09 декември, 2008

Anchoring Light and Chakra Alignments

Anchoring the Light and Chakra Attunements


Raising the bodies vibrations to keep pace with the new frequencies and energies currently entering our dimensional fields while protecting and clearing yourself of the unwanted disruptive and dysfunctional frequencies now taking their leave. This is imperative for each of us to do if we wish to keep from getting ill or overly depressed and stagnate.

If you are not working with your Chakras or do not know what they are then it past time to get books and tapes and educate yourself. Your Chakra system is whole link up to your life force including but not limited to your soul and spirit self.

I am going to share a chakra exercise with you now that you can do on a regular basis over the next few weeks to help yourself raise your vibrations and keep yourself well. It will work much better if you have already been working with your chakra system and know how to utilize it's energy.

I am also adding the exercise of Anchoring Light that should be done daily and also before you do the chakra exercise I am sending you.

If you have candles and incense to use place candles either in the four directions or in a triangle around you and state:

Anchoring the Light Heavenly Father Divine Mother, I call you forth and ask you anchor your light in and around me, so that what is needed for my highest and purest good take place today.

I am the power of Light that I am.

I am Earth, I am Air, I am Fire, and I am Water.

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.

Holy mighty teachers of love and light, bring your energy bring your light, fill my heart with your wisdom and love, strengthen my energy and help me assimilate my own light.

I call to the Power of light that I am

I call to my spirit Essence

I call to the I am that I am

I call to all those of Light that assist guide, guard and protect me in my journey of life and ask that they align their energies within me.

I am, I am, I am a child of Love and Light.

I am , I am, I am, A wonder of Spirit Light

I am, I am, I am created in divine light.

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am the I am.

Now do three Aums.

Sit quiet for a few moments.

Centering Exercise to Align Your Chakras

Sit (or lie down). Take a few deep breaths. Then repeat aloud the following statement:

I call forth my root chakra, the etheric body connected to it, and the light of life within.

Feel a red waterfall of light washing down over you.,

Follow the above steps with each of the following chakras: State:,

I call forth my sacral chakra, the emotional body connected to it, and the light of life within.

Feel a vibrant orange color added into your waterfall of light.

Now State:

I call forth my solar plexus chakra, the mental body connected to it, and the light of life within.

Allow the Sun to shine very brightly into your waterfall of light surrounding you with its warmth and light.. Focus on the area just above the navel, between the ribs.

Now State:

I call forth my heart chakra, the astral body connected to it, and the light of life within.

Feel your heart beating in your chest, now feel your heartbeat connect with mother Earth and all other life. Focus on your heart.

Now State:

I call forth my throat chakra, the causal body connected to it, and the light of life within.

See where the sky meets the Earth at the horizon. Feel the vastness of the blue sky all around you. Focus on your throat area.

Now State:

I call forth my brow chakra, the celestial body connected to it, and the light of life within.

Allow a violet color of energy come from above and color the sky. Focus on the center of your brow. I call forth my crown chakra, the ketheric body connected to it, and the light of life within.

Allow the Golden light of heaven to come down from above and surround you. Focus on the area at the top of your head. As you feel your crown chakra open, bring that wonderful color of gold down throughout your spinal column, Bringing it down to the base of the spine.

Now state:

"I ask that my higher self now align my chakra system within itself as well as within the Universal Chakra System, That of the Cosmos and that of the Divine. I ask that an attunement and alignment of my physical body take place and that my cellular and atomic level of being reach the new heights and frequencies needed to raise my vibrations keep me healthy. I ask that my consciousness also stayre- aligned with my higher awareness and understanding to assist me with my other levels of development.

So be it, So be it, Amen.

Do three Aums.





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