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Cosmic Time 1.22.09 - Eclipses

Cosmic Time 1.22.09 - Eclipses

Welcome to Cosmic Time, Allison Rae's astro ezine offering insights into 2012, current cosmic influences and the evolution of consciousness on Earth.

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Passage 2012

January-February Eclipses

Personal Sessions

Passage 2012

If you wait for something special to happen in the year 2012, you'll miss the biggest show on Earth.

Astrologically, the next two years are the most volatile in the 2012 transition. Several other systems predict the same timing. Many indigenous elders agree.

So if you're thinking about making changes in your life to align with the waves of change washing over the planet, why wait? This volatility presents an extreme opportunity to create a new paradigm on Earth.

The astrology for 2009 through 2012 (and beyond) leaves no room for doubt that the reality we experience is going to be vastly different each and every day through this transition into the next world age. There's enormous anticipation in the air. The Universe is asking, "What would you like to create next?"

In a very real sense, 2012 is now.

You could say the transtion started back in the 1960s with the peace-and-love hippy revolution, or in the 1970s when an infusion of spiritual energy from the cosmos awakened the Earth, or at the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, or with the Grand Fixed Cross Solar Eclipse in August 1999, or when Comet Holmes erupted into magnificence in October 2007. Take your pick. The evidence keeps flowing, making it abundantly clear that we're already on the most remarkable journey of this or any lifetime.

The astrology of the 2012 gateway is filled with awe-inspiring potential. The heavens have gifted us with all that we need, and more, to make our way through these years of intense transformation with grace.

Combine this with the wisdom our indigenous elders are now sharing with the world, significant changes in political leadership, a renewed interest in environmental sustainability, daily technological breakthroughs, and infinite support from the spiritual realms. It all adds up to an unprecedented new era for humanity and the Earth.

What is your part in this transition? How will you focus the energy to create positive change in your life and in your world? Aim high.

Miracles can, and do, happen in these extraordinary times.

This article is adapted from the book, Cosmic Time, which is now available for purchase. Explore personal and planetary transformation within a cosmic context at this time of the Great Changes on Earth.

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January-February Eclipses

On Monday, the Sun will rise in eclipse over southern Africa and set in eclipse over parts of Australia and Indonesia, with Jupiter only two degrees away in a near conjunction with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius.

Welcome to the next world age.

Eclipses break up energy, including long-established patterns that are ripe for removal. Solar eclipses are super-charged new moons signaling major new beginnings. Lunar eclipses bring to light what's been held in the individual and collective subconscious that needs to be transformed in order for the new patterns to take hold.

In other words, this is a gamma-dose of transformational energy for planet Earth. The January and February eclipses happen in Aquarius-Leo and could easily be interpreted as an entree into the Aquarian Age. Both the New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 26 and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on February 9 feature five planets in the sign of Aquarius.

The Solar Eclipse will happen on Monday for parts of the world where it's visible. For those in the West, the event occurs overnight Sunday into the early hours of Monday morning. Eclipses are points of balance and illumination. In Buddhist tradition, they are holy days reserved for prayer, reflection and meditation on behalf of the collective. Our thoughts are amplified exponentially through these portals created by the alignment of Sun, Earth and Moon. The effects are felt whether the eclipse is visible or not.

Eclipses happen in six-month and 18.6-year cycles. What's coming to completion in these time periods for you, and what are you creating that's new? The seeds of a new beginning are germinating now.

The entire two weeks from January 26 through February 9 is one of the most powerful periods this year. Reserve time for prayer and meditation during these special alignments. The energies are ripe for seeding the Aquarian Age consciousness of humanitarian service, love and equality within the Earth grid.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius - January 26

The Sun and Moon meet in the sign of the next astrological age in this time of new beginnings. In an annular eclipse, a narrow ring of the Sun is visible beyond the dark Moon. This annular eclipse will be visible from a wide track that traverses the Indian Ocean and western Indonesia. A partial eclipse will be seen within the much larger path of the Moon's penumbral shadow, which includes the southern third of Africa, Madagascar, Australia, southeast India, Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

The annular path begins in the South Atlantic at 6:06 AM GMT when the Moon's shadow meets Earth and forms a 363-kilometre wide corridor. The point of greatest eclipse takes place at 7:58 AM GMT. The entire event lasts about two hours.

To determine the timing in your area, visit a time zone conversion site like this one:


To see how the eclipses will look from areas of visibility, watch the intriguing animations at this link:


You can read more specifics about the path of the eclipses and their visibility at the NASA eclipse web site:


Please note that solar eclipses are not safe to view with the naked eye. Special gear is needed to view or photograph all solar eclipses safely.

To maintain balance and clarity during eclipse periods, eat root vegetables and dark, leafy greens. Meditate daily. Honor your body's needs for nourishment and rest. Keep a journal of messages and impressions that come into your awareness. I'm offering special rates on Astro-Shamanism sessions throughout this time to assist in realizing the full potential of these gateway alignments. Details below.

Imbolc/Lammas - February 2-5

The ancient Sabbat of Imbolc marks the seasonal turning point from winter toward spring in the northern hemisphere. The days grow noticeably longer, and signs of spring begin to emerge from the ground. The promise of rebirth and renewal is fulfilled. Traditionally, the date of Imbolc is February 2. In America, February 2 is Groundhog Day. The groundhog tells us when spring will come, based on whether he sees his shadow. This year, zodiacal Imbolc falls on February 3 as the Sun crosses 15 degrees Aquarius. This is the mid-point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. South of the equator, this turn of the solar wheel is Lammas, the mid-point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. We begin to reap the bounty of the annual harvest. Imbolc and Lammas are “cross-quarters” known as Greater Sabbats because they’re considered in ancient tradition to be the most powerful Sun-Earth alignments of the solar year. The effects of the cross-quarters are felt for several days around the exact alignment.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo-Aquarius – February 9

January’s New Moon Solar Eclipse is balanced with a lunar eclipse as the sun transits Aquarius. This penumbral eclipse of the Moon will be visible from eastern Europe and Africa, Asia and most of North America.

During this eclipse, the Moon will appear to darken as the Earth blocks the reflected light of the Sun. In Leo, the Full Moon illuminates the unconscious, emotional desires and needs of the individual self within the broader context of the collective, represented by the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. With Chiron and Neptune conjunct the Sun, profound emotional and spiritual healing is possible. For many, balancing the needs of the self with our dharmic calling will be highlighted at this eclipse.

We'll continue to explore the eclipses and the Imbolc/Lammas gateway in upcoming issues of Cosmic Time.

To read more about galactic alignments, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes and other celestial happenings from previous issues of Cosmic Time, visit the archives at this link: http://www.StarPriestess.com/time.html#archives

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Personal Sessions

Eclipses involve the interplay of shadow and light, opening us to the unconscious terrain of the psyche. We explore these mysterious realms in my Astro-Shamanism sessions, helping you transcend subconscious blocks so you can move forward powerfully in manifesting your goals, intentions and path of service.

During eclipse periods, the potential for this work goes quantum, so I'm offering special rates on Astro-Shamanism sessions to assist at this special time. Through February 10, Cosmic Time subscribers will receive $25 off posted rates on a 60-minute or 90-minute session.

We begin with a consultation that blends intuitive wisdom with knowledge of astrological cycles to help you create a new matrix for your life based on your soul's purpose, intent and evolutionary path. Divine templates and codes are then downloaded to support the changes on all levels. The transmission is repeated several times to deepen the effect. Clients report feelings of expansion, a profound sense of peace and synchronistic shifts both during and after the sessions.

For details, please visit this link on my web site:


Other sessions are also available, including 2009 Astro Preview Readings, Lightbody Activations, Life Path Consultations and Birthday Readings. For descriptions and rates, please visit this link on my web site:


"Miraculous things are taking place since my last session. I continue to listen to it on my iPod each morning. It sets a wonderful, almost unstoppable intention for the day." - Krysstine

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