15 февруари, 2008


February 14 , 2008
Where in the heck is all that abundance, those big waves of light, joy, peace, and everything else that is supposed to have arrived in 2008, the year of New Beginnings? Are you perhaps wondering… “New beginnings…hah! What has happened
now? Are things ever going to change? When is my ship going to come in? I’m sorry I ever dared to hope that the tide would ever turn! Every time I get my hopes up, they seem to get dashed by yet more unpleasantness and disappointments!”
“I absolutely have no more left to give. My gas tank is empty, my battery is dead, and I am overdone waiting to receive
I can no longer serve, care, or even wade through masses of red tape, processes, or hoops to jump through in order to get anywhere! I need help! I can’t do this on my own anymore! I am wiped out, burnt out and exhausted, and now I am even getting cynical, angry, frustrated, impatient, edgy, grumpy, and even a bit depressed…even to the point where I have become darn right apathetic. I cannot go on like this for one more day! I have been stretched to the limit, and there is nothing more left that can stretch…this is just too much, especially after all I endured in 2007. I want to go home now…”
If you have had any of these thoughts of late, you are not alone. The energies are building up and setting up, and this is causing pressure, blow ups, and huge bottlenecks that can make one feel claustrophobic, trapped with nowhere to go, stressed, pressured, edgy, and very irritable. And in addition, physical pressure can be felt as well in ways relating to being bloated, having sinus pressure, intestinal distress, indigestion, and nausea.
We are under a pressure cooker now with these built up energies all around, and manifestations of this pressure are abounding. Here in the US news, there have been many mass shootings, screaming matches, accusations, and temper tirades; all symptoms of this building pressure. The current situation in Israel is yet another example of the pressure build-up. During these surges of higher energy, I usually receive a barrage of attacking and hostile e-mails and letters from readers, and this time was no exception.
The opening has not yet been completely cleared for our mass entrance to the higher realms, and we are thus being compressed and piled up at the entrance. What a long labor in the birth canal it has been! Higher vibrating energies have been held back from their true and rightful place for awhile longer, and it can feel downright uncomfortable indeed. Some have reached the turning point (notably at the eclipse of the 7th or even before) and are more than ready, and others are still aligning.
Did 2007 do us in? Has there just been too much challenge for our spirits to endure? Will we be able to recover? Is it too late? When the new and the great entrance to a higher vibrating reality is finally and completely opened, will we even care? Have we given up? Is this current wait we are experiencing just too much to endure?
Well, here’s the scoop. As is usually the case, we are once again giving as many as possible plenty of time to arrive in their new higher vibrating spaces. We always want to embrace as much of the whole as possible, especially when this latest and impending leap is going to be such a huge one. In this regard, things are still being aligned (for me personally, I am oh so grateful as Phil and I would never have been able to re-unite!).
We will be ever so thankful that we have waited. Waiting will affect much, as it will allow so many more of our brothers and sisters to be with us. Yes, there have been pivotal points along the way….planetary alignments and such which have served to strengthen and assist with this massive aligning process. Each new stepping stone is vitally needed, as each earmark serves to strengthen and support the process.
Underdogs are beginning to rise to the surface and reign because they are more aligned now with the higher energies, and the old or familiar “household” energies are being usurped as these alignments progress (unless, of course, they change as well and become aligned themselves). As mentioned in the last energy alert, the Super Bowl here in the US and the phenomenon with Barack Obama are examples of this more aligned energy moving to the forefront. On Tuesday at the renowned Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the second oldest continuously held sporting competition in the United States, Uno, a two year old beagle, won best in show. As the New York Times reported: “Beagle, a Breed Long Unsung, Wins Best in Show… Snoopy would be pleased. His breed, long passed over for glory, had finally triumphed.”
Energies which have long been overlooked are now getting their due attention. And this means that lightworkers, or those carrying the light, will finally get their due or in other words, their time has finally come.
For our time to come, we need to really be clear about what it is that we truly want…what we want from the deepest parts of our souls and from our heart of hearts, because we will most assuredly receive it. Not necessarily what we “think” is possible, but what it is that we really and truly want…or what is the most in alignment with our true and authentic selves. The highest vibrating parts of ourselves are what are aligning now in a very natural and vitally important way.
Are we willing to let go of how we used to vibrate? Are we willing to let go of who we thought we were? Are we willing to let go of the aspects of ourselves that we needed in order to survive in the old world? Is it finally safe for our original innocence to come out? Can we go back to the pure and sensitive souls that we once were in our early childhood?
In the newly arriving higher realms we most certainly can. Once we are aligned here, it can be darn right difficult to have to go back to the old reality where we were in charge, where we had to monitor things, where we had to protect ourselves, and where we had to be vigilant. In the higher realms we are aligned with and wired for the paradise energy.
This is why we can no longer make things happen ourselves, why we are exhausted from doing it all, and why we are so ready to receive and even retire.
We are ready to receive now because in the higher realms reality, this is how it is. Things simply fall into our laps, we need not do anything to get anything, and so forth. In addition, our relationships are much more about companionship and joy, with no corresponding issues. Just fun, laughter, peace, and bushels of love! We are currently manifesting some of these things in bits and pieces, but once the gates open all the way, we will be flooded with the new reality of the higher realms.
How long will this re-aligning process continue? Personally, I do not know…and this is the beauty of it. At our soul levels, we continue to have “meetings,” always concurring as a group with the plan and how it should best unfold. And because of this, the grand plan is always open for change, surprises, and never ending miracles! When enough have been given the opportunity to “choose” or to align, and consequently done so, then a shift in energy or an energy “break” will occur, and the gates to heaven will open, releasing the bottleneck we are now feeling as many who are now ready are being jammed up at the gate….and darn right frustrated! And it is always best to have these pivotal moments coincide with planetary alignments or celestial events, as they greatly serve to support or carry these energies through. They are great vehicles indeed.
March will be pivotal with the equinox, as each consecutive equinox usually serves to be more powerful than the preceding one. But no one will know for sure until the time is right.
It can be frustrating and strange feeling that the “new” is perhaps not yet here. And we are craving the new as we are now aligned with it. We cannot go back…it can feel downright awful when we have to engage in or still be a part of the old. Feelings of depression can result, as we may feel stuck, disappointed, held back, in the wrong place, or perhaps even tired of waiting and we may not even know why we are so crabby, weary, or deflated!
We have waited a very long time for this very new beginning to arrive, and in order to do it right and with integrity, and assure that as many are on board as possible, we must wait a bit longer. We will be oh so glad that we did!
Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...
Until next time,
For Your Reading Pleasure Today
A book excerpt from The Ascension Companion:
"I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S wrong with me these days. I just don't
seem to care about much of anything anymore." "I seem to have
lost all interest in becoming involved with the things that I used
to." "I don't care what happens." If you have had any of these
thoughts or feelings lately, know that they are a regular part of
the ascension process and have a perfect and distinct purpose.
At times, we may feel as though we are going along, "acting" our
way through our daily lives. We are simply not present, as our
lives do not have the meaning that they used to. We don't seem
to be in alignment with what we had created in the past. And in
addition, becoming exhausted through all the trials and
tribulations that ascension can bring, can make one very
apathetic. We are just too darned tired to become involved with
or care about much of anything. "Let the chips fall where they
may," becomes our general course of action (or in-action!). "I no
longer have the desire to stay on top of things."
But apathy has a gold nugget within it. Being apathetic
actually places us in a higher vibrating space. It supports our
continual process of letting go of attachments. When we no
longer care about much of anything, we then become unentwined
with much. We are then left in a space of "no space,"
and this is the space of the higher realms. We are then much
more in the moment. When we do not care about much, we are
not filling our thoughts and emotions with things that are not
really "real." And we are much more out of the way.
In the higher realms, there are no agendas and plans. With no
attachments, with a good connection to Source, with great trust,
and a knowingness that everything is always in divine right
order, nothing really matters anyway. Being much more
connected to Source on a continual basis, keeps us more even
keel. There aren't as many ups and downs. And when we realize
that things are really no big deal, as we can create fresh and New
within any given moment, apathy, then, fits right in.
In order to create successfully, we have to have no attachments.
It is always precisely when we no longer care about having
something, that it arrives. And we do not really want to create
from our ego or dis-connect selves anyway. As we progress
through the ascension process, then, and become used to not
having much of anything go our way, or how we had imagined,
we are certainly placed smack in the middle of a higher vibrating
space. These experiences force us to let go. Isn't it strange that
the areas in our lives that we do not have strong opinions about,
seem to always go along just fine?
I had a web designer who decided that she was going to retire
from all computer work and web design. The trials and
tribulations that her work was bringing were no longer worth it
for her. The minute she let go and gave it all up, she immediately
began to get huge amounts of business, and the new clients were
the kind she has always wanted. It was when she no longer cared
about web design, as she was really burned out, that her business
really took off. (She still quit anyway!)
When things don't go our way, many times it is because we are
not coming from our "connected" self. We may be coming from a
desperate or analytical self that is trying to solve a problem is a
way that we feel is possible... even if we aren't even particularly
wild about our own idea. If we were to look back, we would
usually find that we were glad this or that had never happened.
Being in a state of apathy, caused by never seeming to get what
we want, among other things, puts us in that space of neutrality
where we can create just about anything. When we realize that
nothing really matters much, as what we thought mattered was
coming from our dis-connect selves, it is then that we are
successfully reaching the higher realms. Being happy where we
truly are, always brings the next step of creation to our doorstep.
When we have to have things a certain way, we basically place a
choke hold on energy. It is when we can be contented by simply
being, that all our needs are met. Passion is a seeming
contradiction to this scenario, as passion is a very strong
connection, because we know that what we are passionate about
is in perfect alignment in every way with our higher selves. So
there is a distinct difference in regard to passion. We usually
experience apathy when we are releasing desires that arise from
our dis-connect self. We didn't need them anyway.
If you have chosen this page, you are being encouraged to honor
your state of apathy, and to realize that apathy is a condition of
the higher realms. It is an indication that you are vibrating
higher and becoming a higher level being. Feeling apathetic is
simply great training for a higher level way of being.
Congratulations, as you are learning the non-attached state of
May the offerings from What's Up On Planet Earth? serve to light
your path, validate your experience, and remind you that we are
all one. Thank you for your continued interest and happy reading!
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