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The Quantum Awakening* DECEMBER 2008






from my heart and Home to yours


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Archangel Michael,


As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As you move into more illumination and more luminosity you become one who dwells on all levels, all surfaces, all layers of life. As you move fully into one who takes responsibility in the deep abyss of the inner thinking of your existence, then you become empowered. You need not weapons to protect yourself. You need not bulletproof vests to protect yourself or armies or navies. You need only the thought in every layer of your being that ‘I Am Of Pure Light And I Am Of Pure God. And Nothing Of Earth Can Destroy This, Harm This, Or Change This In Any Way."

You all stand at the gateway at sunrise on a planet that still wears her veils of mourning. You all look at this light as it rises in your sleepy eyes behind clouds of doubt. Your heart goes out, and your voice goes out, as you become one with what you yearn to experience. Open the gates of your being and feel truly and totally with your light. For the humanness crouches in the corner of self, but the light rises to meet the day, dances with the night, and rises to meet conflict without a droplet of fear, doubt, or darkness within it. As you move effortlessly into the upcoming year, there will be eclipses of the heart, total eclipses of dreams lost, and total eclipses of what appears to be your securities. All of this is but a fleeting energy, a passing of two ships in the night

Between now and the end of the year, you will be asked to cradle the babe within you, the Christ child within you. In apparent darkness, you will be asked to birth this Christ child without an external light. Using only the light of peace, and the light of love to illuminate what cannot be seen. You will take this babe in swaddling clothes and you will hold it up for all willing eyes to see, for it will birth you into all that you have held dear.

For each of you that sit in this realm of light and knowledge, have proclaimed that it shall be nothing less than a place of peace, and love. You have proclaimed to your human molecules, "I shall receive peace, "I shall be healed, I shall be purified, and I shall be cleansed." And so it shall be. (The vibration of SHALL is seven of nature declaring the spiritual warrior be set free. One who walks a narrow path within self and soul. Working for the light, by the light and with the light. Not being allowed to stray outside the boundaries of light for more than a fleeting thought. Seven brings you home the place where miracles are an every minute event. Seven is your natural state of being. )

Your ears will deafen to the loud calls of fear and your hearts shall leap past all the thoughts of danger and your light shall shine down upon all those that are afraid.

Give to yourself this Christmas, the gift of peace. Give it in every thought. Give it in every word. And give it in every gift that you wrap and unwrap. For remember dear ones, it is the babe in swaddling clothes that you grace with your presents and your presence. Unwrap the divinity within you. You have mummified yourself into stagnation and now it is time to take off the wraps of the past. Do not let one aspect of your heart, stay wrapped in the swaddling clothes of christmas past..

For it is your duty as warriors of Light --- to fight in such a way you don't raise your sword, you don't raise your anger, and you don't raise your fists to anything. For each drop of anger that you have within your own sphere of life adds to the turmoil and chaos of the world.

You all stand at the apex of a new beginning. as a shaman who leaps off the side of a mountain knowing without a doubt that there is a portal of light You must leap without your securities. You must leap with love and with a knowing that nothing, NOTHING can destroy your peace, your unity, and your freedom.

you always have pure light at your disposal. I, Michael, come to tell you. I stand with you; I stand for you. Everyone feels in their heart, they are right. Everyone feels in his or her heart that theirs is the ultimate truth. So we seek to bring peace and wisdom, and enlightenment to every person on earth. Expand your perspectives. Encompass 360 degrees of this inner sight and knowing. It is in that center point of seeing that you will understand what we speak. Stand tall in your light, fearless. I am Michael and I am your sword.



‘take a look back at 2008'

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The vibrations of 2008 was all about conversion, changing from one form into another. It was a paramount year for seeing the fruition of many a bush you thought was dead. A time where miracles revived and breathed life into the broken dreams and lost hopes of so many as they plundered thru the mud field of politics and the mass manipulation of the media.

Conversion is defined as an event that results in a transformation, a change in the units or form of an expression: (like conversion from Fahrenheit to Centigrade) the act of changing from one use or purpose to another. A change in which one adopts a new faith, or belief.

The conversion of 2008 asks how did you spend your time energy, money, and light. Did you spend too much time and energy in worrying or waiting for a sign from the camouflaged universe? How much time energy and money did you put into the last large item you bought for yourself (car, house, appliance, computer etc) how many hours did you log (or blog) worrying about the money to get the thing? How many miles did you drive looking for the thing? Look at all that time energy and life force that is now held in your new gas efficient car /etc. See that as a living light. The item has more value since it took so much of your blood sweat tears and worry to manifest it. Take a moment and visualize yourself breathing all that time energy and money back into your being filling your dry wellspring. Filling the empty tired spots of your energy field and heart. Just keep breathing in and filling yourself with all the life-force you spent getting that item in the first place. Hold that lifeforece until your next projexct or dsesire. You can keep it, hold it or shoot it toward the next star you want to wish on as you ‘empty your bucket list' one drop at a time. .

The vibration of 2008 was about increasing the vibration and value of self not losing oneself to the demands of an ever-changing world. Holding tight to the truth that there is no recession or depression in heaven or in the light.

2008 was all about what we thought we needed. Life and circumstance and global selfishness demanded we redefine our needs on a multitude of levels, and so we did. The very word NEED is a/10 vibration. The word ‘Need' contains within it a conversion factor on a quantum level asking from its birth to be turned into something else. How do you activate the conversion factor within the word "need," simply by letting it go and seeing the need fulfilled on a deep quantum level of faith. Setting the need free opens up doorways of pure possibility


2 = holds the vibrational word energy of time, will, duality, balance

0-0 = holds the vibrational word energy of ‘all that was before creation'

8 = holds the vibrational word energy of success, trust, faith hope, God and Moses.

numerical 10 it has the vibrational word energy of crown, man, shine conversion.


‘The Magical You'

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome. I am the energies, the frequencies, of the one known as Merlin. I come on this day to introduce you again to the magic that you have forgotten, the magic of transforming all that is dark and dingy and dank in your life into beauty, into love, into golden opportunities. I have walked throughout time originally as Thoth, as Hermes, as Joseph of Armithea, as St. Germaine, and as Merlin. Now I come forth on this day just for a little bit to infuse you with the remembrance of how you can turn the 'lead of your life into gold'.

You stand at an intersection of life and remembrance waiting for the light to turn. It is your responsibility to announce and enounce that incoming light to every cell of your body in a tone of celebration, and a movement of dance that goes beyond what you once knew to be space and time. Come forth fully - do not stay in the hidden depths of your being, in the basements of the past, in the rooms without windows that darken your hopes.

You all have the innate ability to transmute through a thought, through a word, through a glance, and a touch. You have the ability to move past time and space as you know it and by-pass the speed of light and laugh at the speed of sound. Intertwining your energies with all of life. Dancing with the eagles, swimming with the dolphins, fencing with the wind. You have forgotten the beauty and the power of the elements on earth. Do not wait for the state of ascension as you are amended to the union of heaven on earth. Do not wait until the light announces to you. "It is time to ascend, it is time to rise from a leavened state. Hesitate not, for it is time to go beyond what you are capable, removing the veil that has hidden you from yourself.

Alchemically your timer and timing is set to engage as the planet earth comes fully into a concave elliptical lens of the future. Changing all of life's perspective as it sees itself in the new life that reflects off of a dual Sun. Move the alchemical unit of you into every aspect of your life. For all of it is interconnected and inter-woven and you cannot separate yourself from what you are creating and what is creating you. For every inch of you, every hair, every thought, every iota creates continually with or without your permission, with or without your knowing. Creation stops for no one and no thing. So knowing this, create the gold - instead of the lead and the rocks that you trip upon daily. See every situation, no matter how it looks to your human eye as an opportunity to express to yourself, the true beauty and the true love of what you are about.

I Merlin did not sit in the dungeons upon my proverbial hands, grinding up life with a pumice stone but I walked amongst life as you do. You have forgotten your Magic. The magical part of you, --- the part of you that can in a thought move from one location to another. The part of you that can open doorways that are seemingly boarded and bricked shut. The part of you that can fly, can breath underwater, can transform into any animal, any leaf, and any stone in any minute. I come to strip you of what you know to be yourself, to pull away the follicles and to expose a unit of light so grand, so magical, so divine. You wear these vehicles life after life, time after time - and still you do not like them. Every time you wish them away. Yet always they serve you well.

Your humanness comes into a format of being very sensitive at this point in time. Do not push it away with words that are not wise, with words that hold no feelings, but embrace this sacred time fully. You are a body of earth. You are a body of light. You are a body of heaven. Treat yourself magically. You have the doorway within you to all dimensions, to every civilization that has fallen and risen again, to every lost continent, to every lost star, to every lost galaxy. Time does not exist for you. It exists because of you. I leave you with magic in your heart. Yours is a Cosmic Magic, a Magic that is Light years ahead of you -This Magic comes from the stars. It comes from you in the future that sits there announcing to you in the now - what is to come undone and what is to come to be. Now I leave. Merlin.


These crystals align with the strong earthen energies of creation. They are alchemical of nature and deep elementary Earth & rutile in appearance escorting one into the hidden chambers and abysses within all possibilities. They align with action and as well as 'acting on' using the guidelines of divine will to frame your creations. These stones have a holding pattern of ‘8' that assists one to move upward, backward, and forward in the healing process. They hold within them precious light arrows of opportunity like shooting stars pointed in the direction of your deepest hearts desire.

Use these stones as a guideline to bring you back to a place of " I'll see it when I believe it' understanding. Allow them to release your subatomic encodings and Ride their magical properties like a Pegasus in flight. These magical stones will assist you in changing the heavy metals of your life into pure golden opportunity. Transmuting limiting patterns of holding that have kept you less in your Creational ability.

these Merlin crystals exhibit a powerful earth energy that is asking to be used. Like trying to harness a wild stallion these vibrational beauties are ready to run. They are strong of power neither male nor female but the sheer force of nature. They are aligned with places of great secret knowledge, teaching of the magic of the seasons, the wisdom of the wind and the element of change itself. They help one to gather the forces between here and there, bundling these energies as chromosomes to be used in the future


The vibration of Rutile rejuvenates and balances the entire body-mind-spirit system. It increases the spin of the cells, which accentuates clearing; Rutile amplifies intuitive ability clairvoyance, and strengthens all thought projections. Rutile is said to make one more forgiving toward both oneself and others, it gives a general sense of tranquility and calm order to what appears to be upheaval. It is also said to stimulate one's problem solving capabilities. Rutile transmutes negative thoughts and emotions releasing blocks in the energy field. It energizes the mind during sleep so deeper psychic dreams can materialize. This stone helps the body in the assimilation of nutrients, helps the immune system function more effectively, slows diseases of aging, and prevents depression. It is a link between the crown and root chakras. It is also believed to have the power to regenerate the body's tissues and help to uncover the true source of an illness. posted on quantum web page soon


Archangel Michael

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The end of 2008 asks one to look at their lives, their existence. In this past year, how strong have you become standing up for your truths? How strong have you become as the winds of change encircled your life and forced you, your beliefs, heart and truths out into the open? Out into the open, naked and exposed for all essences to see you, to view you, to know you. You all stand here naked as a newly born child. This new energy, strips away everything you once knew yourself to be. It strips away all that others told you that you were. Down to the bare skin and bare truth of who you really are. You will notice that anything that you believe in that is for your highest good, crumbles like a cracker.

The Mt. Sinai of your soul comes to beckon you, to stand tall in who you know yourself to be. Many things around you toss and turn and try to push you from the very ledge of your life. Whether it is your body, your health, your job, your relationships, it will be quite a rocky ride as you walk to the very top of yourself. As you stand at the very threshold of whom you knew yourself to be and whom you are becoming. You will free the truths that live within you, proclaiming them to all people of earth. You will climb to the mount as Moses did in the time of Biblical recording. Entering and exiting the Mt. Sinai of self, that is surrounded by the Dead Sea of that which no longer serves you.

Many places of your being have been scraped away as a barnacle upon a sea rock. You have lied to yourself on many occasions. You have lied to yourself about your needs, your wants, your desire, and your dreams. You have lied to others about such things as well. You have given in, you have bent, and you have swayed as the willow, instead of standing mighty as the oak. You have let your acorns of truth fall by the wayside and they have seeded nothing and no one except you. The very roots of you desire to be planted in higher aspects of truth, but you have settled for limitation.

You have gone on a pilgrimage for truth. You have searched for the Holy Grail. You have found the answers written in the stone, written in the burning bush, and written in the shroud. You have settled for these fixed Earthen truths. They have filled the void of your life, of your heart, of your soul, temporarily. You have come to the heights of the truths that were available to you and now it is time to go beyond. It is time to climb the mountains inside yourself, to receive more, to become more. It is time to elevate your standards, to elevate your Light, to elevate your dreams. To plant the flag upon the highest point of self, claiming that highest point of self for all humanity

The self wants to splash about the puddles of emotions, and the puddles of confusion. The soul strides forward relentlessly with or without you. who you thought you were is challenged at every intersection. the very apex of your dreams morphs into something else. The womb of your humanness is ready for new seed, and new truths. It is time to get the soil of your soul ready for new planting. Seeds of far off truths are planted on Earth. Seeds of a fruit that comes beyond your knowledge and expertise. Seeds of a future yet to be felt. These new mountings of truth will be etched upon the walls of your life. Look at them , walk around them, touch them, think about them. Give yourself time to digest the unknown. Now it sounds frightening what is being issued to humanity. It is not frightening, it is just unknown. It has not been thought of before, nor has it been experienced. It lives not in the human consciousness, in the human memory. It is time to resurrect a new you, a new zenith to your existence, a new apex to your personal mt Everest.

You walk into the Christed presence of who you are, of what you can do, of what you are here for. This Divine Expectation is issued in the now, not the tomorrow. Many of you still feel you have not earned your Christ light, the seamless garment of your divinity. The rising within you, is as a river that rises past its boundaries, as a stream that decides to become a river. As an ocean that decides to reclaim land that was once at the bottom of it everything comes to the surface.

At the surface perimeter everything pushes past what it once was. The weather does it, your lakes do it, your land does it, and so do you. You can not sit upon your hands as a child who is afraid to create. You can not sit upon your haunches pondering the questions of the Universe, pondering your future, your next move. A quickening, an acceleration, an expansion, a transformation enters thru the doorway of you. In some this will take the format of shifts in every aspect of who you once knew yourself to be. If what you are no longer serves you, it will not stand tall enough to live through the light of a new season.

The mountain is in front of you and you must move it. It is not something that blocks you. It is not something that stops you. It is not something that threatens you, and it is not something that punishes you. What stands in front of you as a ‘seemingly insurmountable mountain' is the part of you that knows it can move mountains, that knows it can part seas, that knows it can fly. That so-called mountain that stands in front of you is there to remind you of your magic and latent abilities. What seems as an obstacle is truly an opportunity and gift.

Everything of Earth is issued to humanity as a gift from the Creator. Look at the mountains, or shall we say, the molehills that you have made into mountains. Look at all of the hours of thinking about that molehill that has created and manifested such a lovely mountain. Look at all the fear that you have stood upon, and all the limitation you have climbed upon, to create that mountain in front of you. Look at all the work hours you put into it by your thoughts, by your words, your actions, and by your reactions to what was given to you as life.

I as Michael, bring you these truths to strengthen your immune system to all the viruses of human thinking. To strengthen the parts of you that have grown weak and tired in fighting your life. You often look at your life like a dragon. Spending excessive amounts of time and energy in slaying that dragon. Yet the dragon wished you no harm. You slay all things that come before you, that you do not understand. You slay life. You slay opportunities. You slay growth, and you slay love.

Look at your words! Look at your thoughts! You enter into a threshold, a hallway in the very house of the Universe, the very house of the Creator that you did not know was there. You venture down into different rooms of self. You open doorways to experiences beyond your imagination, beyond your perception and beyond your wildest expectations. Look at what you have created in AWE. Look at what is issued by the Creator above in AWE. You are so much more than you ever thought. These places that you go, these experiences you are issued... we, the angels, have not experienced. Our hallways have always been the same. The places we walk, what we experience has always remained the same. For you, it is different. Cherish that difference. I am Michael. I take your leave

You Are Not Standing Straight In What You Believe,

The Council of Light

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

This past year for all of you has been a year of clearing, of cleansing, of healing, and of letting go. It has been a year of coming full circle into your heart, into your truth, and into the hidden corridors of your mind and of your brain. It has been a year when finally many things have been exposed to you that have always been in front of your eyes, but that you have refused to look at. And now everything stands blatantly in front of you beckoning you forward to walk towards - a thought that no longer serves you, a person that you thought you had let go of, an idea that was not cultivated.

Step by step you are on a playground, a playing field where every point of your virtual reality has now become reality. You must walk softly and slowly as one who walks through mine fields, because emotional explosions come forth at each entrance and exit of each thought that no longer serves you. You are being asked to walk through the mind field of the memory, of the brain, and of the understanding of human capabilities. Letting go of all that you have worshiped in the past. Knocking the icons off the pedestals, as well as the little "g" gods that you have placed far above you.

Do not look to the heads of your world, the heads of your companies and countries as gods. For each and every one of you walks in the wholeness of their own divinity. You are being issued certifications that say you are 100% divinely responsible for all of your creations, everything in the past and everything in the future thru all time and space. You are responsible collectively as a nation, as a planet, and as a people. You are responsible - personally - for every thought. each thought of fear that you have is escorted into a room of fear. Each hate that you have is escorted into a room filled with hate. Each thought of love that you have is escorted into a mansion filled with love. essences of self-doubt, self-loathing, and self-hate are the biggest terrorists that you personally have.

Every single sentence of every single word, of every single thought is being escorted into one doorway or another. You all are participating unanimously on every level as a people, and a planet to create chaos and upheaval or peace and prosperity. Every thing is a mirror reflection of what is going on inside of you.

Creation is amplified. Thought is amplified. Deeds are amplified. Desires are amplified. Dreams are amplified. as you walk thought these mine fields in your thoughts - walk carefully. Examine your thoughts. If you have a thought of anger at another, examine it - look for clues as to why such a thought exists. Ask that it be cleared thru all time and space and lifetimes and bring that clearing into the now. For every thought of poison by air, by plane, by water, by sea, by food gathers with itself. When it gets to a critical mass, it is set free. It then becomes real -- instead of just playing in the fields of the imagination.

You are in the creation fields these outcomes have not been solidified. There are still random creations that are taking place. Your creations are haphazard, they are lopsided, they are a leaning Tower of Pisa. They will hold up but for how long because you create from fear, from limitation, from memopries of the past. it is time for all the people of planet earth to say -- enough, it is enough. No more starving children, no more abused women, and no more war. It is up to you to say no more. I will not receive it. I will not create it. I will not be a part of that re-creation. Re-create your thoughts into a place of seeing peace - no matter what - trust in God. Do you or do you not trust in your Creator? Do you or do you not trust in your God. Your founding fathers brought forth that notion for a very good reason. They put it on the one thing that would always pass through your hands that would always be a part of you - money. So it is time to say to yourself - do I really trust in God? Do I believe that good will win? Do I believe the Light will win? What do you believe? You are not standing straight in what you believe. You are standing on bended knee. Look at the energy of every single word evey single thought. Look at the words that you use in your creations on a daily basis in your prayers. Do not be fooled by what seems to be true as opposed to what is divinely true.

There is a heavenly truth, there is a personal truth, there is a country truth, there is a state truth, there is a city truth, there is a family truth, and there is a group truth. Look how many truths there are, how many levels of truth. How many levels of light do you believe in? How many levels of love do you believe in? Each of you will be pushed forward as a reluctant donkey as you move into more of your light and more heart. For it is sandwiched. There is a movement in light and there is a movement in love, then there is a movement in light and there is a movement in love. Consider it to be a cosmic Oreo. You cannot move into more light unless you move into more love. And you cannot move through more heart unless you have moved in more light. You're light houses divine truth. It houses the potential for peace. It houses the potential for love. And it houses the potential for healing.

Every single person gives you a part of yourself that you have forgotten about. Look at your world that shows you what you have learned and take your clues from it - your personal world, as well as the world that you view externally. All of the clues are there. You need not be Sherlock Holmes to understand what is being taught you, what you have created, and what you are responsible for. you cannot give your power away to the little gods in the form of the government, the president, the emperors, the queens, the princesses, and terrorists -you are responsible for allowing them that position to begin with. Sweep in front of your cosmic porch first. Line up your life. Bring peace into your life and then you will take that peace and will place in the mansion of peace and it will be propagated, it will be broadcast. Create turmoil and that is what is broadcast. Do your part by starting with you first.

We are the Council of Light. Think responsibly, act responsibly, and create responsibly from the heart. Live your light and live your heart and it will be heaven on earth - for that is what it is destined to be. We leave.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217





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