16 октомври, 2008

EARTH LOG* Oct. 16th : Peace and Abundance Event in Berlin....and then south to the Magdalene country....

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com

October 16th : Peace and Abundance Event in Berlin....and then south to the Magdalene country.... After our wonderful time in Uberlingen, we moved to the North for a week-end of working in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. Here is our group at the Brandenburg gate, one of the most famous landmarks in the city, and recently visited by Barack Obama when he was in Germany.


Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe, and Berlin as the capital city presented a challenging energy for our work. And so it was that we gathered to gether with a group of dedicated Lightworkers from Berlin activate the City of Light for Berlin, to create a Temple of Golden Light for the Elemental energies in the City, and to anchor the New Earth Codes for Peace and Abundance from an open and joyous Heart space.

It was interesting that we had originally intended to work at St Michaelsheim, but the last minute the Church which owned the property that we had rented cancelled our booking on the grounds that our work was not in harmony with Church teaching. Hmmmmm....indeed...so we had to find another venue very quickly. Spirit guided us to the perfect venue in the Kreuzberg part of the city, which was close to the old Berlin Wall and near to Checkpoint Charlie which was the croosing point in the days when the wall was still standing. In addition, the venue was right next to a beautiful park with a small waterfall, which was perfect for our water ceremony and for anchoring the new Elemental energies in Berlin.

We began our work on the 10th of October, the 10:10, or in this case, the 1:1:1 energy. Perfect for a new beginning, and this was followed on the 11th by our day long seminar that included the water ceremony. The energy was very powerful and loving, and we could feel the assistance of Archangel Michael and the Angelic realms as we worked to bring the new Golden Light to this city. Here is a picture of Christina and Horst, from Berlin, taking the Sacred Water that we created in the Ceremony and gifting it to the waterfall.


The next day we spent some time in the center of Berlin, taking the new Light and energy into the city. Here is an image of the German parliament building, where Chancellor Angela Merckel, the first woman leader of Germany, sits with the lawmakers and policy makers of Germany.


In the two weeks that I had spent in Germany, the weather has been cold and gray and wet mostly. The day after the Berlin work, the clouds parted and the sun came out and the weather was warm and sunny! Even the energy felt calmer and more peaceful. Interstingly, Chancellor Merckel was part of a financial plan for Europe that seemed to instill confidence, and the financial markets regained lost ground overnight! It was also intersting that this same week-end, there was a Congress in the south of England in which many Lightworkers from all over the Planet gathered to work with the New Energy as well. So, with all that powerful energy of Unconditional Love and Focussed Intention, it is true to say it could have just been co-incidence, but there are really no co-incidences in the Universe!

So, a big thank you to all the wonderful Lightworkers who came to be a part of the Berlin work! And then, for us, it was on the road and on to the South...towards Mary Magdalene country. This part of the trip is a big treat for me, as I just love being in the south of France, where the Magdalene energy is still strong and pure in some places. We left Gross Kochberg at lunch time and drove south through Germany and into France, arriving at Ste Maries de la Mer in the Camargue region at 3 in the morning. It was a warm and clear night, so we slept on the beach! Ste Maries de la Mer is the place where Mary Magdalene is believed to have landed in France after her journey from Palestine. It was lovely to wake up as the sun came up over the Mediterranean Sea, in the same place where the Magdalene began her journey as the Feminine Christ energy in Europe.

The next morning, we set of early on our journey from Ste Maries through the southern Languedoc to the Spanish border, and then on to Barcelona for our week-end events with Family of Light in Spain. Here is an early morning image of one of the famous white Camargue horses in the Camargue national park. These smallish white horses used to roam the Camargue as wild horses, and now they are still here in large numbers in the park.


And so, we crossed into Spain, arriving in the city of Barcelona in the late afternoon. Barecelona is a large and busy city, where the weather was warm and the streets filled with people and life! Here we met with Paloma, our Spanish co-ordinator, and Carmen and Alberto who have been working with Paloma to organize our event at the Tibet House in Barcelona this week-end. Here is an image of me with Brigitte and Manfred with Paloma, outside the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona.


And so, here in Barcelona we are preparing to anchor the Golden Flame energy and the New Codes for Peace and Abundance in the City of Barcelona. As the Earth transforms and as we bring the New Energy into manifestation, it is our Joy and Privilege to be able to work with the new Golden Light at this time and to anchor the Codes and Archetypes that will create Abundance and Peace on our Planet. Each one of us can be the transmitter of this New Light, as we work to Be the Light and to hold the New Light so that others may release their fear and anxiety as the old energy falls away and the New is Born into Form!





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