17 октомври, 2008

Pathways to Grace * Oct. 2008 Messages from Mother Mary

Messages from Mother Mary

Mother Mary2

"First Message"

My Dearest Ones,

We are with you. Look not to the news or the media for the truth of your life. It is imperative that you find the deep center knowing within you that combines the truth of your heart with the divine inspiration and wisdom of your most loving mind.

This mind, like an untapped mine, holds the keys to the kingdom and to the vast resources of co-creation and miracles. Between you and this majesty are simply the layers and layers of doubt, fear, programming, and denial that have been your journey.

Awaken dear ones. Awaken. It is time to shine and time to share and you have within you all that you require for this new dawn and this new earth. Awaken and behold the truth of who you truly are and why you came. You have within you the DNA of Jesus and Mohammed and all of the great and wise prophets who have walked this earth. You have within you the starry DNA of interplanetary brilliance. You have within you so much more than you have known.

The journey to mine your greatness is what lies before you. You will find the joy of discovery, along with enduring the pain and some hardship of soul loneliness as you make your way where others fear to go. Yet I promise you there is gold and more in the mine that you work. There is the unearthing and birthing of the truth and the splendor of the kingdoms yet to come. Yes, thy kingdom come as thy will be done.

You do know what you have to do, despite your fear and your upset. You do know what must leave and what can stay. You do know, dear ones, you do. It is time to face your unwillingness. It is time to own your denial. It is time to leave what is familiar and comfortable for the path of greatness that you promised to walk. Many will tell you that you are crazy or unreasonable or out of touch with the "real" world. Thank them for the reminder that yes you are crazy as you will no longer live half or less of who you are. Tell them that reason will never take you where genius will lead. And then tell them that the "real" world is built of structures chosen to perpetuate domination, fear, and control and that you are choosing to build a world from the dream of one light, one love, and one earth for all who dwell here.

Thank them, smile with the satisfaction of telling your truth and take the next step toward a world that is built from the power of love: your love, your knowing, and your willingness, and your light.

We are with you.

Beloved Mother Mary
Channeled by Samarah

Mother Mary-3Mother Mary's
"Second Message"

My Dearest Family,

The next three months as this year ends and the next begins will bring forth astonishing new beginnings and some long needed endings. It is most important for you to examine what you would keep and what must now be released. Fear and greed have long held dominion over the financial world and the leadership that pays homage to Caesar's world.

This is a time for new ideas and fresh perspectives. This is a time for co creation and community and a new vision that can nourish and restore, rather than decimate and destroy. Begin with yourself.

Take inventory of your beliefs and of your choices. Are you creating and sustaining balance, joy, tenderness, loving relationships, peaceful times and nurturance for all? If not, what can you do to realign your life with the values dearest to you?

Of all the worries, we know that money or the lack of it often holds you captive. If you would restore your ease and a flow that serves you, there are three simple actions to take.

1. Choose to feel gratitude. Count your blessings. Allow this to be not simply a mental list for that does not give you comfort. See the faces of those you love and who hold you in love as well. Allow the feeling of loving and being loved and of all the creations of nature that bless your planet. For those who have animals, see their loving energy and how they have blessed you. Fill yourself with the blessings that you already have in your life and say a deep and honest thank you.
2. Look through your closets and your garages and your piles of things that lie in boxes. Take 10 things to your favorite charity and as you do ask that these things bless the people who will receive them. See how rich you are that you have more than enough and that your abundance can now bless others.
3. Pay it forward. You all know someone who has less than you and who is working hard and is challenged to make ends meet. Get a card and send them some money. Let it be at least $10 and as you do, see your love and abundance blessing them and allowing them to then feel more ease.

It is time for elections in the US and we ask each of you to bless each office that whoever is now to hold that position, govern with balance, vision, love and equanimity.

We know that this is a time of challenge and change. You have the clarity. You have the wisdom. Now have the faith to walk into this new vision, the new earth of balance and peace. It is time and we are with you.

Beloved Mother Mary
Channeled by Samarah
October 2008





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