16 февруари, 2008

Saint Germain on “Chalices of Confusion”

Masters message February 15,2008

by Aruna

Chalices of Confusion

By Saint Germain

Choose ascension and get ready to complete your destiny. No

man can alter the continued creation of the high density

managers now. They are not the controllers of mankind, but the

deliverers of God’s will. The next dimension is coming, and to get

to ascension, the completion of current discontent is needed.

Chalices of confusion are abundant, and negativity towards those

who do not concur with their material is rampant. Many channels

are delivering total fantasy to confuse you so you will deny our

guidance when it comes through a clear channel. Once the

momentum has begun there are injections of dramas that have

no congruity with the divine plan. To set the confidence level of

these channels there is initially no delivery of content that is

debatable. All the discontent being generated by these dense

manipulators cancels the mental ability to choose. Positive energy

must be a channel’s vibration to eliminate this kind of


God’s clarity only comes with a quiet mind and deception is

always a call for meditation.

When you are exposed to channeled material that does not concur

with Ascended Master teachings that are obviously clear, do

yourself the favor of meditating and then asking if this message

comes from Christ consciousness. Only give your attention to a

message when a strong YES resounds in your heart.

My name comes through many. Only my chelas are actually

channeling my words. If they are not clear, they are not my chelas,

or they are not delivering my words. Twelve of the channels I use

as messengers are absolutely clear; only twelve, of hundreds

claiming to be clear.

Please clear your self so I can communicate to you directly before

ascension. My call to ascend may not be heard unless the mind can

allow the message to come through. Believe me, there isn’t a lot

of time to do this task, because ascension must be completed

when the days of darkness begin.


Saint Germain





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