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Higher Light Council* Call to Oneness

Higher Light Transmissions

Call to Oneness

December 4, 2008

It just happens, Ascension happens. It happened to me. In October (2008), it just did; the wonderful slip in to Oneness. And there I was, united within my multi-dimensional self. For that is what ascension is.

When we descend in to matter, especially as a life on Earth, we cannot bring the grandness of who we are on to these bodies and so we bring on a small portion of our Divinity in to the body/mind complex we inhabit here. For we are grand, wonderful, multi-dimensional beings, complete and whole; and we choose to leave that awareness hidden or veiled in order to experience lesser divine experiences. With the state of human affairs here, it surely is very less than divine some of the time, and mans-inhumanity-to-man is a raw lesson to bear.

Early Denials

When I was born, I was very psychic. I just knew things. This was very disturbing to my parents. To have some two year old tell you about spirits and coming events is just disturbing. Some of the things I knew they could not understand due to the mind set and the denial state of science and medicine in reference to intuition, psychic, and metaphysical skills.

The accepted theory of the day was that psychic abilities were caused by irregular chemical reactions within the body/mind, thus a treatable psychosis. When something I would tell my parents of this nature came true, it scared them. My mother studied psychology in college and my father studied pharmacy, producing much closed minds. I was punished for my natural psychic abilites.

So I just took what I could underground until I was old enough to be more open about it. Yes, when I became a teenager! Yet my parents and teachers had successfully shut down a major portion of this nature. Years later I would understand this as part of my soul contract. I now see if they had left me so wide open in such a closed minded world, I may have died early on. I had come in to provide spiritual guidance to others, healing for others and Earth clearings and so I had to be here later in life.

Soul Contract

This contract set me up for a very rough life. Without my natural intuition, I ran right in to trouble over and over again.

Creator gave us each these intuitive abilities as part of our Divinity to help guide us through the experiences here in polarity-infested Earth. It assists us in making better choices by showing, warning, or advising different. Our intuition, which is our psychic nature, is also the conduit our spirit guides council us through. When we have limited or closed intuition, we also do not receive this guidance. Then life gets really tough.

As closed down as I had become, I was still Divine. Like a tiny leak in the dam, the intuition started to flow in every increasing portion until I reestablished its priority as the lead in my life. Yet it took some dramatic events to break open the dam and let intuition flow naturally.

Once I realized that this was real, and natural, I devoured all information on it like a starving woman. I consumed books, tapes, workshops, conversations, and experiences with others like myself. I had to relearn what was really so natural for it had been over-ridded with the opinions of others to what was right. So I took out the mental, emotional and spiritual garbage, dumping bags upon bags of useless information, criticisms, lies, manipulations, misunderstandings, impressions and assumptions. I replaced them with the natural Divine, and authentic. It is not really easy for there is always a doubting Thomas right next to you saying that this is all wrong and no one can prove psychic abilites exists….. Yea right??

Proof Happens

Wrong. When you LIVE it, it proves itself over and over again. Do not ask me to sit behind a table and guess which playing cards you are looking at, for that really is not proof.

Proof happens. Proof is when something you intuitively knew comes to happenstance. Proof is when you actually prevent an event due to precognition. Proof can simply know who is on the other end of the ringing phone!

When I opened full to my innate high intuition, my life became so much easier. I just knew the turn to the left would be better for me at that point than the turn to the right. I just knew this person is a charlatan and to walk away. I knew that I must complete a task in order for a sequence of event to occur in my favor. I began responsible for my entire being.

I learned to channel, to administer bio-energy healing, to council using the conversations of the Higher Selves of people, to see in to the body for disharmonies, to feel a persons state of being, to rescue people in dreamtime, to bi-locate and do world wide work. I consciously clear land masses of old energies, spirits, and anomalies that hold us all in old repeating patterns. I clear people of similar things. I have grown so that my energy projects in to others in a graceful way to activate the seed packets within them, for their own soul progress. I transmitte energy wherever I go within having intentions to do so. As I grow in to so many areas of Divine service, I am humbled and grateful. I never thought a sinner like me would ever be like this today. I also know I never was a sinner… that was garbage!

Yet these skills are just the walkway to the path of Oneness. As I learn each new skill, I found that we all are not really so different. I am humbled and honored each time I work with anyone, for I saw their Higher Self, and I know their innate Divinity. I see their spiritual genealogy. Such exquisite and unique people we all are!

I see the face of Creator I all that I meet. I silently honor each person I look at with recognition of their Divinity. I do not want anyone to ever forget how exquisite they are! For we are One and the many and we are here to experience our paths, each in its perfect way, for there is no one way. There is just the Oneness in individuated expressions.

Oneness is not “sameness”. We are not all suppose to turn in to each other until we are all one common denominator. To me, oneness is being unique in our individual expressions here on Earth while knowing we are a fluid, untied mass of energy on the higher planes. This united mass is Creator, thus One, and yet so expansive and indescribable to have so many life forms coming out in every direction imaginable.

The Call

The call to Oneness is to re-member who you are, and what your real interests are. It is to keep bringing in more of the consciousness of your Higher Self and the multi-dimension aspects. It is to let go of all the hurts, and pains of disassociation with Divine Self, throwing out all the unnatural knowledge gained, and to utilize the Divinity that you always have.

So the path that you choose to do all this is perfect. It can be western, eastern or pagan religions, no religion, science, philosophy, art, writing, music, hard lessons, soft lessons, or just simply Aha! All paths to this Oneness are right. The diversity is part of the Oneness. So mix it up and play your own tune and when it all sound right, get up and dance! The call to Oneness is deeper in us than breathing!

~ Carolyn Thompson

Post note: Although I know many of you wish for descriptive writing about how the final step goes, but the Higher Light Council has requested that I do not. Their reasoning is that each person's journey is not only personal, but a sacred experience. And in our world of so many comparing themselves by other's experiences, they wish for this to be more natural and less contrived. So this message meets with their standards of being encouraging while leaving out the details of the final point of personal ascension. Know also that that is not the end of the path, but it continues as all life continually renews and improves!

I also asked them if many people have completed ascension and are not aware, and they said yes! More than half of those completing ascension are unaware that they have done so. Interesting point!

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