion of your body for them to put energy into for a "yes" answer and another portion, for a "no" answer. It is also helpful to have yet a third designation for "you're close." As long as you go slowly and double check your answers this can be a very helpful system that anyone can use, even without being able to communicate with your higher self and guides in any other way. Even after you are a very experienced channel this system is still extremely helpful while you are channeling and to stay in touch with your higher self and guides at anytime throughout the day.

When you are beginning to receive information from your higher self and guides it is also helpful to realize that even though they have a very high perspective, they are not omniscient. They also do not know how every future event will turn out. All they can see are the probabilities of something happening in a certain way. No one can predict the future with absolute certainty because each person involved in a situation has free will and choices in their every now moment.

This system does have its limitation. It is best to word the questions very carefully and as simply as possible in order to get the best results. Your higher self, or a guide, might have a hard time answering complicated or compound questions within the limitations of yes and no answers.

Your higher self and guides will always teach you in the steps that you need to take for greater spiritual understanding. At times, this may mean that what they are teaching you is not an ultimate truth, but a step in understanding to bring you to a greater truth. They need to teach you in a way that you are capable of understanding and accepting through your current belief system.

All information that you channel has to be filtered through and interpreted by your conscious mind. Because of this, the information that you receive may be colored by your beliefs in some way. This is one reason why having a yes and no energy answering system with your higher self and guides is so important. The energy that they place into your body does not have to be interpreted through your conscious mind for you to feel it, so they can guide you with the energy and tell you if you are understanding the messages in the way that they wish you to. But you do have to have a very clear understanding of the energy signals that they are sending for it to work well.

Your higher self and guides can work with you in many ways other than communication. They can also work with your chakras and help to open and balance them. Chakras are energy centers in your body through which you are connected with your higher self and All That Is. There are seven major chakras in your body that run from the top of your head to the base of your spine and there are several semi-major ones in your hands, feet, knees, and ankles. There are also thousands of minor chakras throughout your entire body.

Many people associate chakras with the colors of the light spectrum and think of them as shaped like a ball, disk, or cone. Visualizing them like this can be very helpful when working with your chakras. I will give a very brief description of the seven major chakras and where they are located for everyone who does not already know about them.

The first, base chakra, is located at the base of the spine and associated with the color red. The second, sacral or sexual chakra, is located about 3 or 4 inches below the navel and is seen as orange. The third, solar plexus chakra, is located at the bottom front of the rib cage and is yellow. The fourth, heart chakra, is located in the middle of the chest and is seen as green. The fifth, throat chakra, is located in the throat and is associated with the color blue. The sixth, third eye or brow chakra, is located in the middle of the forehead and is seen as indigo. The seventh, crown chakra, is located at the top center of the head and many people associate it with either violet or white, or a combination of the two with violet at the bottom and white on the top.

Your higher self and guides usually bring their energy into your body through your chakras no matter how they are working with you, whether it is for communication, or for energy work of any kind.

A good exercise to use to begin working with your higher self and/or guides, is to visualize their energy as a column of bright white light coming into your crown chakra and then going into each consecutive chakra. As you do this try to see each chakra glowing brightly and spinning counter-clockwise. Then visualize the energy filling and encompassing your entire body. If you are just starting out and are not used to feeling the energy, you may not be able to feel very much the first several times that you try this exercise. But with practice and patience you can become very sensitive to the energy and very adept at working with your higher self and guides in this way. This is a good way to begin any meditation where you will be working with your higher self or a guide. It easily establishes an energy connection between you and them for any work that you want to accomplish.

If you wish, your higher self and guides can also work with you on many levels of your consciousness while you are very connected to them through the energy in this way. The teaching that they do with you can be done on a subconscious and unconscious level, as well as on a conscious one. Do not assume that nothing is being accomplished if you are not aware of the energy or the work that is being done with you. Each and every time that you ask to work with them and put forth the effort and intention of connecting and working with them, it is done to the greatest extent that you are capable of at the time. Your higher self can accomplish the most with you if you trust him/her to do what is best for you. It is helpful if you ask that he/she work with you in every way that you need for your highest good. Trusting your higher self in this way is acknowledging that you truly are a part of your higher self and that your higher self is that part of you that sees and understands everything from a very high perspective and can make decisions for you/them from that position.

Your higher self has tentative plans and goals for each life that you/they have on the Earth. It is much easier for things to go as planned if you are in conscious contact with them. It is very important in this time of ascension to be as connected as you can be to your higher self to be able to follow your plans as closely as possible. I strongly suggest that each of you take the time to connect with your higher self and your own guidance. This connection and work is needed to go through your ascension process in the best and easiest way possible.

You can start out very slowly and work in steps that are comfortable for you. Your higher self and guides will not go any faster than what is comfortable and best for you. There may be times that you wish to go faster and other times that it may seem to be a bit too fast, but trust your higher self to know exactly what is needed for you at any time in your spiritual development.

My best wishes to each and every one of you on your spiritual path. I offer my help to everyone who wishes to work with me.


Ed: Jeannie Weyrich can be reached at worldlight@idsi.net




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