23 януари, 2009

The Shining Ones - Bridge to the Absolute

The Shining Ones - Bridge to the Absolute
January 20, 2009

All of humanity is standing at the threshold of another kind of world. These times, indeed, mark a completion of a cycle whose ramifications are felt throughout all of Creation. We have spoken to you recently about the unprecedented change rapidly descending upon you as a species, and time will continue to quicken toward your marker of 2012. As you continue this shift to a new plateau of living in your world, you must be willing to accept that everything in your reality is spiritual and begin to interact with each other and all of life through the heart and not the ego. Once you truly understand and embrace this in all of your experience, your frequency automatically shifts to one of receptivity to the influence and wisdom of the mystery. For you see, the highest choices you can make are those that emanate from the heart, because you are then positioned to make the optimal vibrational contributions to the energetic collective of you and the energetic collective of your world, as well.

As you enter a new year of time in your experience, it is natural and wise to reflect on what has been. This past year on your earth plane was one of great challenge and quantum change; a year of conversion and a time of transforming from one energy into another. This change took place in the unique interiors of individuals and rippled out through and into the various constructs of your world. If you remained in your heart center and were able to undergo these challenges and change from your observer, you are likely to have experienced a sense of coming to a completion, on a multitude of levels, with recurring themes that have dominated your physical experience. Indeed, to bridge the gap in consciousness between what was and that which is increasingly coming to be, you must surrender the conditioned patterns of response that no longer serve the current momentum of your reach, and allow for a radical shift in perception to take place. There is a moment of grace that comes when you truly realize that the whole of your experience has been for the understanding and integration of Oneness.

Each day for your earth plane, the energies are brand new; offering the potential of a new future that is always your choice. We have observed the excitement and energy of promise that has lifted so many of you concerning the political landscape of your experience. Indeed, the figure stepping into position in this realm is one who has your world inspired about the future, after many, many years of discouragement and disillusionment. We encourage you to keep your point of focus on the energy of what is taking place for your species versus the details and persons who have stepped into the spotlight at this time. A new consciousness is upon you. There is much transpiring in your reality that is designed to uplift your collective recognition of the potential harmony inherent in seeming diversity. It is a time for believing in the humanity of all beings and to take great care in not closing off the totality of the many worlds that encompass your earth plane and beyond. Hold close in your awareness that in each moment, no matter the details and interactions and experiences that are perceived with the physical eye and mind - - -that you are, as a whole, ultimately finding your way back home.

This journey is crystalized in acknowledging and accepting that, indeed, you are a unified race of beings who instinctively understand the wisdom of allowing for many truths. Many circumstances and facets of your reality are surfacing to conscious awareness the travesty of living for so long as a divided species. You are realizing that the separation and division of your humanity is the result of repressing emotionally charged remnants of your personal history. More often than not, this exclusivity and emotional barrenness toward others of your fellow man is not even conscious but a pejorative and uncontested manifestation of what has come before. In this now, a rarified transparency is the new order of the day and much will be revealed in a new light as a heightened delineation of the sovereign Self emerges.

Your magnified and energetically supported power in this now is to focus your awareness on the energy that is manifesting for you as a species; that of inclusion, unity, honor and upliftment of that which is your divine nature and birthright. In that context, it is not enough for you to place undo expectations outside of your self on what changes may now occur, but to embrace with deep gratitude the energetic opening that has culminated in your now; the opportunity for you to wake up each morning and ask what you can do to be a part of that long awaited and essential change. It is not necessary for you to concern yourselves with how things will come together - simply be in a state of trusting receptivity, absorbed in the wonder of being alive. You are stepping into a time shift of accelerated expansion on your planet based on your ability to lift up with the momentum, and relinquish all tethers to the world that is leaving. Your ability to stabilize your frequency aligned with what is versus what has been is crucial. How exciting to imagine that you have chosen to be part of this magnificent experiment based on your absolute knowingness that you have something of value and great importance to bring to the process. Trust in who you are, stay in your heart's wisdom rather than the mental plane and begin to harness the surge in energies that serve to drive you to peer over the edge of all you have come to know and believe.

Now is your time, to step forward in your individualism and unique presence, to create experience out of what is just yours; a sovereign energetic of heart's intelligence. You must learn to communicate with each other beyond the nature of duality that is your reality of existence. All along you have carried deep within, the expressions of devotion born out of a remembrance of Oneness; of unity and harmony. This yearning to recreate the experience of Unity has led the courageous and strong amongst you to walk upon a path that has never been walked before. Yet, you still fall into illusion and lose your footing at times by virtue of the fact that the ego naturally assumes the role of seeing its truth as the only one. And we say to you that there is an exquisite sense of joy, a profound sense of well-being, that emanates from within and waits to permeate your entire life when you can hold to your own truth with a sacred authority and profound gratitude, while equally allowing for the truth and vision of another. Are you following the implications here? Your purpose in being present in physical form is to allow for the expression of Oneness, through the uniqueness of each. And freedom is the ultimate goal toward which you are all striving. That ultimate freedom evolves from the wisdom of a sovereign unity.

When you are in your sovereignty, there is no threat to your being and sense of self. You know who you are and why you are here and it matters not the details, experiences and choices of another. You understand and move through your reality with an energy of allowing and love, trusting that every single person is a gift to your remembrance and gives you a part of yourself that you have forgotten. Your personal reality consists always of circumstances that you have chosen to create, that would help you to put into perspective your inner most beliefs and certain core issues. In that understanding, all experience, no matter how seemingly separate or divisive it may appear, is actually a soul desire for Unity. And Unity can only evolve out of separation and duality. That is the perfection and truth of all experience. You cannot know one without the other. It is in bridging the two that you will find your reality shifting toward a heart centered consciousness of being.

Your present time frame is considered a crossroads between two worlds. This is a time for you, individually and as a species, to take great care and discernment with how you perceive and interact with each other and the world around you. This is not a time of division within any realm of your experience or your process. The energy of non-judgemental receptivity equips you to translate awareness into action. Love one another, for then you are loving Self and all of life throughout many dimensions. That is where peace can be found. Everything is different in your now. The most important factor is how each individual on your earth enters the new energy consciousness. This is a task that begins and ends with you. Put your focus on the essence of your own experience and how you are expressing the love and honor for each other through your daily flow and choices. A whole new energy of presence has arrived on the planet - be patient and allowing with the beings that are filling the landscape of your personal reality in these times. Your familiars, aligned with your heart and deep intent are present. You are each others teachers and in your treasuring the many ways and forms through which love comes to enrich the experience of your becoming, you align more and more fully with the parallel aspects of you patiently awaiting you in the worlds you now visit in your dreams!

DeAnne Hampton (c) 2009


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