27 януари, 2009

The Council of 12* Feb. 2009 The Heart of Humanity Speaks

Messages from The Council of 12
Transmitted through Selacia -- February 2009

The Heart of Humanity Speaks

Some say humanity is now living in its 11th hour,
the last moment when change is thought possible.

Examples are all around you of other species nearly
or already extinct. Beneath the oceans and under modern day cities, also,
are clues about ancient human civilizations which vanished relatively
quickly due to either abrupt changes in weather patterns or human-caused
misapplication of natural laws.

Science, more than at any other time in your
recorded history, is able to project outcomes based on current scenarios
involving Earth changes.

Power to Change the World

A projection isn't the same as reality in the
here-and-now, of course. Also, the projections relate mostly to external
things, like global warming and planet resources.

Scientists rarely factor into their projections the
element of human consciousness and the true power that humans have to change
their world. The scientific experts who warn of catastrophes have focused
extensively on the harm people can do rather than the good.

Still, the dire projections of where humanity may be
headed have given the masses a large enough wake up call to stir things up.

The changes that are needed now will not come out of
complacency or apathy. People must begin to care, and not just about
themselves, but about humanity as a collective and the planet as a sacred

The view will need to be broad, the vision big, and
the dream expansive. To survive and thrive, humanity will need to embrace
brand new approaches, be willing to take risks, and let go of endless naming
of wrongs.

At the core of your being, you know this to be true,
and you know it applies to you on a very personal level. You also know that
the Divine spark within you is no lightweight.

When you access your true Divine power, the old
paradigm rules no longer apply. Your view broadens, your vision enlarges,
and your dream expands. Unlimited possibilities abound!

What You Are Doing Here

Your higher intelligence placed you on the planet
this lifetime to take part in the shift in consciousness that is being
birthed right now. You may not remember "signing up," but you did!

None of your life so far has been an accident or
wasted. There was a purpose to all of it, which you shall understand in

For right now, it's enough to know that you are here
on purpose. You are not a victim, either of other people or circumstances.
You are a very powerful Divine Changemaker, understanding more and more each
day what this means in practice.

You have played an instrumental role in helping to
change humanity's mindset from one of rigidity and fear to openness and

You have done that each time you moved out of your
own rigidity and fear, and each time you have questioned these responses in
your outer world. You have done this as you focused more and more this
lifetime on how to create more openness and love--not only within yourself
but on the planet. You have done this when you have held the vision of a
new Earth that is heart-centered and loving.

Each time you have helped in these ways, you have
become part of the solution your world needs, and has always needed, when
fear and hate dominate the human experience.

There is now a great acceleration in humanity's

The heart of humanity is speaking--asking for a
return to love. This is the fuel for the current reconfiguration of society
now in full swing. Examples are all around you.

Barack Obama is Your Mirror

The U.S. now has a leader who sits in office because
great numbers of Americans changed their minds about the status quo and
focused on creating something radically different and new paradigm.

People wanted change, and they insisted that this
change involve the good of the whole and the ordinary citizen. They wanted
someone with imagination, kindness, and inner strength to lead them during
these chaotic times. They wanted to see a leader who could think outside
tradition, and help restore America's reputation in the world. They wanted
someone genuine who would speak truthfully and also with a sense of optimism
about the future.

It is important that Americans and others around the
world remember where true power lies.

As you observe Barack Obama in the coming days, know
that his election was possible only because the people were ready for what
he represents. It is the mindset of the people, then, that created the
shift in Washington.

Look not at how powerful Obama is to have landed
where he is. The election of any leader in a democratic society is a
collective energetic effort.

The leaders, businesses and other institutions of
your world are outer world manifestations of humanity's consciousness.

Barack Obama, then, is your mirror, showing you what
has changed in human consciousness. This particular mirror is a big one,
revealing not only shifts within Americans but on a global scale.

How can this be? While it's common knowledge among
lightworkers that everything is connected, only in recent times have large
numbers of people on all continents awakened to this idea.

More people across the world now realize they can
make a difference. Obama taking office in Washington is only one of an
unlimited set of potentials you and humanity can create in the days ahead.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your
Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The
Council of 12.

Copyright 2009 by Selacia, Channel for The Council
of 12,
* All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com




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