12 октомври, 2008


October 13 , 2008


Things are shifting and sorting, all in readiness for a move forward the second half of October.

There are various stages to this latest phase of re-connecting, and some of us may be here while others are there, but all in divine and perfect order, as always.

The process of re-wiring or re-connecting to a new shore, or higher vibrating home involved a tuning up within, as well as a tuning up without. The economy here in the US is undergoing a similar process, which will affect the planet as a whole. And as we tune up within, we will affect the planet as a whole as well.

This is a massive transition…but as many of us are far ahead of the masses, we will be nearly untouched, as all our needs will be met with ease.

If you are one who has recently let go of connections to the old, you may now be finding yourself in a space of self-exploration, perhaps considering a geographical move, and wondering what your new role might be. Being still, exploring new options and passions, re-connecting to what it is that you really and truly have always wanted, and allowing things to unfold oh so naturally are your keys.

During these times, we are always taken care of. If we are in a phase where we are re-connecting to our authentic selves, or allowing that process to unfold, the universe is always behind us, supporting our needs until we are complete with our self-exploration. There is a road map for this process in Stepping Into the New Reality (more about it at the end of this energy alert), as this process is a key component of ascension, and will continue on for many who are on various rungs of the ascension ladder.

If your re-connection process is complete or near complete, you may find yourself in states of busy-ness, with too many projects to tend to, perhaps feeling overwhelmed, and with a seeming inability to complete just one. All in varying states of being half-finished and scattered. What is occurring here, is that we have one foot in one reality and another foot in another. And the realities are about setting our foundations, beginning those new projects, and tending to our supports until the new has arrived in full.

Because we have created our new connections, this begins then, a new phase or new energy current that wants to be utilized, while at the same time, we may still need to finish up some of the old in order to be ready and prepared for the new.

It is just a matter of overlaps while going from one place to another.

Another common scenario of moving from one vibrational level to another, is having an experience of seemingly everything breaking and needing to be repaired or fixed. What is occurring here, is that there is now a vibrational mis-match, and things need to be adjusted, or “fixed.” We have to set up new alignments for the new, and this is simply part of the process.

If nothing is happening for you right now, and everything seems still and dead in the water, then know that your new connections are still being lined up. You will connect when all is ready and in alignment. We are all in differing stages of this process, but in the end, our new connections will arrive when they will! And oh so perfectly indeed.

During this time of new connections, we are experiencing a new unity as well. As the veil thins on a regular basis, we ultimately begin to see our neighbors, brothers, and sisters for who they really are. The masks begin to fall and we are once again united with more of our memory intact. If you are one who has seen beyond the masks for a long while, it can be wonderful to have others now join you in recognition of each another!

This new unity is occurring because the time is right. All is in divine and perfect order. We are beginning the stages of supporting each other. And as we choose to let go of what is rapidly falling now, we will then find ourselves in groups of like-minded people, all willing and able to connect in beautiful ways.

As I have mentioned so many times in the past, we are embodying so much more light now within ourselves, that we are the ones we need to defer to. We need no longer ask for wisdom or support outside of ourselves. We are at an evolutionary level now, that allows us to dictate our next steps and the next phase. Enough of us are ready. We have morphed to a new level of becoming angels on Earth. A space ship is not going to arrive and save us, the darkness is not going to take over the planet, and any horrible scenario of the end times will not occur. These illusions come from an old 3D mentality and are not necessary, nor can they exist in the higher vibrations we now find ourselves in.

Continuing to focus upon darkness during this process of transition will only serve to fuel an unwanted scenario of complete illusion, as well as placing one in that reality…a reality that is being created and maintained by those who are buying into it and bringing attention to it.

The reality is this: We are transitioning from the old to the new. We are now existing in a higher vibrating reality. Anything that is not vibrating at this new level, will cease to exist, as there is no energy left to sustain it. Thus, it crashes. In this way, the old cannot be held up or saved. It is not possible. No new blood or attention can bring it back. This is what we have been waiting for, so it is actually a time to rejoice if one chooses to focus their attention in this way. Connecting to the new or a different shore is what will sustain us now. The reason we are experiencing the re-connections is because of the fall. So you see, we are always being taken care of, and know as well, that we are the ones creating and implementing the plan. This is why we are always right where we need to be. We would not create a scenario or plan that would jeopardize those who are here to assist. That would not make sense.

At higher levels, everything is always going in the same direction. There is no polarity…there is no darkness. So-called darkness is only here to spur us on to create something new and different. The darkness is in reality, the light as well, as everything is always light. Here in the US, if we had not had George Bush as president for the past eight years, we would not be where we are now. And where we are now, is in a space where enough individuals are willing and ready for change…for a new and higher way of being and living. George Bush had to shake things up for us. He did a wonderful job, and he did his job well. He was just part of our ascension process, and at his soul level, he knew exactly what he was doing. We are all in this together.

So then, the so-called “darkness” is not trying to take over. It is showing us the way. There is not a war here between dark and light, as everything is in on this together. The best thing to focus on now is the new, and simply leave the so-called “darkness” behind for others who still need a wake-up call. It is not for us to try and bring it down. It has its’ purpose. Our job is to hold the light, to create the new in our own sanctuaries of choice, to allow the old to fall.

We are in an incredible space now, during an incredible time. Letting go of the old, staying centered and still, and tapping into who we really and truly are, will automatically place us in the higher realms. Focus is key as well. Looking in a new and different direction, focusing on a different perspective, or simply thinking about something else when times seem tough, will automatically catapult us into a new reality created simply through thought.

We have an opportunity now to create what we have always wanted. We have an opportunity now to come together in communities of choice. We have an opportunity to offer our own special gifts and talents to others in order to create a whole. These are awesome times indeed…

So get ready, as the latter part of October will rev things up, cement things in, and connect us so much more securely to a very new beginning! Which side will you choose to be on and what will your new beginning be?

A brief note: Stepping Into the New Reality is indeed ready to roll, but for various reasons will only be ready for purchase when the new web site is up and running. We are anticipating one more week, as the new site is very near completion now. Thank you for your unending patience and your continued support!


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,


For your reading pleasure from The Ascension Primer":

"Say That Again?

- The main theme or process of ascension
involves letting go or undoing all that has been created
before. The perfect ascension mantra is "give it up,
give it up, give it up".

- When we undo, let go, or purge and release, we
are emptying out and leaving much more room for
Source to enter and fill us up. We are also returning to
our original purified and pristine state....the state that
we arrived in when our souls were first created.

- The ascension process is providing us with many
opportunities to let go, as we cannot do it through will
of the mind....we must experience it in full living color
which creates a new state of being. The most common
ways of letting go are through:

o Intolerance and apathy
o Darkness and contrast
o A dark night of the soul
o Exhaustion
o Energy shifts
o A health crisis
o Loss of employment
o Not participating in the old systems

But there is much, much more to letting go and arriving in a
higher state of being. This transmutation process of vibrating
higher and evolving creates some strange, intense, and at
times frightening experiences for most of us. And thus come the
ascension symptoms.

HAVE YOU EVER been in the middle of a compelling
conversation and suddenly you could not remember or access
the simplest of words or names? Do you find yourself eating
several times a day, as your blood sugar levels feel as though
they are plummeting? Have you had periods where you could
not sleep all night or maybe awakened regularly between 2 and
4 a.m...or also had periods where you slept like a log all night
and during the day could not keep your eyelids open?

Or perhaps you intermittently experience overwhelming
feelings of no sense of place. Ever looked in the mirror and
not know who in the world you are looking at? Have you had
periods of time where you have lost all your passion, felt
deflated and lethargic, could not muster up the energy to do a
thing, and simply did not care anymore?

If you have experienced any of these scenarios, you are most
certainly not alone. For most of us, the ascension symptoms
are perhaps the most universal, yet at the same time, the most
baffling and frightening as well. With no frame of reference for
what we are experiencing, we may even feel that we are
developing some kind of mental disorder, or really losing it. In
fact, this is basically true, as we are losing it! We are losing all
the denser and lower vibrating aspects of ourselves.

Many times going to a doctor can prove futile as the
mainstream medical community has not seen and has no
reference for most of these symptoms. The majority of the
time, the symptoms eventually go away on their own without
any kind of treatment. But there are also times when seeing a
doctor can be beneficial as well. And always remember, that
not all our strange and uncomfortable physical, mental, and
spiritual maladies can be attributed to ascension symptoms.
Sometimes a cigar is simply just a cigar.

Although the ascension symptoms vary from individual to
individual, many of them are fairly universal. If you are having
a strange symptom or experience that is not listed here, you
are not alone. Each of us is wired differently and will
experience this rapid and intense process according to who we
are, how we view things, what we believe, and how connected
and open we are to Source and the higher dimensions.

What we believe determines how we run our energy. The filter
that we run our energy through, or what we are about, will
greatly affect and determine our ascension process. One of
the greatest and easiest things we can do to promote a gentler
ascension process is to not take things personally. This
process cannot be avoided. We agreed to it because we knew
we could handle it, and we are all in this together. Nothing is
attacking you personally. You are not being abandoned,
stomped on, ignored, or punished. You have not done anything
wrong. You are not a bad person. On the contrary, you are
having this experience because of the grand and exquisite
person that you are! Your bravery, strength, and dedication
are very highly revered by every living thing in the universe.

This monumental experience of ascension is a unique,
powerful, and amazing experience that is paving the way for all
others to follow. By breaking the new ground, you are making
things much easier for all who come after you. Bless you...as
you are truly divine.

And know that as you progress through your ascension
process, your inner child and your ego begin to diminish. In
this way, the process becomes much, much easier as time goes
on. You will arrive at a place, if you haven't already, where
you will be able to simply observe what is going on within you
from the outside. "Oh, another symptom is here," you may
think or "here comes another energy surge!" As the ascension
process is so on-going, you will eventually become so familiar
with all its' aspects that it is really no big deal anymore. As
you hobble around half dead, you get used to it (smile)! And
you will come to learn that it will not kill you. You may be
dying while you are alive and may feel downright strange and
uncomfortable at times, but these feelings always pass. And
as we are so gradually moving into all the feel good energy
and feel good states of being, things get better and better.

In the beginning, our density and the density of the planet is
being broken up and moving out. Because it is up and around
us, this is all we see and experience for awhile. But it gets
better and better... and we have made so much progress
already! In the end you will find that it is all worth it.

Generally speaking, our bodies, minds, and spirits are going to
higher levels. They are losing their density. In order to "die"
or go to a higher dimension where the frequencies are much
higher, one has to "fit." You can't put a square peg into a
round hole. And you can't squeeze a dense blob of energy
through a delicate screen. While making this amazing
transition into the higher realms while in a physical body, much
is taking place as we are transmuting, so to speak. And as we
raise our frequencies higher and higher (lighter matter vibrates
at a higher rate), we are at times here in this old 3D reality and
at times in a higher dimension.

In the higher dimensions, things are very different. We aren't
used to being there while we are still inhabiting our old 3D
vehicle, with an old 3D mind and way of thinking. And the
physical level is always the last to be affected and to change
when any kind of change occurs. And much change is

So then, our bodies are transmuting and becoming lighter and
lighter and purer and purer. This can cause many various
physical aches and pains as anything vibrating lower (especially
old traumas and injuries or even unbalanced health situations)
feel it the most. When the higher energy moves in, and we are
receiving higher and higher energy every day, it affects
anything that is of a lower vibration. And the lower the
vibration, the more it is felt.

Our minds are beginning to see new realities and higher ways
of being and living through this process. As the layer of
density that has clouded our thinking becomes thinner and
thinner, it is as if we gain great clarity and insights and can
finally see what really is...and at times, we may not know
where we are! Through this process, our emotions are also
affected. When we suddenly begin to open, it can be quite
dramatic and quite unfamiliar to us. And our spirits are
becoming closer and closer to Source as we begin to remember
what it is all about. Heightened levels of love, compassion,
and gratitude are some of the aspects of the ascension process
that I enjoy the most.

Because we are returning to Source and the original purified
version of our souls, much is involved in the undoing process.
What an exciting adventure and wild ride it is!


"SOMETHING TERRIBLE must be wrong with me." "I think I
am dying." "This is the strangest thing I have ever
experienced." "I think I am losing my mind." "Any doctor
would think I am crazy and never understand." "I am losing
my foothold and can't seem to get it together." "I really don't
fit in now. Why is everyone else going along fine in their lives,
and I am having these weird and unsettling feelings and
emotions?" "I don't belong here anymore." "What else could
possibly happen?" "I can't take anymore." "I'm all alone."
"No one else understands." "Everyone else is in some other
place having another experience and I am...I know not where,
but it is neither here nor there." "I feel just plain strange."
"Things in the world are seemingly getting worse and worse
and nothing seems to ever change or get better." "I am so
confused. Nothing makes any sense anymore and I don't
know what is going on with anything."

Hmmmmmm...how about some more thoughts: "Wow.
Everyone I know is experiencing hell. I'm sure glad I'm done
with that." "I've never felt so much peace and freedom in my
life. I feel as though I am away from all the yucky stuff." "It's
sure calm here. I feel at one with nature and the cosmos, and
so very connected and powerful." "Every night I sleep like a
baby." "I never want for anything. All my needs are always
met. I feel so protected, safe, and taken care of." "I get to be
in my passion 24/7. Every element of my life involves being in
my creativity and just being." "I have such a simple life. I am
not attached or connected to anything." "I love having no
agenda and I don't have to be in an appointment based reality
anymore. I love being able to do whatever I want to whenever
I want to. I can't imagine living a box-like structured lifestyle!"
"I'm sure glad I got out of that relationship." "When I look
back, I can hardly remember the person I was or the life I was

If you haven't already, you will go from paragraph one to
paragraph two. It can be hard to imagine the reality of
paragraph two when you are in paragraph one. When we are
really in a space, it can feel as though that is all there is. But
things always pass."
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