19 декември, 2008

Master Kuthumi* A Bridge of Truth

A Bridge of Truth

As new waves of Light energies flow to Earth, your higher consciousness is enhanced even more. Some will feel peaceful and calm, others will be asked to release deep issues they have been unable to release before. This may be in the form of anger or tears. It's important to realize that right now, in December 2008, we need to clear our old issues which hold us back from moving forward on a path of love,Light and peace.

Today I heard the beautiful Christmas carol Silent Night - and these words lit up like a fire cracker in my mind:
Son of God loves pure Light,
Radiant beams from thy Holy face,
With the dawn of redeeming Grace,
Jesus Lord at thy birth.

Wow, I thought. Isn't this what we, all people of Earth are experiencing right now? Are these words not what each one experiences as they step onto the path of
en - Light -enment?
I decided to talk to Master Kuthumi about this carol, whose words I feel are so profound. Here is his reply.

I greet each of you on the second ray of love and wisdom. I embrace you in the Golden ray, freely given to you.
I am most pleased to discuss this with you. These words do indeed carry a magnificent message. One that is has been overlooked by many.

You are aware that the Light contains all - everything that exists, everything that you see around you. Everything. Each of you also contain Light.

I have spoken of this many times - your Diamond Light of the Higher Heart. You may wonder why I refer to the 'Higher Heart.' When one is coming from higher awareness they have already experienced a shift to a higher consciousness. You have already released much of the third dimensional energy. The heart flow is greater because you have created a new path and opened to the Creator - to God. Therefore the flow of Oneness energy is much greater. And so you flow with the energies of pure Light.

'Son of God' refers to Jesus. You know Jesus as a Savior, a great healer who used the sacred Light to create miracles. Not to grandize, himself, no, but to awaken a people who were enslaved in darkness. The darkness of fear which was created from the greed of those in authority, which inflicted pain and suffering for the masses by creating a 'lack' consciousness.

It is true many of you are still in this transformational stage of consciousness. Now on the planet, there is still much fear. But I ask what is it you fear the most? Is it loss, is it your job, is it your money? This creates a fear through lack, thereby feeding a 'lack' consciousness. I remind you, you still have the power to create, to work together to create abundance for each of you. Help each other - on the physical level, but just as importantly on the emotional level. Work together. Grow your own food, your vegetables. Work together.

For years, many have experienced control through financial debt. This is now being released. Celebrate, for you are free now to create your future. What do you truly desire? What sustains you is not in your outer world but inside of you. Your heart, your feelings, love for all. Jesus had nothing - yet everything. His life was simple was it not? Yet you see him as a Savior. I say to you to look again at his life, and then look to your own. Look to what you have created for yourself.

It is in simple living that you will find your greatest peace.

It is true on this day radiant beams are surrounding Earth. Those who are aware of the Light energy rejoice. For they know that God is helping them and all of mankind during these times of great transformation. And so they feel hope, they rejoice, knowing a great force is with them. Is this not as the song says "Redeeming Grace?" Are you not surrounded in Grace, in love from the Creator? You are now moving away from an image of God created by man for his own need for power and control. Many say God is love. You may ask "Why am I told then of eternal Hell if I do not follow what I am told to do? "

I say to you - "by whom are you told?" For it is not God the Creator -no. And so the appropriate words "Redeeming Grace," which is given freely to you. For as you turn to the Light, you live through that Light in your heart - not the controlling words of man. You turn from the darkness of control, to true Light, to unconditional love for all. It is in Grace this Light and love fills you.

Many liken this new awareness to a birth, a new birth in consciousness. A new way of living in peace and Oneness.

Many will celebrate the birth of Jesus soon. It will bring your thoughts to Jesus, to songs such as this one (Lynette) brings forward now. I ask you to remember, to truly remember the simple life of Jesus. How he came to show the way. I ask you to look at your life now. Look around you. Any area you feel uncomfortable with is your higher self urging to change, to alter this area of your life until you do feel comfortable. You create your world, not another. If you indeed feel another has created your outer world, then it is because you have given them your power.

It is not too late to change. This is what will be before you in your coming year. Yes, we have spoken of this before, but always there are those who choose not to listen, who read my words and return to their daily life, yet do nothing. I will speak of your new year on my next meeting with you. For now - celebrate. Know there is indeed hope for your future. However,it will require your effort for this to become integrated into your future reality.
I call this song A Bridge of Truth, for mankind is now ready. The process has begun. It is time.

Master Kuthumi





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